What is Snowshoeing?

Aug 08, 2021

As snow sports are attracting a huge number of people from all around the world, mountains are not just for skiing or snowboarding. Hence, start this winter with a great activity that is a perfect alternative for skiing or snowboarding - Snowshoeing. It is an easy sport for everyone, and a fantastic way to kick starts an adventure hiking. It keeps you active, learns faster, and also an affordable sport.

If you are wondering what is snowshoeing, you are at the right place. It a class of hiking that involves walking over the snow while wearing the footwear only. Snowshoeing is not a new sport because we have the evidence and facts on the existence of snowshoeing dating back to 4000-6000 years ago. However, at that time, it was not called a Snowsport. For many centuries together, snowshoeing was an activity performed in the remote mountains by the traders. Even the nomads used the snowshoes for the survival by traveling from the wilderness and inaccessible areas to the different parts during harsh winters.

Now, for many people, snowshoeing is their hobby or an adventure activity to explore snowy areas. Along with hiking, mountaineering, and snowboarding, even snowshoeing has become trail running. The athletes and experts relatively consider this as an accessible sport because it does not need any prior experience or learning. Also, many trainers and sports enthusiasts snowshoe to understand the landscape of the powdery snow regions. It is an excellent way to practice while you climb remote snow areas.

Most people are willing to perform snowshoeing because it is a safe sport. There may be hidden obstacles, but other than that, there is nothing to be equipped with this activity. The hidden barriers may include rocks, ice, and roots that are not hazardous or cause any damage. But when you climb Slides, you must take someone with you such as your friends or any experienced hikers. Because of the descending slopes, it might become a potential challenge for you to climb without any help. Here is an article for you to understand the insights of snowshoeing.

What is the equipment required for Snowshoeing?

What is Snowshoeing?

There are certain essential things necessary for snowshoeing. People who do not know what is snowshoeing most often are not equipped or prepared for the activity. For the same reason, they discontinue or become seemingly tired in the entire activity. Here is a list of things you must carry it along with you while snowshoeing.

What do you need for snowshoeing?

Snowshoes: First and the most priority thing one may require is snowshoeing boots. Regular shoes or boots will not help you to go further in the mountains. Pick the dedicated snowshoes designed for climbing purposes only. If you have the proper shoes, most of the work is done.

Hiking Boots: These are specially made for snowshoeing. You can attach the boot part to the snowshoes that have thick soles and made of rubber or leather. Ensure that the layers are waterproofed and can withstand the cold.

Light backpack Snowshoeing

Wool Socks: Wool socks are ideal as they do not pull any extra moisture from the environment. Your skin will experience the same temperature. You can wear it as two layers with wool socks as the down layer and insulating sock on the upper.

Gloves: Make sure they fit right to the hand. If it is loose, you may still feel the cold. If they are too tight, you may not have the proper blood circulation. Therefore, choose what fits your hand. Wear it only with the liner gloves to avoid sweating often.

Ski Goggles: The ski gloves must have two essential features, UVA and UVB protection. During the snowfall and wind, this may help you to cross the paths easily.

Light backpack: You may even climb short distances, but a light backpack is always mandatory for snowshoeing. Carry extra gloves and boots along with the recommended energy drinks by the trainer. But do not stuff or bulk them as you climb up even the lighter ones may become heavy to carry.

GPS or Navigation Tools: There are many chargeable explorer GPS, which will help you to track the directions easily. Unless you are traveling with someone from the backcountry, you may need the navigation tool.

Trekking poles: Some people wonder if the trekking poles are worth it. Especially for snowshoeing, the trekking poles act as an advantage. They are firm and strong. Do not let you fall in the lower gravity levels.

Food and water: The distance can be long or short but carry the food and water mandatorily. You may quickly lose energy while snowshoeing. Do not bring any fried or stomach-filling foods as you cannot walk. Take something light and soft to satisfy your hunger and restore energy.

Depending on the extent of adventure, the snowshoeing equipment may differ. But if you are experiencing it for the first time or just at the beginner level, the above-mentioned things may be sufficient. What is the best time to go snowshoeing?

Food and water camping

Winter is an ideal time for snowshoeing. Many terrains have snow throughout the year. Before you choose any place, don't forget to check the snow rate in order to enjoy snowshoeing to the fullest. But if you are looking for less snowfall, then plan to go snowshoeing in spring. In this season, there will be less cold and more comfortable weather. If you're a beginner and want to experience snowshoeing, then we recommend you to choose the spring season as in winters, the weather can volatile fall and cold, which can be dangerous.

Apart from this, we suggest you hire a guide who knows the mountains in and out, especially if you're a beginner. They will help you lead the path and experience the best snowshoeing. On the other hand, if you are on an expedition or considering this to be a sporting activity, you can go for snowshoeing as a group. There are enthusiasts who will encourage your progress. They accompany you for a great adventure.


There are many ways to consider snowshoeing as an annual activity. People who want to stay in shape even during the winter vacation perform snowshoeing as an exercise. As a basic fitness model, it is part of the low-impact aerobic exercise. You can also find people who have migrated or moved for a job or study from Asian countries also snowshoe for the excellent adventure and social activity.

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