Learn How to Snowboard – On Your Own and With an Instructor

Aug 01, 2021

Snowboarding is one of the most challenging sports around the world and got prominence soon after it was included in the Olympics. But do you know when did snowboarding started at the Olympics? Well, it was 1998, when this snow sport first got featured in the Olympics and eventually gained popularity among the adults and teens. Presently, it is one of the most exciting and adventurous sports that allure more and more people to learn it.

On Your Own and With an Instructor

Snowboarding not only adds a fun and exciting element in your life but also gives you all the opportunities to snowboard as a daredevil. Moreover, it helps you to stay fit in the cold chilly winters. It can make those winter vibes tolerable and enjoyable at the same time.

Whether a beginner or a pro, it is the heartfelt wish of every snowboarder to float across snow pillows and sail through them by jumping in the air. But unfortunately, only a few snowboarders succeed in making it a reality. In order to learn how to snowboard like a pro, it is important to focus on the basics. You will need enough practice before heading towards a slope to test your skills.

Learning snowboarding is not an easy task, but if you have strong will-power and patience, then no one can stop you from exploring your limits. You need to indulge yourself in intensive practice. But before that, you need to practice a few skills on your own. In this guide, we are going to tell how you can learn snowboarding on your own & how an instructor helps you in learning snowboarding.

How to learn snowboarding on your own?

Get in Shape

Get in Shape

Before you gear up to practice on your own, it is important to get in shape. Your muscle strength would determine how successful you will be at snowboarding. You will use your hands and feet the most while playing the sport. So, it is important to stretch to ready yourself up before going to the training session. Practice exercise that can enhance your body flexibility.

Get your own set of equipment

No matter whether you're a beginner or a pro, it is important to have the essential items of snowboarding gear at your disposal. It is one of the basic requirements to learn how to snowboard. The complete set of snowboarding gear enhances one's sporting abilities directly or indirectly. Moreover, it protects your body from injuries.

For instance, sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun and restrict small particles from entering your eyes, whereas the best snowboarding gloves protect your hands from chilled cold weather and frostbite. And a snowboarding helmet protects your head when you fall during snowboarding.

Hence, it is crucial to buy the right set of skiing equipment. As you don't know about your stance, what will be your riding style; it is recommended to borrow them in the beginning. Once you know your stance and riding style, buy the best quality snowboarding gear from Amazon at the best prices.

Determine your strong foot (stance)

Determine your strong foot

Just as some people write using their right hand while others use their left hand, the same holds true when it comes to snowboarding. 'Foot' plays a vital role in snowboarding. You need to find out your dominant foot or stance. The stance is nothing but the way you are going to step down on the snowboard. It is basically of two types - a goofy stance and a regular stance. The left foot is put forward in case of a regular stance & the right foot comes forward if it is a goofy stance. Most people find themselves comfortable using the regular stances, but it is always a snowboarder's choice and preference on which one to use.

No matter whichever your strong foot is, it is important to make sure that you are aware of it before heading towards a store to buy your snowboarding gear. It will help you choose the right kind of gear, thereby help you to learn how to snowboard.

All these things you can do on your own to learn snowboarding; once you have your own set of snowboarding gear, you are ready to learn snowboarding. While snowboarding can be a challenge for you at the beginning, taking the help of an instructor can make things simple and easy for you. You can either connect with an instructor individually or reach out to an academy that provides classes on acquiring the skills of snowboarding.

How you can learn snowboarding with an instructor?

Follow the instructions of a pro

If you are not a beginner, chances are you know a thing or two about snowboarding. However, remember that your primary objective of hiring an instructor is to learn the basics of snowboarding. It is not going to happen overnight. You would need to invest both your time and effort to accomplish the task.

Resist the temptation of applying your own knowledge or skills while you are in a session with your instructor. It will help you in avoiding confusion. The more you keep your head clear, the better will be your chances to learn how to snowboard by the time you complete your training with your instructor.

Give it your best shot while walking on a snowboard, but do not try to deviate from the instructions given by an expert.

Walking on a snowboard

Walking on a snowboard

Have you ever tried walking with your front foot on the board? Even if it sounds a little out of place, you have to master this skill. It is the best way to load or unload lifts or move across flat surfaces. It can be difficult for you to balance on your snowboard at the initial stage, but an instructor can help you cross the hurdles of doing the same. Your instructor will guide you through on how to do them safely. So, to learn how to snowboard, make sure you follow their instructions and adhere to them as long as you are in a snowboarding session with them.

Body stance and sliding

Maintaining a proper body stance is of paramount importance for snowboarding jumping in the best possible manner. Get your body acclimatized to maintain a comfortable position instead of a stiff one; it will help you to eliminate the chances of injuries. When you are ready to ride your snowboard, you will be in a squat exercise position.

Face the head towards the direction of your movement and avoid turning your hips or shoulders. Make sure that when you are ready to slide, your body mass is concentrated towards the center. Keep your arms parallel to the snow surface, or you can put your hands on the bent knee.

Learn the other skills of snowboarding

If you want to play the sport like a pro, you may want to make sure that you cover all the basics beforehand. Alongside learning other skills and basics of snowboarding, including standing up, riding lifts, sliding on a slope, making turns, linking turns, jumping tricks, etc. Make sure that you learn these skills from an instructor.

Final thoughts

Learning the art of snowboarding like a pro is not a matter of luck. Proper training and persevering with the basics are the only ways by which you can learn it in the true sense. To train yourself, you must also possess the essential snowboarding gears like snowboards, socks, gloves, snowboard beanie hats, helmets, etc. You will need to learn something on your own as well as learn the various aspects of snowboarding from your instructor.

With these ideas on your mind and the right protective gear, you are ready to learn how to snowboard. These will help you to explore some popular skiing destinations like Jackson Hole in WY, Jay Peak in VT, Grand Targhee Resort in WY, and more. Go ahead and begin your adventure with snowboarding now!

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