Best Snowboarding Pants for Men and Women

Jun 16, 2021

Snowboarding is one of the famous winter outdoor sports all around the world. It involved riding over the snow-covered terrain while standing straight on a snowboard. Though it is an exciting sport, it can be frustrating if you are not dressed properly. Proper clothing not only includes snowboarding jackets but snowboarding pants as well. It is as important as wearing any protective gear like a snowboarding helmet or goggles. Not only does it protect you from cold weather but also shields your skin from getting hurt due to bushes present on the terrain.

Hence, it is wise to invest in good snowboarding pants before going for snowboarding. Earlier, buying snowboarding pants was easy as there were only a few options available; they were only used to keep the snowboarder comfortable and warm while doing extreme physical activities during cold weather. But nowadays, snowboarders are looking for several extra features like breathability, moisture-wicking properties, flexibility, etc. As a result, there are many big brands present in the market, making it tricky to make the right decision.

If you are planning to buy snowboarding pants but don't know how to buy the right one, then you check out this buying guide. This article includes everything you need to know about snowboarding pants, including reasons to buy, things to consider and a list of best snowboarding pants. Without wasting much time, let's get started. Reasons to buy Snowboarding pants

Protection from cold

It is the most vital reason for wearing good quality snowboarding pants. They have a Three Layer System to protect you from harsh cold weather conditions. The three layers mainly include the outer shell, base layer, and insulation layer. The outer shell is made up of windproof and waterproof material since the player is in contact with the environment. The base layer is made up of moisture-wicking material to turn away the moisture and sweat from your skin. The last layer is the insulation layer, which helps in protecting your body from the cold by trapping your body heat.

Protection from Rain

You never know when a bright sunny day turns into a stormy day on the mountains. And nothing can make snowboarding the scariest thing for you than a wet pair of snowboarding pants. You will never want that rainwater flowing through your legs and make you feel cold during snowboarding. Hence, it is vital to wear snowboarding pants. They are made up of very high-tech and waterproof materials to protect you from getting wet due to rain.

Protect you from injuries

Snowboarding is prone to injuries. Not only a fall can lead to severe injuries, but stones, thorny bushes, trees in the middle of the terrain can lead to injuries. They can hurt you badly if your legs are not covered properly. Hence, it is always recommended to wear the right snowboarding pants before riding a snowboard.

Make you Visible While Snowboarding

Snowboarding pants come in vibrant and reflective colors that make it easy to spot snowboarders in the snow. As snowboarding is prone to injuries, wearing dark colored snowboarding pants, make it difficult to spot the snowboarder. It can be fatal, especially during an accident and you need emergency help.

Make you feel comfortable

Snowboarding pants are made up of soft and moisture wicking material so that it can wick away the sweat during a hot day while not allowing you to compromise on your fun. Also, these pants are made up of flexible material, which offers you the freedom to make easy and comfortable leg movements.

Match Your Style

Wearing snowboarding pants gives you a professional look. It will allow you to look attractive and make the best match along with various other gears. Hence, if you are the one who gives priority to your looks, then wearing snowboarding pants which would complement the color of the snow can make you look distinct from the rest of the snowboarders.

Things to consider when buying the snowboarding pants


Nothing should be at the top of your priority list than a comfort fit when buying snowboarding pants. However, finding the right fitting snowboarding pants is not an easy task because every brand sizes their pants differently. A golden rule to choose the right fitting pant is to go one size up than your regular pants. Not only will a right fitting pant will allow you to move with ease but also offer more room to layer on the cold days.


Though like snowboarding jackets, snowboarding pants are made up of different layers to protect you from harsh cold weather conditions, they are less warm than jackets. The main reason for this is because your legs are your shock absorbers when riding a snowboard. They will be in motion continuously and generate more heat. Hence, when buying snowboarding pants, make sure they produce enough warmth to protect you from cold weather efficiently.


It is something that you should never compromise when buying snowboarding pants because it plays a vital role in deciding how much you will have fun during snowboarding. You will never want to ruin your fun while having a wet butt all day. Hence, it is always recommended to check out the waterproof rated, indicated on the snowboarding pants. The majority of snowboard pants would have a waterproof rating between 5,000 and 20,000 mm (5-20). The higher the waterproofing value is, the better it can withstand rainwater.

The waterproof ability of your snowboarding pants also depends on its seams. There are two types of seams you will find on snowboarding pants – critically seams and fully sealed seams. Critical seams mean that only critical areas are taped whereas fully seams means all the areas of the pants are seamed properly. If you buy a critically seamed pants, the water will find its way into your pants. Hence, it is recommended to decide which one you will want as per the weather conditions in which you are going to ride.


