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Jul 01, 2020

Find the best gears and accessories reviewed by the experts!

With a hard and fast competitive market, things can actually get tough when it comes to picking the right Skiing and snowboarding accessories! At Skiing Lovers, we are an independent team that helps review the latest and best snowboarding and skiing gear in the market with a central goal to provide the right information in the simplest possible way.

Our high-quality review articles are designed to give you a unique viewpoint with valuable insights before you make any decisive purchase or upgrade your existing equipment for a great skiing trip.

Skiing Lovers is completely objective and is in no way influenced by any brands and the products sent by them as giveaways or for testing purposes. Our methods are cent percent genuine and help you make quick decisions and make it worth your investment!

About Skiing Lovers - Skiinglovers.com

What Do We do?

At Skiing Lovers, we flaunt a dedicated and skilled team that tests out the best products from every kind of mountain sports, which is inclusive of activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing, as well as ice skating. From testing the ski boots and skis with well-organized tests to looking through the making of the latest ski apparel & back-country ski gear, our team does it all. We publish reviews of all the products that perform well via the method of a well-described guide.

The products tested by us go through stringent testing phases to ensure that we bring just the truth for you! Our review isn't biased in any way, and even as an affiliate website, we adhere to the notion that things should be stated as they are.

Our Mission

Team Skiing Lovers works towards the mission to bring forth the best and most-updated winter sports gears and gizmos for your use. We do the research and testing for you so that you don't have to struggle with your next purchase. We aid you in discovering and selecting the best and most appropriate gear for you.

What Products Do We Test?

At present, we are dedicated to winter sports and associated gears review, which includes:

Furthermore, this testing process isn't simply limited to the age-old touch and feel methodology. We also test out the product in a real skiing environment to ensure that it actually does what it claims. We outline the best from the lot with its pros and cons brought out for you.

Apart from that, we also help break down all the best places for you to plan your winter sports adventure. While we review the gears for you, why wouldn't we make sure you have information about the best places to test them out and plan yourself a better holiday.

Who Are We?

Skiing Lovers started as a small venture by four different winter sports enthusiasts who have dedicated their lives to uncover the lesser-known secrets of the white, snowy mountains. With an aim to make things more feasible and trustworthy for snowboarders and sports enthusiasts, the team has been testing out different products to ensure that things go smooth and comfortable in the mountains.

With time, we have grown from a team of 4 to a team of 10 and wish to develop more! We always keep a lookout on the latest winter sports news to ensure that any latest product or gear in the market is surely reviewed by us! In a short span of time, we have gained a lot of trust and favoritism from our readers due to the unparalleled content quality and authenticity.

Where Are We Featured?

As a proud virtual library for product review related to winter sports, our website has been featured at several international and national platforms over the internet.

We have been featured over accomplished websites such as:

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How Are We Monetized?

As a company, we surely have to look for ways to tackle the expenses. This is why; we have opted for the Amazon affiliate methodology. However, this in no way means that our product or gear reviews are biased. We simply picked Amazon as the platform, given the fact that one can find a wide range of products over this e-commerce website as opposed to any other. This gives us access to a wide range of products to pick and review for you!

Our expenses, such as email hosting, web hosting, payroll expenses, product purchases, etc, are all handled by the income via referral profit generation. So, whenever you make a purchase by clicking on the links provided by us, we get a commission for the same. Click here to read the complete affiliate disclosure.

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Our Product Review Process

Our product review process is simple yet stringent to ensure that everything you see and buy is always top-notch. We base our reviews after testing out the products under the following categories:

  • Material Used

  • Base Material

  • Fit

  • Ease-of-use

  • Longevity

  • Price

  • Size

How we rate our products

We evaluate all the products tested by us depending on the following verticals which include:

  • Functionality

  • Performance on field

  • Design

  • Value for money

  • Comfort

Our reviews are short, simple, and easy-to-understand. Once you have read through our reviews, you won't have to look for any other review website for reference purposes. So, Happy Shopping!

Our Company Relationships

At Skiing Lovers, we ensure that nothing is hidden from you! We are all about proper transparency for our readers. So, here you go with a complete list of all the referral and affiliate relationships we have for the products reviewed by our team or the products that we receive free-of-cost!

Do you have any questions?

Now you know who we are and how we conduct our testing process before jotting down the review article! If you have more burning questions on your mind, we are always here at your service. If you are puzzled between several products, give us a quick call and get a straightforward answer. Our customer service representatives are available on weekdays during office hours.

So, trust Skiing Lovers with your next winter sports gear purchase!

Author Information

About the Author Sapphire professional content writer and freelance journalist, She knows the dos and don'ts of jotting down the perfect articles for the readers. She has completed her post-graduation in journalism from a reputed university and aims to become an established writer with her own book published with a reputable publisher. Apart from writing as a passion, she is also a skiing and snowboarding enthusiast. She has been participating in various adventure events on the mountains to brush up her snowboarding skills. As a traveler, she has experienced winter sports in various corners of the world. She is also a professional snowboarder who loves to try out the gizmos and gears that make the snowboarding experience an incredible one!


