How to Layer for Snowboarding?

Jun 03, 2021

Snowboarding is a winter sport performed over the white snow in the mountains. Though you will be in the vicinity of stunning landscapes, but spending your precious time in mountain regions expose you to potentially and changeable harmful climates. Hence, it is very important for you to get all the protective snowboarding gear and clothing before going to snowboarding that can keep you protected and warm. Make sure your snowboarding clothes are highly warm, lightweight and keep your dry by removing sweat from your skin.

Keeping yourself protected from harsh cold weather should be at the top of your priority list. Wearing too less or too more will either send you to the nearest coffee shop every ten minutes to warm up or you will sweat abundantly and panting with every toeside turn. However, dressing in layers allows you to remove or add layers as required. Hence, layering is the best way to feel comfortable on the slopes.

The basic principle of layering is very simple: You need strong protection from the outer environmental elements and adjust them to compensate for changing activities and conditions. Once you have the perfect layered clothing, then your snowboarding would be more enjoyable and better. You would enjoy your ride to the mountains without worrying about any sudden temperature change for sure. Do you want to understand how to layer for snowboarding? Let's understand the procedure of layering for snowboarding right now itself.

How to Layer for Snowboarding?

Base Layer

Base Layer

Base Layer is the closest layer to your body; it is the layer next to your skin. Its primary job is to maintain the body temperature and completely wick moisture away from your body to keep you dry and warm. It should be made up of wool fibers or synthetic, not cotton. It must cover you from head to toe.

Most base layers come as separates - shirts and pants. You should always wear a base layer on both the top and bottom of your body. You can also layer your hands and feet like your body by wearing gloves and socks made from a moisture wicking material. However, it will lead to chafing that can further cause painful blisters. Hence, it is recommended to wear one pair of good quality socks rather than layering.

On very cold days, many snowboarders prefer to wear long sleeve, lightweight shirts and long underwear as a part of their base layer, but on warmer days, they prefer only short-sleeve t-shirts and Capri-cut underwear so that the cuffs would stay out of their boots. Whatever size you choose, make sure you are avoiding wool combination materials if you are having a very low itch tolerance as it may lose all its thermal properties if it gets wet.

It would be tempting to cheap out on your base layers, but it would be the biggest mistake. Good base layers from the highly famous brand would last longer and make you fully comfortable than other various cheaper options. Moreover, high-quality base layer not only keeps your feet dry, warm and comfortable but also gives you a snug fit.

Middle or Second layer

Middle or Second layer

This middle layer is also known as the insulating layer. It helps in keeping you warm in freezing temperatures. The main job of the insulating layer is to trap warm air once you start the ride and send moisture away from your body. It is usually made up of fleece and wool material. Though you can use it to cover both tops and bottoms, our legs naturally stay warm while practicing snowboarding. Hence, if you are going for snowboarding in the spring season, then you can skip this layer or you can wear it as a top layer.

However, if you are going to a ski resort during cold winter stormy days, then you need to wear a middle layer on the top and bottom of the body. Here you can go with a slightly heavy, insulated jacket combined with synthetic material. On the other hand, if you are planning on hiking, then you need an insulating layer which is packable and very light in weight. You can get this combination in synthetic or natural down jackets.

Fit is very vital in your insulating layer; it should fit comfortably over your base layers. It should not be very bulky. You should buy a jacket with water-resistant insulation so that it would not lose its warmth and won't get soggy.

There are several brands which are using weatherproof materials in their insulating jackets so that they work well without any problem. It would be really good for you to get an extra insulating layer either in your car or backpack if you are snowboarding inbounds or backcountry. You can't predict when your situation would change and you may require it.

Outer Layer

Finally, the outermost layer of your clothing is also known as the shell layer. Its primary job is to keep out the elements. The outer layer is used to save you from heavy rain, wind, and stop moisture from entering and allow moisture to flee from the inner layers. They are made up of nylon or polyester. The outer layer refers to your snowboard pants and snowboard jacket. The breathability and waterproof ratings are measured at 5,000, 3,000 and 10,000. When you buy your shell layer, don't forget to check its fit; it should fit properly over your base and middle layers. And it should have enough pockets so that you can carry your other gears like snowboarding goggles.

Wear a hat or balaclava

Wear a hat or balaclava

Head is the most crucial part of our body and it should be protected at any cost during snowboarding. Cold winds can lead to severe headaches and fever. Hence, it is recommended to add a layer of warm hat or snowboarding face mask or balaclava under your helmet. Make sure it is made up of moisture wicking material and your helmet has a proper ventilation system to keep your head temperature stable.


Finally, you understand how to layer for snowboarding. Also, you should remember that when purchasing any snowboarding clothes ensure that it fits properly to maintain the breathability of the fabrics and prevent chafing. If you want a great and original snowboarding apparel, then you can visit the Amazon Online shopping site right now. They offer various discounts on the products. You need to understand that your clothing is always there to keep you safe, warm and comfortable over long periods in the winter season. It is worth spending the money and time to ensure that you get the right snowboarding equipment.

So, what you are waiting for? Visit Amazon and buy the right layered clothing for your next snowboarding trip right now!

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