Like waterproofing, breathability is another vital factor to consider when you are purchasing your snowboard pants. Though it is a less crucial factor than the above ones, it plays a great role in buying comfortable snowboarding pants. You can measure the breathability in grams & it reveals how much water vapor can go through a square meter of the material in 24 hours. The most common measurement is between 5000-20000g. Many people go with 10000g, but some of them are just okay with 5000g. Higher the breathability rating, the better it will be. At last, it is totally up to you to decide which measurement is going to be comfortable for you.


Traditionally, snowboarding pants were like regular shell pants that are the best for cold weather conditions. But nowadays, snowboarding pants are versatile in nature as they come in a convertible system with a removable liner that allows the rider to adjust it as per the different temperature and all kinds of conditions. Hence, make sure to buy the pants that allow you to adjust as per the external environmental conditions.


It is the most crucial feature you should consider when buying snowboarding pants. From cargo pockets to fleer lining front pockets, there is a variety of pockets available on them. Not only do they allow the rider to keep small stuff but also help in warming their hands while sitting on the chair lift. When you buy your snowboarding pants, make sure to look at the kind of closure the pocket has. Some of them come with a zip while others have both zipper and Velcro for more security and waterproofing.

List of the best snowboarding pants for men & women of 2022

1. Helly Hansen Men's Legendary Pants

 Helly Hansen Men's Legendary Pants

Helly Hansen has always been known for coming up with some of the best winter sports gears that are ideal for even the worst weather. This regular fit pant for men is made of 100% polyester with a polyamide lining and Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) coating that sheds off the water. Its outer layer is made up of breathable and waterproof material to keep you comfortable and dry. The two-way mechanical stretch, along with articulated knees offers optimal movement. The 60gm Primaloft Black Insulation layer provides all-day-long warmth while you are up on the mountains. The fully sealed seams add to its strength and give it further waterproof protection. The inner thigh features venting zippers for enhanced breathability.

The dual hand pockets keep your hands warm, whereas the back pocket lets you stuff in some tiny essentials. Some of the other features of this snowboarding pant include an adjustable waistband having belt loops, a zipper fly with snap closure, boot gaiters with silicone gripper, YKK Aqua guard water-resistant pocket zippers, reinforced bottom hem, and RECCO Advanced Rescue system. The rescue system helps in tracking you if you get stuck in the snow. Unlike most of the snowboarding pants, this windproof, waterproof pant has acquired a rating of 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. So, for that ultimate look and feel up in the mountains, buy the snowboarding pants from Amazon now.

2. Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pant

Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pant

If you're in search of a versatile and comfortable insulated snowboarding pant for women that would prove perfect for your everyday winter activities, then this Insulated Snow Pant designed exclusively for women brought to you by Arctix is just the ideal pick. This multi-layered snow pant features 85 grams ThermaTech insulation, 210T Taffeta lining and the heat-trapping microchambers, all of which together keeps you warmer and protected from the chilly winds. Its outer shell is laminated with a high-tech breathable material that wicks body moisture away and helps you to stay dry while engaged in outdoor activity. Being made of an innovative, lightweight and flexible material this snowboarding pant lets you stretch in all possible directions.

Each of the critical seams is sealed and reinforced that makes it wind and water-resistant. The scuff, ankle hem guards with the 600 Denier Ballistic nylon thread adds to its durability. The adjustable elastic waist offers ultimate comfort. The hand-warming zipped pockets, boot zippers and boot gaiters with grippers are some of the additional features that make this snowboarding pant an excellent choice. So, order any of the Arctix women's snowboarding pants from the range of colors available for your next winter fun activity today. Being priced at $22.73-$59.99 this snowboarding pant is supposed to be the most affordable snowboarding pants available on Amazon.

3. Volcom Men's FreakinSnow Chino Pant

 Volcom Men's FreakinSnow Chino Pant

If you believe in conserving our environment, then this FreakinSnow Chino Pant for men, from the house of Volcom is the perfect product that you should try out. Keeping the environmental factors in mind, Volcom has come up with this 10,000mm/5,000gm modern relaxed fit snowboard pant that is made of 95-percent recycled materials. Boasting a lean athletic cut these snow trousers offers solid performance in every weather condition. The built-in insulation gives you the required warmth on those cold chilly days while the mesh-lined zippered venting options let you regulate temperature. This V-science two-layered oxford shell fabric also features critically taped seams for that required durability along with zipper closure, tone ticket ring, back pockets and adjustable inner waistband. With a rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon, you can easily pick from the five color options it offers. It is one of the most functional snowboarding pants available on Amazon that promise outstanding performance.

