Snowboard Manufacturers – Classic and New Names on the Block

Aug 06, 2021

Snowboarding is becoming highly famous each year. There were only a few manufacturers of the snowboard when this snow sport first evolved. But nowadays, several snowboarding manufacturers from all around the world are in the business of snowboard manufacturing. Over the years, the popularity and growth of snowboarding have resulted in a big expansion in the number of snowboard manufacturers and brands.

With various choices available, it would be a very difficult task for a new snowboarder to find out which brand produces the best quality board that can be easily stored in snowboarding car racks. And which company is just trying to make some quick money. However, it doesn't mean that there is no genuine board manufacturer. To choose the best snowboard manufacturing company, you need to go through their reviews and their work portfolio to get a better knowledge of them. If you are not sure which manufacturers you should choose from, then here is the list of the best snowboard manufacturers.

Best Snowboarding Manufacturers in the Industry

1. Burton: Burton is one of the most famous manufacturers since 1977. They are known for manufacturing the best snowboards and other accessories and apparels at affordable prices. Their snowboards come with really cool graphics and premium trimmings. From cutting edge technology to innovative graphics, Burton produces the most advanced and comprehensive line-up of best-in-class boards, boots, bindings, clothes, helmets, accessories. It makes Burton the best supplier of snowboard and snowboarding accessories.

Snowboarding Manufacturers Burton

2. Lib Tech: Located in Washington, Lib Tech has been manufacturing snowboards from the last 30+ years. Skate Banana Snow Board made by Lib Tech has won the SIA award. Lib Tech is a U.S company that makes both all-mountain freeride and freestyle snowboards. Each year engineers create contours, new shapes, flexes, constructions and blends. From the starting stage to end, the process of building snowboard is properly controlled using high tech and sustainable materials. They offer free test rides to their customers. Hence, you can easily test the board before purchasing it. Lib Tech's innovative snowboard designs help riders to improve their snowboarding experience.

Snowboarding Manufacturers Lib Tech

3. Arbor: Arbor is one of the popular and trustworthy snowboarding product manufacturers preferred by most of the advanced snowboarders all around the world since 1995. It has been committed to the environment and craftsmanship, in manufacturing the world's best skateboarding and snowboarding products for over 20+ years. The company started with the aim of creating high-quality and sustainable products without compromising the overall experience and performance. Arbor is famous for using sustainably sourced bamboo or wood and Power Ply technology. Most of the professional snowboarders preferred using Arbor built snowboards for their snowboarding trip.

Snowboarding Manufacturers  Arbor

4. Rossignol: It is one of the biggest snowboard companies that manufacture bindings, boards, and technical outerwear since 1907. Rossignol has been manufacturing and designing equipment for snow and ski lovers for over 100 years. The history of Rossignol's can be traced through hundreds of medals and dozens of athletes. Rossignol makes quality gear for women, men, and young riders of all abilities. They have a huge selection of backpacks for snowboarding, bindings, boots, helmets, boards, and other accessories. They started snowboard production in 1987. Rossignol provides a different variety of snowboards, offering riders of all ages for any style they are looking for – backcountry or freestyle.

Snowboarding Manufacturers Rossignol

5. K2: K2 is a ski company which has been in snowboarding product manufacturing industry for more than 50 years. In the year 1990, the company entered the snowboarding market. Unlike several other snowboarding companies which tried hard to enter the snowboard market, K2 applies its experience to produce top-quality skis, award-winning snowboards and other quality snowboarding products. This Seattle-based company has built up some of the famous bindings, boots, snowboards and gear in the industry.

Snowboarding Manufacturers K2

6. Capita: Launched 16 years ago in the Pacific Northwest, Capita is dedicated to sustainability and efficiency; they believe in Everything Is Possible. This snowboard manufacturing company has grown from a small movement to one of the front-running snowboard manufacturers in the world. They are famous for using 100% biodegradable top sheets, recycled ABS sidewalls and earth-friendly inks in their snowboard. With the help of their creativity and progressive engineering, Capita snowboards deliver high performance while maintaining power through each turn and dominating the present riding environment. Supreme craftsmanship, top quality material, and versatility play an important role in making Capita one of the top snowboard manufacturers in the World.

Snowboarding Manufacturers Capita

7. GNU: Headquartered in Washington state, GNU is one of the first handmade snowboard manufacturers in the United States since 1977. It was first started by Mike Olson, but now it is owned by Mervin Manufacturing – the biggest snowboard manufacturer. They have maintained its old-school hardcore style and make snowboards at affordable prices. GNU uses environmental-friendly materials to manufacture their snowboards. GNU is a passion-driven company, famous for providing top-notch, highly innovative and outrageous snowboards with bold graphics, mainly designed to conquer the mountains. They offer special attention to craftsmanship and detail.

Snowboarding Manufacturers GNU


Finally, you are very much aware of the best snowboarding Manufacturers available in the market right now. If you want high quality or handmade snowboard for your next snowboarding trip, then you should choose any of the manufacturers as mentioned above without any second thought. Also, visit Amazon for snowboarding accessories from top snowboarding product manufacturers and get great offers on several products easily.

Make it certain that you are not compromising on the quality of the products and always buy it from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. Nowadays, many brands are producing separate snowboarding accessories for kids. So, if you are taking your children along with you for the next skiing trip, buy them the best kids' snowboard goggles from the top manufacturers. By doing so, the gear will last for long & you and your kids will be able to enjoy your snowboarding trip without any problem.

So, what are you waiting for? Always choose your snowboarding gear manufacturer wisely.

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