Tips to Buy Hand Warmers

May 03, 2022

Winters are the time when the need for warmth for your body is highly essential while you are out for some activities. The thing that would keep you moving against the harsh cold weather and the chilly breeze is a thin layer of insulation. However, you cannot combat the chilling cold weather with the best snowboard beanie and jacket only; you need to buy the best hand warmers.

Hand warmers are small and portable packets that are usually held in hand and generate warmth on demand for warming cold hands. Based on the heat source and type, these products can last until 10 to 13 hours. However, some of the hand warmers can also be reused.

There are many kinds of hand warmers available in the market, including battery-operated, charcoal, and air-activated, to name a few. All of them differ from each other based on the type of features and functionalities they possess. You can quickly get a pair of hand warmers that best suits your requirement and also perfectly fits your budget.

If you are confused thinking from where to get one, then the place to purchase the best hand warmers from is Amazon. You can check from the numerous product categories and select the one that can help you fulfill your need to stay warm in cold weather. However, before you go ahead, you need to know how to buy the best hand warmers. In this guide, we are going to tell a few tips to buy the best hand warmer.

Tips to consider when purchasing a hand warmer

1) The Time Factor: The first thing that you should look for in hand warmers is the time for which they can give you warmth. And at the same time, it is also a matter of consideration to go for hand warmers that don't overheat your hands as it can lead to a burning sensation, which can be irritating and distract you from your game. Some of the most effective hand warmers in the market can withstand heat for 12 hours for a single refill.

2) Control at your fingertips: You should have control over the device temperature settings. You should also be able to decide the period for which you want the hand warmer to provide you warmth. Hence, look for the best hand warmers that come with an option to turn in on and turn it off as per your needs. It not only saves power but also keeps the device handy for long term use. Most of the hand warmers come with two heat settings; you can easily choose anyone as per the required heat.

3) Flexibility: It is often observed that people get fascinated by gel hand warmers. Flexibility in the hand warmers plays an essential role in the winters for providing a quick burst of heat to raise the temperature of the body immediately. As such, the gel bars get activated with the click of a metal disk inside it and provide heat in no time. However, a major con of gel hand warmers is the period of operation. These hand warmers always fail to provide warmth for a more extended period.

4) Direct Plug-in Option: This feature is, of course, not available in many hand warmers in the market, but it is something that would be better to be searched for. When you have a hand warmer that can be plugged in directly, then you can charge them at any moment. This feature helps to reuse the product for a longer duration. It comes in handy when you are out for a more extended period.

Direct Plug-in Option

5) Compact Design: These products are only used when you are out from the comforts of your home. They should be light in weight and compact in size so that you can carry it easily. You need something that can be easily slid inside your snowboarding gloves and mittens. Many hand warmers come with adjustable hand and wrist straps, which make it convenient for the user to use it as per the needs.

6) Safety and Durability: Safety should be at the top of your priority list. So, choose the one that is safe and shockproof. Most of the top-quality hand warmers come in Aluminum housing, which makes the product durable. The ends of the hand warmers are secured with the help of silicon to make the product shockproof. It keeps the device safe even if it gets dropped. However, don’t forget to check how long do hand warmers last while purchasing.

7) Less Transient Time: The hand warmers should have a less transient time. It means that they should be able to heat up to their potential in a very less amount of time, once they are plugged in. It helps in increasing flexibility and the reliability of the product. Also, make sure they have a wide range of different temperature settings options so that you can set at your convenience.

8) Air Activated Hand Warmers: The best hand warmers in the market must be air activated. It makes the device handy for use and doesn't lead to sweating in hands. These hand warmers are often odorless. Almost all the air-activated hand warmers deliver heat from two sides. They don't need electricity to drive them; all you need to do is tear apart the packaging and shake it well. You will be able to feel the warmth from the hand warmer within a short period. They are ideal for people who are suffering from Reynaud’s & Arthritis.

Air Activated Hand Warmers

9) Single-Use Hand Warmers:  If you don’t want to spend more on these hand warmers, you can also choose from single-use hand warmers. They are very cheap and can provide you warmth for 6-7 hours after tearing apart the packaging. The temperature of these hand warmers often reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit very quickly. However, if you are going for a long trip, then experts always recommend reusable ones.

10) Multiple Usages: Hand warmers are explicitly not meant only to warm your hands and palms. However, they can be used to provide warmth to your toes, dry wet socks, supply emergency body heat, warming your sleeping bag, and many more usages. Therefore, it is highly essential to go for the one that is highly effective in doing all the things and allow you to warm up your other body parts as well.

11) Easy Activation Procedure: It is highly recommendable to go for hand warmers that can be activated very quickly when the need arrives. Many hand warmers come with LED indicators and push-button operation, which makes the device handy for use.

 Easy Activation Procedure


When performing activities like snowboarding and skiing or playing in chilly temperatures and amidst cold winds, your body craves for a warm shield that can protect and safeguard you against the freezing conditions.

In such a scenario, the most reliable equipment you will need includes the best hand warmers, goggles, gloves, belts for snowboarding, etc. You can get these products for yourself and your family at affordable rates. These products are an investment for an entire lifetime, which can go on catering to your needs of staying warm for years together. The above discussed simple yet highly effective tips and tricks can provide you with the help you need to select the best hand warmers and make a worthy investment.

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