Snowboarding Movies – Your Guide to the Frosty Environment

Aug 06, 2021

Snowboarding is a sport that attracts many people around the world. However, some people get confused between skiing vs. snowboarding. They spend their most precious time thinking about differentiating these snow sports rather than going for it. In this article, you would come to know about the best snowboarding movies.

These snowboard movies include all the aspects of snowboarding, from its stunning snowboarding history, trails the sporting action, the highs and down-moments, the legends and also the emotional rollercoaster. By watching these movies, you would come to know about the life of the top snowboarders and how they start their journey to be on the top. For all the beginners, watching some fantastic snowboarding movies before going for snowboarding is the best way to get more inspiration and motivation from them.

The great cinematography and action shots would surely keep you on the edge of the seat and leave you speechless. If you want to feel the maximum potential, then you should watch them on the large screen. As the latest technologies and new equipment are being used behind the movie creation, you would get access to some top collection of the snowboarding art for sure.

Here's our pick of the best snowboarding movies you can watch with your family members right now itself.

Apocalypse Snow

Apocalypse Snow

Released in 1983 and produced by Alain Gamard, Apocalypse Snow movie is one of the best snowboarding movies to watch with your friends and relatives. The filming location is in Les Arcs, France. If you haven't watched this movie yet, then you are missing out a big thing in your life. Apocalypse Snow has been the first film only focus around snowboarding. It features the old-school jumps, play, snowboarding tricks and backcountry maneuvers. You can also watch this movie to know how far snowboarding has finally come. This movie is all about Regis Rolland (Main cast) who is pursued by monstrous mono skiers who are after his great snowboarding skills.


This move was launched in the year 2010 and produced by Teton Gravity Research. The Deeper movie was cast by Jeremy Jones. If you are looking for some good motivation and inspiration before going to the top skiing destination, then this film would give you the perfect feeling of the exciting snowboarding adventures. It brings split boarding into the scene. The movie shows the difficulties, storms, cold, and hikes faced by snowboarders to achieve their main goal. You would surely get an up-close experience, making you feel like it is happening in real life than on a large screen. It is a wonderful film to watch on your weekends with your friends.

The Blizzards of AAHHH'S

The Blizzards of AAHHH'S

This movie is an interesting one pulled out from the classics for viewers. It was released in 1988 and directed by Greg Stump. It is a one-hour documentary which reveals the right definition of intense snowboarding back in the 80s. The movie is packed with great snowboarding action on some of the thrilling snowboarding trails of the world by Mike Hattrup, Glen Plake and Scot Schmidt. It is a nice movie to watch for those people who wants to become a snowboarder in the coming future.

That's it That's all

The movie That's it, That's all came before the release of ‘The Art of Flight'. The movie was released in the year 2008 and produced by Red Bull. If you prefer watching only fascinating snowboarding action, then you need to watch it without any second thought. This movie is fully packed with fascinating snowboarding action and features Travis Jones and all his team members. The team of Travis Jones started venturing into the Chancy and untouched snowboarding terrain of Alaska. This movie took two years of production in the quality definition.

Let it Ride, The Craig Kelly Story

Snowboarding is not about accolades and stardom. This movie reveals the life and style of Craig Kelly in 1-hour 30-minute biopic; he was one of the historically snowboarding legends. The movie was launched in the year 2006 and produced by Marc S. Greiner. In 1980, Kelly surprised the entire world by giving up everything, including name & fame, contracts and the title to follow his passion and goal of life. Unfortunately, he met his death in 2003 & it was very shocking news for his fans worldwide. Craig Kelly, Jake Burton, James Hetfield and Terje Haakonsen are the main cast of the movie.

The art of Flight

The art of Flight

This popular snowboarding movie was launched in the year 2011 and produced by Red Bull. The movie is full of twists, full of life, various challenges, high action and mishaps, but everything ends perfectly. You would watch a bold new snowboarding dimension. If you are still facing issues while going for snowboarding, then this documentary is perfect for you to learn how to overcome any obstacles on your way. You will get to know about the newly discovered trails and tricks & the best ways of surmounting the fatal risks of snowboarding. You are going to appreciate and like the scenic backdrop of the Snow Mountains. The filming location is of USA, Canada and Chile.


Finally, you can check out the above mentioned best snowboarding movies in your free time. These movies mainly stretch our horizons to see beyond the small snowboarding world that we are aware of. They take us far to the new level of skills that we are yet to learn. These movies are an incredible source of inspiration and knowledge for all the viewers. These movies are not only for entertainment purposes but also bring the potential and desire in you. Make sure you are not missing any of the afore-mentioned movies and get the best lesson and knowledge from them. Also, when you visit for the best snowboarding in New Hampshire, you buy all the snowboarding gears from Amazon at affordable prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Start watching snowboarding movies and plan your snowboarding trip now!

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