4. Burton Reserve Bib Pant

Burton Reserve Bib Pant

If you wanna hit the mountains in style, then get a hold of this Reserve Bib Pant from Burton that offers an array of tech features and at the same time promises sustainability, performance and style. This snowboarding pant is a part of the Bluesign approved a range of products of Burton that are safe on the planet and conserves the resources.

It is crafted of waterproof and breathable DRYRIDE 2-layer fabric and has fully taped waterproof seams. This rider-friendly snow pant for men features 70-denier solution-dyed Gore-Tex (3-layer) waterproofing that makes it extremely lightweight and keeps you dry throughout the activity. A CrossFlow venting system ensures air circulation between the Test-I-Cool zippered vents and the outer thigh vents for ultimate cool feeling on humid days. The KEVLAR-blended kick panels are abrasion-resistant that protect you from the fall while the drop seat at the back opens up easily so that you can answer Nature's call fast.

The crotch insert of this relaxed fit pant opens up to accommodate the motion of your body while going uphill and down. It also includes two hands and two bib zipped pockets that allow you to carry the small items you need while traveling like a beacon, knife, phone and some snacks.

The best part is, out of a superb collection of snowboarding pants, you can make this feature-rich outfit a part of your closet. This snowboarding pant is available at a price of only $175.36-$279.95 on Amazon that allows you to kick start the activity in style.

5. Burton Women's Society Pant

Burton Women's Society Pant

This is the latest addition in the range of snowboarding pants offered by Amazon on their website. It is known for its Dryride waterproofing and the flexible all-season design. This lightweight Bluesign approved snow pant is made of Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyester and Twill. It is the DRYRIDE 2-Layer Polyester heathered fabric that makes it waterproof. Its Thermolite Insulation pants protect you from freezer burns. Here, the hollow core 40% recycled fibers trap the warm air & a larger area of the pant helps in evaporating the moisture. It results in high-level dryness and warmth.

The Taffeta Living Lining lets you enjoy the automatic climate control feature without any added bulk. The fully taped seams of the snow pant seal you from ultimate bad weather conditions. The Anti-Scuff cuffs that are reinforced with durable Cordura fabric and contoured shaped offers added abrasion resistance. Its mesh-lined inner thigh vents let you adjust the temperature on hot afternoons. Tuck your hands inside the zippered hand warmer pockets for the ultimate cozy feeling. This smart piece of snowboarding pants is available in a variety of colors on Amazon. So, if you want your better half to accompany you in the snowboarding activity, then get her this Burton Women's Society Pant today.

How to enhance the durability of your snowboarding pants?

Now you are aware that wearing snowboarding pants is really helpful for the snowboard riders to get protection from any injury and cold weather conditions. You should also remember that it is really important to provide good care to the boarding pants so that the durability of your pants would be improved for sure. Make sure you are giving more importance to the care of your boarding pants even though it is made from strong and quality materials.

Handle with Care: Good quality snowboarding pants mainly come up with great warranty coverage, but it is your primary duty to maintain a good habit of taking care of your pants under any circumstances. If you want your snowboarding pants to last for a long time, you should never throw them in the dirty areas or leave them somewhere.

Proper Cleaning & Maintenance: If you are regularly providing proper cleaning and maintenance to the pants, then it would help in adding the durability of your snowboarding pants for sure. You may face a harsh situation while snowboarding in the mountains. Your boarding pants may catch dirt and sweat and hence will require proper cleaning. Therefore, regular cleaning is really necessary from inside and outside to enhance the life of your pants. Try to wash pants in a simple way and avoid rubbing it hard. Also, stay away from harsh detergents or chemicals to clean them. These chemicals would only damage the quality of your pants, which is really not good for you in the longer run.


Finally, you are aware of the best snowboarding pants for men and women available in the market now. When you go shopping for snowboarding pants, make sure you consider your overall needs before making a buying decision. We hope that this guide will help you to get hands-on the best snowboarding pants. Snowboarding is an extremely physical activity and needs big protection before you start going for it. You should always remember that whether you are an expert or a beginner, wearing all your snowboarding accessories, including helmets, pants, glasses, etc. should be your high priority before going for snowboarding. For buying other snowboarding accessories, check out the Amazon shopping site and get products at a reasonable price.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a reliable and durable snowboarding pants for yourself right now itself.

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