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Jul 07, 2021

In recent years, ski helmets have gained huge popularity on the slopes. Many ski resorts in the world won't allow you to participate in skiing without using one. Studies say more than 70% of the skiers wear helmets to protect their heads from injuries. With the changing technology, there has been a drastic change in such helmets both in terms fit and its features. A helmet is a basic gear that is must to have during any snow sports.

While skiing in high speed on the mountains, you might slip, leading to a hard fall. When you take those difficult turns, the risk of a brain injury or concussion increases. Here is where the most obvious benefit of a ski helmet comes into the picture. It offers your head protection in case of such impacts and also keeps you warm and comfortable. It can significantly reduce the effect of impacts, which can turn out to be a live saver at times. And with the introduction of the sleek and cool designed skiing helmets, you no longer need to sacrifice style for safety.

If you are looking forward to buying a ski helmet, then it can turn out to be the best option of your life. With countless numbers of options available, it is difficult to choose the right one, but a little research is worth it. Before you go ahead, you need to collect some relevant information regarding ski helmet. Check out this buying guide to choose the right product.

Types of ski helmets

Half Shell

It is the most popular helmet design used for skiing as it provides coverage for your entire head and has soft earpads. These earpads prevent your ears against any fall and protect them from the cold without blocking your hearing. It is a perfect blend of protection and comfort.

Full shell

The next level of design is the full shell. As compared to the half-shell ski helmet, it comes with hard protection for your ears. It is not a very popular choice amongst the skiers and usually opted by racers and anyone who likes high-speed performance. It can prove to be a good choice for first-time skiers. If you fall under any of these categories, you can go for it.

Full face ski helmets

Justifying its name, this type of helmet protects your jawline and comes with a pair of goggles to ensure that it covers your entire face and head. It is also not a very popular choice for skiing; most people are seen opting for one of the first two types.

Factors to consider


It is an element that you should keep at the top of your priority list while buying a skiing helmet. With the advancement in technology, users are gifted with the best ski helmets that come with several advanced safety features. When you wear a ski helmet, not only it will protect your head from injuries but also offer you peace of mind while allowing you to focus primarily on the sport. The safety features you should look for in a skiing helmet are:

The shell

The shell can be either hard or soft. Each type has a different way of mitigating shocks from great impacts. Ski helmets outer shell can be made up of high-density acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) lightweight shell, high-density polycarbonate (PC) lightweight shell or a high-impact ABS shell. The ABS shells are highly resistant and tough, whereas the PC shells are lighter, durable, and protective. Hard shells are always preferable as they can distribute the force of any impact across the ski helmet, which is further absorbed by the padding.

Padding or lining

Sufficient padding or lining inside the helmet keeps your head protected from any impacts and absorbs the shock caused by bumps. The EPS core foam has evolved as one of the best effective helmet paddings.


Since the protection of your head is a serious concern, you should always trust a ski helmet that comes with authentic certification.


Apart from the safety features, you must give importance to its appearance and how it looks on your head. Some of the aesthetic properties to take into account are:

Color: Ski helmets come in a variety of colors. You can choose from a classic black colored ski helmet to a shiny white that matches your personality and suits your preference.

Shape: The shape of the helmet should be such that it offers a snug and comfortable fit on your head. There are several shapes like monolithic curvatures to flatter lines, rounded, oval, etc. Pick the one that you find aesthetically pleasing yet comfortable.

Comfort: Safety should indeed be the top priority while buying a ski helmet, but comfort cannot be ignored. In order to allow you to focus on your sport, any gear that you put on should provide ultimate comfort and not make you feel cumbersome. It shouldn't feel like you are wearing an awkward headdress.

Size: In the case of kids, the size of a skiing helmet varies from 48-52cm & for adults, it is 53-62cm which leaves room for heads of all circumferences and shapes to fit in. Size of the helmet primarily depends on the shape and size of your head. Choose the one that fits you right. If you can move or shake your head to and fro with the helmet on, it means the helmet is too big & if it hurts, it means it is too small.

While considering the size, weight is also another vital factor that you should pay importance as well. By selecting ABS and PC lightweight models, you can fully protect your head and move around much freely.

Adjustable or removable features: Apart from the basic features, certain additional features like chinstraps, goggle retainers, quick-release buckles and clips add to the functionality of the helmet. Each of these elements merges to provide you the required comfort.

Chinstraps: These are a type of adjustable straps that runs below the chin. It helps your helmet to remain in place while skiing. All you need to do is adjust it as per your requirement.

Quick-release buckles: This buckle is attached to the chinstraps and designed to allow you to conveniently fix or release the chinstrap efficiency with ease when required.

Goggle retainers and clips: This is another handy feature that helps you to keep your skiing goggle in place so that most of your face along with your head is protected from the various weather elements. The goggle retainers are removable. So this gives you the freedom to choose the feature that best meets your needs.

While deciding the adjustable or removable features, you should ensure that all of these three elements go together to offer you the most comfortable fit when you put the headgear on.

Temperature control: It is an important factor to consider while buying a ski helmet as it can severely affect your performance. Most helmets come with in-built removable ear pads that keep you warm on the chilly days and can be removed on a warmer day to regulate the temperature inside the helmet and prevent you from sweating. Ventilation: Apart from controlling the internal temperature, ventilation is another key feature you should take note of for experiencing maximum comfort. Some ski helmets have vents on top allowing entry of air into the helmet to keep your head fresh and oxygenated.

