Best Pullover Snowboarding Jackets

Jun 25, 2021

There was a time when snowboarding jackets were only used to keep the riders warm and look good while performing extreme physical activities like snowboarding. But nowadays, the demand for snowboarding gears have been increased, and snowboarders demand highly technical pullover snowboarding jackets that not only capable of keeping their body warm but also equipped with features like improved temperature control, wicking properties, stylish, proper ventilation system, etc.

The technical pullover snowboarding jackets that are available in the market nowadays control temperature by wicking away moisture and venting excess heat, thereby making snowboarders stay on mountains for a lot longer than before.

If you are visiting stores to put your hands on a new pullover snowboarding jackets for toddlers or adults, then you will find an array of options to choose from. Earlier picking up snowboarding jackets was pretty much easy as there were only a few popular brands in the market, including Burton or Rossignol. But nowadays, many big players in the market are producing a lot of options.

In today's article, we have handpicked a few best pullover snowboarding jackets from a huge collection that have been produced by most popular brands out there in the market. These will be our recommended options of snowboarding jackets that a snowboarder should wear while going on mountains or Terrain Park for snowboarding this winter. But before viewing the list of the jackets, first, go through the reasons why it is necessary to wear a pullover snowboarding jacket.

Reasons to Wear Pullover Snowboarding Jacket

To keep you warm

The basic reason to wear pullover snowboarding jackets is to keep yourself warm when you are out on mountains for snowboarding. The snow and cool breeze on the top will not only distract you while snowboarding, but these will also make you feel uncomfortable, which may even lead to unwanted accidents and other similar mishaps. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, even pullover snowboarding jackets comes with temperature controlled features to provide better comfortable surroundings.

Match your style

Best Pullover Snowboarding Jackets

Snowboarders also wear pullover snowboarding jackets to look cool and make a perfect match along with other gears. Picking snowboarding jackets that will complement the color of the snow and your other accessories will make you look distinct from the rest of the snowboarders and will also give you a touch of a professional snowboarder.

Match your gear

Besides adding to the style of a snowboarder, pullover snowboarding jackets also match the other accessories and gears of the snowboarder. One must pick snowboarding jackets keeping in mind the other gears such as boots, bindings, helmets, skis, snowboard, gloves, mittens, goggles, facemask, ski socks, scarves, woolly hat, ear muffs, GoPro chest mount harness, and any other ski accessory that you use while snowboarding.

Make you visible while snowboarding

Picking bright color pullover snowboarding jackets will be the best bet while snowboarding. The reason behind this is that it is pretty much hard to spot snowboarders on top with snow all around, but if you wear a dark colored jacket, then you will for sure go incognito in the mountains. Putting on bright color pullover snowboarding jackets will help others spot you at the time of emergency situations and during rescue operations.

Things to Consider When Buying Pullover Snowboarding Jacket

Waterproof rating

The most important thing that should consider while purchasing a pullover snowboarding jacket is the waterproof rating. The waterproof rating of the jacket prevents the water from entering the shell of the jacket. As we all know that while snowboarding getting cold is one of the most common things and that too when you are wearing a wet jacket. Therefore purchasing jackets with proper rating is pertinent.

The waterproof ratings of the snowboarding jackets are based on millimeters. To test the waterproofing rate, a 1' x 1' tube is placed above the shell of the jacket; the rating will depend upon how much the jacket shell is capable of restricting the water to enter in the jacket. Usually, a good snowboarding jacket has a range from 5,000 to 10,000 mm, and we will recommend going with the lowest for 5,000 mm if you spend most of the time outdoors doing snowboarding. Snowboarders who are out in more stormy or wetter climates should go for a higher rating, maybe around the 15,000 to 20,000 mm range.

Breathability rating

Breathability rating

Like waterproof rating, the next big thing to be considered while purchasing a pullover snowboarding jacket is looking for breathability rating of the jacket. Breathability is measured in grams through the Moisture Vapor Transmission Test (MVTR). The test is usually performed to measure that in 24 hours how many grams of sweat per one square meter your jacket can release.

Basically, breathability means that your sweat and moisture inside the jacket should be released through the pores of the shell lining and that too without affecting the warmth and the temperature inside. It might be challenging to pinpoint the breathability for each specific person, but there are some standard recommendations. A causal skier should look for a jacket with a breathability scale of around 5,000-10,000 grams. But people who are most of the times out for snowboarding and takes fewer breaks should look for a jacket with a breathability rating closer to 15,000 grams.

Keep one thing in mind, the higher will be breathability rating the more expensive will be the jacket.

Special features for jackets

There are several other special features, or you may say add-ons that you should look before purchasing a pullover snowboarding jacket. Some of the add-ons are as follows:

Special features for jackets

1. Hood: Most of the pullover snowboarding jackets available in the market are equipped with hoods. But some have detachable hoods which can be removed if required. So look for the jackets with detachable hoods so that you can take it off on mild days to increase comfort level while snowboarding. On the other hand, if you will purchase jackets with hoods, you may feel warm during snowboarding.

2. Storm Flap: Storm Flap is another name for a front zipper cover. As we all know that Zippers have a lot of gaps & so it is quite easy for the moisture to enter the jacket through the Zippers. The Storm Flap successfully covers the front zipper, which in short prevent water and wind from entering the jacket while snowboarding.

3. Pit Zipper: It is another feature that you should look for before purchasing a pullover snowboarding jacket as Pit Zipper help manage your body heat. The Pit zipper is basically located near your armpits, and it allows releasing heat from the portion to make you feel comfortable.

