Tips to Choose Snowboarding Jackets

Aug 01, 2021

Do you have summer vacations? Are you planning a snowboarding trip? If yes, then you need to understand that staying warm and dry in the mountains is crucial to have an enjoyable trip. Nothing can ruin your trip than wearing a jacket that can't protect you from cold weather and snow.

For snowboarders, a high-quality snowboarding jacket that can protect from cold winters and snow is the most important gear among the other snowboarding equipment women. However, with countless numbers of snowboarding jackets for toddlers and adults available in the market, it is not easy for the new snowboarders to choose the right one. To make things easier for you, here are some important tips you should follow before investing your hard-earned money in snowboarding jackets.

How to choose Snowboarding Jackets?

Understand the difference between types of jackets: Snowboarding jackets are categorized based on their construction. There are three main types of jackets : Hardshell, Softshell, and Insulated Jacket.



Hardshell is also referred to as an uninsulated shell jacket. It is the best jacket that you should wear during snowboarding as their outer shell tends to be windproof and waterproof, but the trade-off is having very less breathability than any softshell jacket. These jackets are specially designed to keep you dry; their ability to do so depends on the layered clothing you wear underneath them, temperature and humidity.

For instance, if you are snowboarding in the rain, then you will probably get wet from your sweat. And if you skip layered clothing, then the cold weather will freeze your body. So, make sure you check the weather conditions of the place where you are going for snowboarding before buying this jacket. From the above facts, we can say that this jacket is ideal for cold weather but not for wearing in the rainy season mixed with snow.


The softshell jackets feature stretchy and soft fabrics, making them ideal for skiing and climbing. They are warmer and highly breathable. They are not waterproof but have some water-resistant properties. These jackets will keep you dry by wicking sweat from lower layers to the outer layer where it spreads out and evaporates. If you are planning to buy an inexpensive jacket, but you are on a tight budget, then you should go for softshell jackets only. These jackets are perfect for sunny and warm days, making them a perfect snowboarding jacket for all the snowboarders worldwide. For all those people who are living in places where the weather is pleasant, they should go for softshell jackets.

Insulated Jacket

If you are going to ride in the heavy winter places or you get cold easily, then you should consider an insulated jacket. These insulated jackets come in two categories: synthetic fill jackets and down jackets. Synthetic insulation uses materials like Thinsulate and Primaloft. It is good for those areas which are often wet and bitter cold, such as the Midwest and the Northeast.

Insulated Jacket

Down jackets use either duck down or goose for insulation to save from the cold temperatures. Down insulation is valued for its great packability and great warmth-to-weight ratio. These jackets are lightweight and easy to compress while keeping you warm.

However, the only drawback of the down jackets is that it can lose its insulating properties once it gets wet and not a good option for humid climates. It is a great choice for riding in dry areas such as Wyoming and Colorado. It is better to understand that the selection between these types would be based upon your body temperature.


Most jackets come with a thin coating of DWR material to repel water so it can't easily settle and soak in, compromising breathability as well as water resistance. Make sure you are going to buy only water-resistant jackets as melted snow can make your jackets or clothing wet and heavy. And it is the easiest way to get cold. As a result, it will ruin your snowboarding trip.

Jacket with Pockets

If you are going to buy snowboarding jackets, then you should choose the jacket with pockets only. A jacket that contains a lot of pockets would help you to store and carry your items with you without any issue. For example, you would like to carry snowboarding goggles women or an iPod with you while going snowboarding. With the help of pockets, you would be able to store your things in it easily.

Jacket with Pockets

Focus on Quality

The quality should be at the top of your priority whenever you are going to purchase snowboarding jackets. Most of us only focus on price while buying any items on the market and are ready to compromise on the quality of the products. You should never commit these mistakes and always give more importance to the jacket quality. If your jacket is of top quality, then it would give you higher protection while snowboarding. The low-quality jackets not only create problems but also you would never feel comfortable with them.

Moreover, they won't last for a long time & you have to invest again in a new jacket.

Well Insulated

Insulated jackets are designed to provide you protection against cold and wind during snowboarding. It would help you in retaining your body heat and helps in keeping your body warm. Hence, it is recommended to choose snowboarding jackets with proper insulation. Also, don't forget to choose between the type of insulation you want in your jacket. Down insulation works best in dry areas, whereas synthetic insulation works best for snowboarding in the rainy season.

Warmth of Jacket

The warmth of your snowboarding jacket is vital if you want to enjoy your trip without any trouble and have a perfect time at the time of snowboarding. Make sure you are picking a jacket which would help you in keeping you warm regardless of the weather conditions of the place. You can also wear a base layer under your jacket to protect yourself from cold. If you are feeling too warm, then you can unzip your coat.


At last, you are finally aware of the helpful tips which can help you in choosing the best snowboarding jackets for yourself. However, when buying the best snowboarding jacket women, you should focus on the quality of the jackets rather than the price, looks, and design. You can buy Burton's snowboarding jackets or check out the high-quality snowboarding jackets from Amazon at affordable prices. They have a collection of top quality jackets in various sizes and designs for you. The jackets would be cheaper and would help you in saving some money for sure. So, make sure your chosen jacket is fully comfortable to you and would always keep you warm.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a new snowboarding jacket right now!

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