Buying Guide

How do we select the best skiing and snowboarding gear?

Our process for selecting the best winter sports gears is inclusive of elements such as:


Even though the gears designed for men and women might look particularly similar, there is a massive difference between the two. Our review of our gears as per fit, comfort, and flexibility catered for the two genders.


Under this option, we check whether these gears have been built for use in the local basic level mountains or the higher expert level mountains. We categorize them on the basis of the application for all-mountain, carving skis & snowboards, powder skiing, big mountain, and many more.

3-Base Layers:

A base layer is critical to ensure proper warmth and better functionality of the upper add-on layers. Winter sports require you to be warm to function perfectly. We ensure that the base layers reviewed by us are perfect for use in the chilling mountain winds.

4-Mid Layers:

Layering is the key to a comfortable day out on the mountains. We categorize the mid-layers as per the materials used and whether they are lightweight, medium, or heavyweight. We also make sure that the mid-layers avoid the seepage of cold wind to the base layers.

5-Outer Layers:

Another thing considered by our reviewers for proper skiing experience is the outer layer added to your skiing or snowboarding clothes. We check whether the layers are breathable and water-resistant. We also check if the clothes allow mobility and keep the snow away from the inner layers.


Whether you are looking for cheap and affordable options or high-quality gears, we ensure that all the options reviewed by us are of top-quality, even at a reasonable price. We ensure that any issue in the quality and make is pointed out for the readers.


The condition of the snow and the weather in the mountains can vary with the seasons. Even during winters, you can experience a range of temperature variations. This is why our team checks for the versatility of the gears to be completely functional regardless of the temperature outside. You surely wouldn't want a gear that works on a sunny, winter morning but fails to function with temperature going down.


Now, you would definitely want your gears to last for long, right? At Skiing lovers, we check for the sturdiness of the material and the gear's built to ensure that your investment stays by your side for years to come.

Skiing/Snowboarding Knowledge base

1. What is meant by the colors and signs in the ski or snowboarding trails?

The colors and signs placed in the ski trail are meant to categorize the difficulty level of the area. If you have just started exploring winter sports, it is best to stick with the green-marked runs. On the other hand, advanced skiers can comfortably explore the black routes for testing their skills.

  • Green Circle-Beginner

  • Blue Squares-Intermediate

  • Black Diamond-Difficult

  • Double Black Diamonds- Experts Only

2. How can I make skiing less expensive?

Yes, skiing can be an expensive form of winter sports. However, with our help, you can make it worth the investment. We help you pick the best and most appropriate gears from the list of products reviewed by us. Opting for a gear that will last you for years to come without any breakage is worth the extra few dollars you spend on it. You can surely go for the budget versions if you do not need gears for long term. However, skiing can be a fascinating sport, and you never know when you might need your gears for another run on the white trails. So, it is better to opt for the gears that stay with you for the long term.

3. What is the difference between skinny and fat skis? Which one is best suited for me?

The kind of ski you need to buy depends on the trails you want to use them on. There are three factors that need to be considered when purchasing a ski:

  • Width under your foot

  • Turning Radius

  • Length of the ski

If you are someone looking forward to powder skiing, fat skis are designed for you. However, for the groomers or new skiers, skinnier skis tend to be an ideal option. Whether a ski is skinny or fat is decided by the width of the same under the foot. 

4. Which sport is easier to grasp for a beginner?

When it comes to skiing vs. Snowboarding, the entire thing comes down to one's preference. While some love to master the skis, others love maneuvering the snowboards. However, if it is your very first day on the snow, both these winter sports will feel equally tricky. There is no telling with certainty which sports will seem easier to you. As per my personal preference, skiing comes easier to me as opposed to snowboarding but to each their own. You might come out as a snowboarding genius, who knows? You need to try things first to understand!

5. How much will an average skiing or snowboarding trip cost me?

The price you pay for your skiing or snowboarding trip will vary depending upon the factors such as:

  • County you visit

  • Hotel or resort you book

  • Ski lessons (if you plan on taking one)

  • Lift passes

  • Food and Drink

  • Duration of your stay

However, if you are on a budget with a motive that is just to experience the mountains, it is advised that you go for an average hotel rather than going for an expensive resort. This can heavily trim down your entire expense and help you save a lot.

6. Which season or month is the best to go out for a skiing/snowboarding trip?

Depending on where you want to visit, the months and timings can change. If you plan on visiting the famous European Alps, they are usually good to go from December till April. However, the entire thing depends on how the weather behaves on a certain day. So, when planning your skiing trip, it is advised that you keep track of the local weather for a week or so. Subscribe to weather reports so as to be on alert for any snowstorms that might occur during your trip.

Author Information


About the Author a professional content writer and freelance journalist, Sapphire knows the dos and don’ts of jotting down the perfect articles for the readers.

She has completed her post-graduation in journalism from a reputed university and aims to become an established writer with her own book published with a reputable publisher. Apart from writing as a passion, she is also a skiing and snowboarding enthusiast.

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