Snowboarding Locks: Keeping Gear Safe

Jun 15, 2021

Snowboarding at places like Are(Jamtland, Sweden), Squaw Valley (California, USA), St.Anton (Austria), and many more is the best way to spend your summer vacations. Not only it relieves your stress but also beneficial for your overall well-being. However, before you plan your trip with your complete set of snowboarding gear, you should buy a snowboarding lock.

As snowboarding gear are expensive and probably a one-time investment, with the increasing number of cases of snowboarding gear being stolen, the demand for snowboarding locks is also increasing day by day. With a reliable snowboarding lock, you can avoid theft of your valuable stuff. Most of the snowboard gear thefts are opportunistic. It means if a thief marks that it is unattended, he/she will surely take it. Thieves are always looking for easy grabs & something with a secure lock will make them abandon the task.

Every year many customers ask the sellers for a purchase proof to apply for a claim of insurance. These stories are sadly relatable for most snowboarders. However, very little has been done to make things secure at the snowboarding sites. Gear left outside the bars, restaurants, hotel balconies, or even at the snowboarding site can be at risk, especially when you aren't close by to keep an eye on the same. A reliable and strong set of snowboarding lock can deter any possible theft. With e-commerce websites such as Amazon, you can hunt down the perfect lock for your snowboarding gear.

Apart from simply securing your gear safely, the snowboarding locks help in organizing the space. For example, if your destination is miles away, traveling with a heap of luggage can be troubling. However, with a proper locking mechanism, you can easily make space in the snowboarding car rack and save ample space inside the car for your comfort.

When picking the right snowboarding locks, you need to collect some crucial information about factors that affect your buying decision. In this guide, we are going to tell the types of locks and things you should consider while buying a snowboarding lock.

Types of Snowboarding Locks

Cable Locks

If you are looking for commonly used snowboarding locks, then cable locks are perfect for you. Cable locks are designed specifically to cater to a lightweight solution that makes it easier to be carried around. These locks are actually fastened by a simple wrapping up of the cable around the snowboard or your gear which is followed by clicking back to the lock. These are generally fastened with codes or keys depending on the model you purchase.

Snowboarding Locks: Keeping Gear Safe

Tether Locks

Tether locks are the 2nd most popular version of locks being used by snowboarders. These locks are actually more heavyweight and rugged as opposed to the cable locks. It increases the overall protection but with reduced portability. Tether locks can only be fastened securely if your equipment has a sort of closed-loop version. The tether acts as a clip to be fixed onto an object. They are generally fastened with the use of code or key.

Rack Locks

Rack locks are very popular amid the American and European ski resorts. These locks are designed to cater to a significantly high-security level. They are generally more convenient and smaller than the tether or cable locks. One downside of the rack locks is the fact that they cannot be used with certain variants of the snowboarding racks that are mostly found in the snowboarding resorts. They can only be used at locations where there is a presence of these racks.

Wireless Locks

Wireless Locks

It is a newly proposed tech solution which doesn't lock the equipment physically. Rather, it uses sensors as well as alarms to detect any theft. The locks initiate a siren to deter any thieving activity. The device is mounted securely on snowboards or associated gear. The entire unit is regulated through an app installed over the smartphone you have.

What to look for when purchasing snowboarding locks?

Know your needs

People have variable needs for snowboarding locks. While some require these locks to safeguard their snowboarding gear from thieves, some use it to secure their gear in a proper place to avoid any displacement. However, some of the snowboarding gear require specific locks that might not work perfectly for any other gear. Hence, it is essential to know the requirements and purpose of the snowboarding locks. These locks are available in varying designs & capacities to adhere to the requirements of the snowboarders.

The capacity of the Snowboarding Locks

Your decision of buying a snowboarding lock also depends on the number of snowboards or equipment do you want to secure. The smaller versions of the snowboarding locks can secure minimal equipment as compared to the sizeable ones. To ensure that you get the perfect snowboarding lock, make sure you check the diameter and length of the cable.

Strength and Weight Ratings

Strength and Weight Ratings

A strong and sturdy lock doesn't necessarily need to be heavy in its built. So, as a buyer, you need to consider the weight from 2 different perspectives. First of all, you need to ensure that the lock is heavy enough to secure your gear properly. Secondly, you should check for a lock that is easy to carry.

Locking Mechanism

The most preferred locking mechanism for securing the snowboarding gear is the personalized version of the digit combination. Most of the locks come with a 3-digit combination code while you can also get your hands over locks with a 4-digit combination code. Another popular category is the classic key and lock mechanism. It closely resembles the manual lock and key. To use this, you need to set the gear on the rack within the rails and secure the same by locking in with its key. However, in this case, you need to be mindful and keep the keys safe as you can lose it easily.

Best snowboard locks to choose from

Mentioned below are some of the popular choices for snowboard locks available on Amazon.

Dakine Micro Lock

Dakine Micro Lock

If you are looking for a lightweight and portable snowboarding lock, Dakine Micro Lock is a perfect choice. Weighing mere 0.1lbs this snowboard lock is small in size and easily fits inside your pocket. This lock flaunts a powerful combination of 3-digit code with a 30-inch retractable cable which secures your gear perfectly. You can buy this lock from Amazon at the best prices.

Allnice Portable Anti-Theft Spring Cable Lock

Allnice's ET-152 cable lock serves as a great option for someone who is looking for a sturdy locking system. This snowboarding lock features hook and lock constructed from durable zinc alloy. That is why ET-152 is highly resistant to corrosion. The cable stretches from length all the way to 59-inches. You can buy this lock from Amazon without having any doubt.

Snowboard-Fat Ski Lock

A major advantage offered by this key and lock system over the cable system is the fact that it isn't easy to cut through even when using a wire cutter. With the Snowboard-Fat Ski Lock, you can be at peace and forget about any theft. Each lock is available in five different color variants with 2-keys. Check out this outstanding lock on Amazon.


So regardless of the snowboarding locks you choose, the main aim is to keep your gear safe. While one variant of lock stands good for some snowboarders, others might not. Remember, the best snowboarding lock is constructed for a broad range of functionalities regardless of the environment. The more durable your lock is, the higher are the chances for you to deter the thieves. If you are in an open area, it makes more sense to invest in a sturdy lock with the hi-tech mechanism or a combination of two such as wireless locks paired with the rack locks.a

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