Skiing v/s Snowboarding – Advice on How to Choose your Snow Sport

Aug 02, 2021

As the winter sets in every year, most of us tend to stay back indoors, turn on the TV or video games and cuddle on the couch. But have you ever thought of going outside and enjoy the actual flavor of the season?

There are a lot of winter sports which you can try to turn your winters a lot more exciting. Participating in these snow sports also gives you a chance to exercise. Along with this, you also get to breathe in the fresh air, build endurance, muscle mass, and attain body balance. Some of the popular winter sports that you can indulge in are ice skating, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling, etc.

A few differences

When it comes to skiing v/s snowboarding, most of the time, we see that it is a common arguable topic; choosing one can be tough as both are exciting, adventurous, and a great form of a leisure sport. Some find skiing easier, while others have the opinion that snowboarding is the best. You will never come across a neutral answer as to which one you should go for as each of them has its own set of positive and negative points. Ask yourself whether you want to speed down the Piste putting on a pair of skis or prefer tackling ramps on a snowboard. Here is a glimpse of what to expect in each when your concern is about skiing v/s snowboarding:

Snowboarding: As a snowboarder, you need a lot of determination at the beginning of the learning journey. It is required to balance on the board, control the edges, stop, and learn how to turn. Being a snowboarder, you should not expect to stand and slide on the board initially.

Skiing: If speed is what you are looking for, then skiing is the right sport you should pick. Skis are known to run faster and smoothly over the snow than snowboards. Racing down steep and packed powder is far more popular amongst skiers than snowboarders.

Whenever you find yourself stuck with skiing v/s snowboarding, always ask what you are looking for and decide accordingly. Both the snow sports are similar to that of driving a car. In the case of car driving, you have to learn how to share the road, whereas, in the snow sports case, it is the trail. It also involves keeping a watch at the other snowboarders and skiers to avoid collisions and injuries. Otherwise, you may end up rushing for the snowboarding repair.

A few differences between skiing & snowboarding

1. Body Position:

Skiing: When we talk of skiing v/s snowboarding, skiing is comparatively considered to be much easier as here, each leg moves independently & you move in the same direction as your feet. The view of the slopes, in this case, is much better than that of a snowboarder.

Body Position

Snowboarding: Since in snowboarding, both the feet are attached to a single board, it takes some time to balance. Also, in snowboarding, you don't face the slopes, which make it difficult; you need to be more aware.

2. Equipment:

In the comparison of skiing v/s snowboarding, beginners find it is easier to walk with boots for snowboarding as compared to ski boots. Another plus point is, in case of snowboarding, you have only a single board to carry, whereas, in the case of skiing, there are two skis and two poles; carrying all four of them is a challenge before you reach the spot. But then, the poles of the skiers help them to push themselves easily through the snow on the flat part of the mountains.

3. Lifts:

Skiing: Using lifts can be difficult for beginners. The skis don't need to be unclipped on a lift, thus making it much more comfortable to carry them.

Snowboarding: For the snowboarders, using the lift can be challenging as they have to ride with one foot unclipped. They don't have the poles that can help them in moving.

4. Fitness Factor:

Though our prime concern is skiing v/s snowboarding, ultimate fitness is required in both cases that helps you to stay in shape.

 Fitness Factor

Skiing: When it comes to skiing, a lot of pressure is felt on your legs, especially the thighs. Hence, before you start skiing, it is advised that you train your leg muscles accordingly by cycling or indulging in similar exercises.

Snowboarding: In the case of snowboarding, the overall strength is required, especially when you need to turn and balance as the upper part of the body. For this, you can try simple crunches to focus on your abdominal muscles and lower back. It helps you to attain proper balance and prevent injury. Paddle-boarding also offers a good workout. Remember that the chances of falling hard are high in the case of snowboarding. Hence, you must be in proper shape.

5. Comfort:

If you are a comfort lover, then snowboarding is the right pick. Also, it is better that you stay away from skiing boots as they aren't comfortable, especially when you are walking around here and there, unlike the snowboard boots. Another comfortable factor of snowboarding is you need to carry only the board with you.

6. Injuries:

When you consider skiing v/s snowboarding, you should be mentally prepared in either case, at least initially to face injuries.

Skiing: You might feel that having your legs separated minimizes the chances of falling, but there is yet another risk of injuries caused during the twisting moves. It is also not very good for your knees and might cause a problem with time.

Snowboarding: Here, since both your feet are attached to the board, the chances of injuries during snowboarding are higher compared to a skier. Some of the common parts where you can expect injuries as a snowboarder are ankle, shoulder, and wrist.


In the skiing v/s snowboarding discussion, irrespective of whichever you choose, make sure you have the right gear that fits you correctly. The boots and bindings should be of the right size for your feet before you step out on the slopes. Helmets and goggles are a must for both the snow sports to provide you the required protection for your head and eyes.

Don't forget to check the size before purchasing any gear; a proper fitting snowboarding gear women make your snowboarding experience great. For snowboarding, you need knee pads and elbow pads. You can look out for the skiing and snowboarding gears on the Amazon website that offers quality products at affordable prices.

It is always recommended that you take proper training for both sports before you take off. It can save you from the initial frustration and also from getting hurt. Whenever you need to decide between skiing and snowboarding, always choose the one that helps you to enjoy yourself while having a great time with your loved ones.

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