Top 5 ski helmets to buy in 2022

1. Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet

Smith Optics Unisex

This Smith Optics snow sports helmet is made of injection-molded ABS shell that makes it highly durability against dents and offers maximum head protection. It is ideal for both men and women and is available in a variety of colors. It is an all-weather ski helmet that comes with a lot of innovative customized features including a convertible pad kit to keep you warm in the winters and cool in the summers.

Its dual regulator ventilation system can control the front and the rear vents separately. The AirEvac system with 14 vents provides maximum airflow, keeps your head dry and the goggles clear by removing the warm fog-like air via air channels in the helmet. It is compatible with the Skullcandy audio system that integrates into the helmet's padding, thus letting you listen to your favorite playlist even while up on the mountains. This certified product comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. You can buy this ski helmet from Amazon at affordable prices.


  • Buckle closure
  • Airflow climate control
  • AirEvac ventilation
  • Convertible pad kit
  • Removable goggle lock

2. Anon Women's Auburn Vented Ski/Snowboard Helmet

 Anon Women's Auburn

This simple yet stylish ski helmet is a great option for the ladies who are planning to hit the snow this winter. It is available in five exciting colors and features an in-mold lightweight polycarbonate shell construction with an EPS liner for the best comfort, fit and feel.

The Passive Ventilation System keeps the air moving inside the helmet, prevents overheating & keeps your head cool while on the slopes. Anon's Auto-Adjust Fit System offers an easy, supportive, comfortable, and safely fit on your head. The FidLock Snap Buckle has a magnet system that helps to fix your helmet effortlessly.

A Goggle Ventilation Channel prevents your goggle from fogging. The Long Hair Fleece on the liner and ear pads give you a soft feel on your head with added warmth whenever required. These convertible ear pads and liners can be easily removed, making it convenient for the riders. It is also compatible with most audio devices. This ski helmet is a new addition to the Amazon.


  • In-mold construction
  • Auto-adjust fit system
  • Passive ventilation system
  • Goggle ventilation channel
  • Long hair fleece on liner and ear pads

3. Lucky Bums Toddler Kids Alpine Doodlebug Ski Snowboard Sport Helmet

 Lucky Bums Toddler Kids

This CE certified model of the helmet is designed for your toddlers. It features a mold construction outer shell with an impact-absorbing EPS liner that increases its durability. The internal mold looks great and provides solid protection and abrasion resistance. It is available in three attractive colors blue, pink and green with patterns and two simple shades of gray. It comes in two different sizes X-Small/Small and Medium/Large and is a perfect option for all active winter sports.

Its simple design offers a snug fit with an adjustable dial at the back and click in padded chin strap is ideal for beginners. The goggle loop further enhances the comfort and function of the helmet. Being less than even one pound makes it extremely lightweight and can be worn by the little ones easily. The ample airflow inside the helmet keeps the kids comfortable throughout the sport.

This Doodlebug toddler ski helmet has a variety of uses apart from skiing & it can also be worn by your kid even for snowboarding, sledding or skateboarding. You can buy this ski helmet from the Amazon site where it is available in a very reasonable price range.


  • Designed for beginners
  • Light and comfortable
  • Mold construction with EPS liner
  • Variety of uses

4. GiroAvance MIPS

GiroAvance MIPS

If you're in search of a professional ski helmet, then this helmet brought to you by Giro is the ideal pick. The helmets of Giro are not designed keeping in mind the aesthetic side but to encourage the speed of the rider during any snow sports competition. When you are sliding down the slopes, a bulky helmet proves to be inconvenient. Thus Giro has come up with this sleek design helmet that is well-equipped to keep you safe. It is so far the most advanced helmet available in the market.

It is made of x-static fiber wounded with silver pieces that provide anti-bacterial properties and keeps the item same as new. It is available in six different colors. The helmet offers you ultimate protection from multi-impact crashes & its design is just perfect for attaining the high speed in any competition. The vents keep you cool and comfortable.

The helmet is a little pricey, but if you can afford to buy it, you can buy this ski helmet from Amazon; it will be an investment that would last for a lifetime.


  • X-static fiber
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Sleek design
  • Multi-impact crash protection

5. Oakley Mod 5 MIPS

 Oakley Mod 5 MIPS

This Oakley's ski helmet comes in five shades of black, white and gray that perfectly goes with the surrounding snow. It comes with one of the best brim ventilation system that lets out the stuffy air and keeps your head warm and snug. It keeps you dry and protected while skiing down. You can adjust the vents to maintain the perfect airflow. The helmet comes with a removable liner which you can change after using for some months.

One thing you should remember while purchasing an Oakley helmet is to get a two or three size bigger helmet; this won't be loose, but give you the right snug fit and keep you protected. The BOA tightener gives you an added advantage to adjust as per the size of your head. The helmet bag provided lets you store or carry it conveniently when not in use. Click here to buy this ski helmet from Amazon.


  • Adjustable brim ventilation system
  • Removable liner
  • BOA tightener
  • Comes with helmet bag


Choosing the right ski helmet can be one of the challenging decisions you need to make while buying your first set of ski gear. Never go by the one-size-fits-all approach as this is bound to backfire. Hence, it is always recommended to buy your helmet and not rent one. Also if you buy, you get more value for money in the long run.

Unless you are a seasoned professional having years of experience in this sport, you need to take advice from experts who can guide you acquire the best accessory. Go for helmet models that are certified by the proper authorities and comes with a lifetime warranty. It assures you that your head is entirely safe from any kind of unknown impact when up on the hills.

In today's age, many of us prefer to purchase things online. So, you can consider purchasing your ski helmet from any reputed e-commerce website like Amazon at an affordable price. You can take a look at the helmet models we have reviewed here to ensure that you are investing in something trustworthy.

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