4. Wrist Closure: Wind closure comes along with pullover snowboarding jackets, and they are meant to fight against wind and water and do not allow them entering your arms. As we all know that during snowboarding, the arms and wrists can get cold, making your snowboarding difficult. However, the Wrist closure will avoid the cold to enter the arms and wrists.

Best pullover snowboarding jacket of 2022

With countless numbers of snowboarding jackets available in the market, it is not easy to choose the right one. So, to help you in making the right decision, here we are going to give a list of the best snowboarding jackets available in the market. You can purchase these jackets without even a single thought.

Burton Covert Insulated Jacket

Burton's snowboarding jackets are the best jackets available in the market as Burton is one of the rarest manufacturers that understand their customer's needs. The products manufactured by Burton are of the utmost quality. The best example of Burton's jackets is Covert insulated jacket which offers numerous little touches that are most appreciated by experienced snowboarders.

Covert insulated jackets from Burton come with a helmet compatible hood, built-in pocket for goggles, and removable waist gaiter. Burton has manufactured the jacket using breathable, waterproof fabrics and the jacket includes insulation which has been created using 40-percent recycled material. The insulation that Burton has used in the jacket is thicker at the back and on the chest than it is on the arms. The insulation provides a high degree of mobility keeping the boarder's core warmer.

Burton has designed its Cover jacket keeping in mind that it won't go out of fashion until next season arrives. The pullover snowboarding jacket is available in an array of patterns and colors, including gray, red, sky blue and camo.

Helly Hansen Elevation Shell 2.0 Jackets

Helly Hansen is another pullover snowboarding jackets manufacturer in the market which has a history of manufacturing outdoor gear for the snowboarders that can be used in a wide variety of weather conditions. The Elevation Shell 2.0 jacket manufactured by Helly Hansen is just amazing when it comes to quality and features. The jacket comes equipped with all the features that a snowboarding jacket should include these are 'wind and waterproofing, a helmet-compatible hood, powder skirt, wrist gaiters and an internal goggle pocket.'

Besides all these features, the pullover snowboarding jacket also has some unique touches that make it stand out from the rest of the jackets available in the market. The Elevation Shell 2.0 jacket has an Aerogel insulation lined pocket which helps the batteries in the electronic devices to stay longer and avoid failing in cold temperatures. Besides this, the jacket also has a built-in insulated vest which has been designed to keep the core of the snowboarders warm in colder conditions while snowboarding at the mountains which will ultimately make them stay longer at the high slopes.

The pullover snowboarding jacket manufactured by Helly Hansen also helps to keep snowboarders safer during backcountry snowboarding. It comes equipped with an integrated Recco reflector that is mostly used by search teams and rescuers to locate the lost riders at the time of emergencies.

The North Face Free Thinker Jacket

There are only a few pullovers snowboarding jacket manufacturer in the market that understands the basic needs of the snowboarders while at the mountains and slopes and the North Face is one of those jacket manufacturers. The company has pretty much good knowledge of what a rider expects from a jacket and the company has used its knowledge in its Free Thinker jacket. The jacket has all the technical features that a snowboarder could expect from a premium pullover snowboarding jacket.

The jacket has been manufactured using integrated Gore-Tex fabric, and the jacket is windproof and waterproof. Being windproof and waterproof, it is lightweight and breathable; it makes it the best pullover jacket for snowboarders. Also, the jacket has two pockets for goggles while most of the jackets in the market have only one of them. Other features of the jackets include a 'snow skirt, a helmet-compatible hood, underarm vents, and an internal media pocket complete with a headphone port'. The jacket is the best fit for the riders who are on slopes most of the days in stormy weather conditions.

How to enhance the durability of your pullover snowboarding jacket As we all know that wearing a pullover snowboarding jacket is the necessity for the riders to escape cold and other unwanted situations, we must also keep in mind that one must provide good handling and better care to the wearable to enhance the durability of your pullover snowboarding jacket.

Though the pullover snowboarding jackets are made from a durable and strong material, we must take proper care of the wearable so that it can be used at the required time.

Avoid mishandling

If you want to get the most out of your pullover snowboarding jackets, always handle it with proper care. Like leaving it somewhere while taking a break or throwing it in the air while completing your tasks during your ride will not only make the jacket dirty, but it can damage your expensive jackets.

Though good company pullover snowboarding jackets come with proper warranty coverage, still we should maintain a good habit of taking good care of our jacket so that it remains in good condition even after the warranty expires.


Provide proper cleaning and maintenance to the jacket will also add up to the durability of the snowboarding jacket. We all know that we use pullover snowboarding jackets while riding at slopes and mountains, and it faces harsh conditions while snowboarding. Sweating and dirt are the most common things that the jacket can easily catch during the snowboarding. Therefore proper cleanliness is required from inside to increase the lifespan of the jacket. To properly clean the jacket from both inside and outside, snowboarders must remove all the removable parts of the jacket and clean them thoroughly. Try to wash each piece separately so that it can be cleaned in the best possible way. Also, never use harsh chemicals or harsh detergents to clean them.


While these are the best pullover snowboarding jackets available in the market, always know your needs before making the final decision. Now you know the importance of wearing the snowboarding jacket and things to consider when buying a jacket. Keep one thing in mind that whether you are a beginner or a pro snowboarder, wearing all your accessories, including jackets, helmets, glasses, etc. is the primary concern before going for a ride. Snowboarding is an extremely physical activity and it requires protection before you can step out your home with your board.

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