Snowboarding Jumping – Master it Right to Avoid Injuries

Aug 04, 2021

Snowboarding Jumping is one of the most exciting sports for everyone. It is not just done by professionals, but beginners can also advance their skills by practicing and balancing the snowboard jumping tricks. There is no way to advance as a rider without pushing yourself to tackle a bag of tricks within your comfort level. However, before attempting new maneuvers, always study the takeoff and landing tricks perfectly. Also, snowboarding requires a healthy dose of confidence before getting into any snowboarding tricks.

Are you a snowboard enthusiast who wants to learn Snowboard jumping tricks before going for south lake tahoe snowboarding? If yes, here we will help you by providing some easy tricks that make your whole experience on terrain more enjoyable. The first thing is you need to learn how to ride a snowboard confidently; this will make you a far better rider while increasing the ability for board control. To master this exhilarating task, first, you need to start with the following basic tricks:

  • Ollies
  • Manuals
  • Butters
  • Ground 180s

All these snowboarding tricks here will be a good foundation to advance levels of snowboarding. Each trick here will help you to learn bigger tricks easily and comfortably. Without wasting much time, let's start learning the standard jumping tricks by following the steps to advance your snowboarding skills.

How to perform basic snowboarding tricks without getting any injury?


Snowboarding Jumaping Ollies

An Ollie is the most basic snowboarding Jumping trick. It is a great way to learn how to be comfortable airborne; you can also learn jumping obstacles such as rocks and roots through this Ollie technique.

  • To start the Ollie, point your Snowboard in the direction and get up at moderate speed by bending your knees and applying a little pressure to your front foot.
  • Push the snowboard forward, sliding it beneath you and balancing your hips above the tail.
  • Once you are in the air, re-center your weight over the snowboard. Lift the nose off the ground and spring up off the tail, landing evenly on both feet.
  • Now start adding the weight to your front foot. Once your weight is shifted slightly backward, it will help you get your board underneath you.
  • Keep practicing until you feel comfortable. It will help you to get more flex and more height out of your Ollie.


Snowboarding Jumaping Manuals

The manual is one of the most basic and easiest snowboarding Jumping tricks to set you up for learning other more complex tricks. Manuals are also known as nose presses or tail presses or wheelies that are derived from the skateboarding terminology. Manuals are easy to perform, but it requires a bit of balance. You can balance on either the tail or the nose of the snowboard when you ride.

  • To learn this trick, crouch down slightly on your back leg to raise the nose off of the snow.
  • And your back leg should be bent & your front leg should now be straight by keeping your balance in this position.
  • Now lower the nose of the snowboard back down.
  • Practice this until you feel comfortable to improve your riding balance.
  • You can also do the nose manual by shifting your weight onto your front foot and lift up the tail of the board with your back foot and balance it on the nose.
  • Once you are confident doing manuals, you can move for other trickier tricks.


Snowboarding Jumaping  Butters

After completely learning Manuals, it is better to learn Butters. Butters refer to some ground tricks like nose roll, tripod, bagel, and pretzel that come with a lot of pressing, spinning, and switch riding. Buttering is one of the best stepping stones for freestyle snowboarding. With Buttering, we can perform a series of spins.

  • Start Buttering by shifting your weight over the tail of the snowboard to lift the nose off the ground.
  • Now, hold the position with the nose of the snowboard slightly off the ground by twisting your torso and rotate your arms.
  • Start the rotation in your most comfortable direction and rotate your upper body a full 180 degrees with the help of the tail of the board.
  • Now shift your weight back over the center of the board and Practice 180-degree butter in a switch stance and ride away.
  • Also, try rotating a full 360 degrees with your knees bent and weight balanced.

Ground 180s

Ground 180 is the easiest spin trick to learn on a snowboard from both your normal stance and switch stance by performing Frontside and backside 180s. There are a lot of different 180s to perform on the ground, off jumps, jibs, and grabs. By learning 180s, you can also have a foundation to learn 360s, 540s, etc. So, grab the best freestyle snowboards or the one that suits your style the best and follow the below-enlisted tricks!

Snowboarding Jumaping Ground 180s

  • Set up your heel edge with the snow & start the windup movement.
  • Initiate your heelside turn by keeping your back straight and bend at the knees.
  • Now, rotate until you are riding the opposite way down the slope, which is a switch stance.
  • Using your heel edge, turn back to your regular riding stance, and complete your first Frontside 180.
  • Practice doing these 180s both from normal to switch and switch to normal then move onto backside 180s.


Snowboarding Jumping in terrain gives an exhilarated feeling for snowboard enthusiasts. By following the Snowboard jumping tricks, you will feel comfortable and make your time on the mountain much more enjoyable. With a lot of practice, these tricks will form the foundation for more complex tricks.

However, there is always a risk of injury while doing snowboard jumping because all the snowboarding tricks involve an aggressive and precisely timed sequence of movements. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced snowboarder, you should take preventive steps to minimize the risks. By using the best skiing gloves, goggles, strong boots, knee guards, wrist guards, etc., you can prevent injuries while performing snowboard jumping tricks in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. You can buy all the snowboarding accessories from Amazon at affordable prices.

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