Best Snowboarding Places in the US for Beginners

Aug 07, 2021

Undoubtedly, snowboarding is a popular activity that attracts many people from all around the world. You need to understand that the right sport can help you in bringing the right pleasure and joy when you are in the right environment. The USA is one of the dream destinations for many people who are really interested in snowboarding. If you are a beginner and trying hard to find the right snowboarding place for yourself, then there are many famous snowboarding places in the US for beginners which you need to check-out at least once in your lifetime. In this guide, we are going to give the details of the best snowboarding places in the US for starters.

Best Snowboarding places in the US for beginners

Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky

It is located an hour away from the nearest town, Bozeman. It is a perfect place for beginners who are looking to shred slopes while having many opportunities to explore the local scene. This place is home to about many bars and restaurants, several lodges and snowboard store. Big Sky allows snowboarders to explore the Andesite and Lone mountains which cover an area of about 3,500 acres. It is a perfect location for the beginners in the United States where they can learn snowboarding without any problem.

Kirkwood, California

Kirkwood California

Kirkwood is one of the best and safest snowboarding places in the United States for beginners. It covers 2,300 acres of land. It is home to four terrain parks which are perfect for snowboarders of all different levels.

All the beginners and even kids can easily learn the sport at the AdventureLand Beginner Park. Also, at the Rip Curl Playground, all the intermediate snowboarders can check out boxes, jumps and a halfpipe.

Mount Hood Meadows, Oregon

Mount Hood Meadows,

This snowboarding place for beginners is located on the wind and sunny-protected easy side of Mount Hood, Oregon. Mount Hood Meadows gets more than 400 inches of snowfall every year. It covers more than 2,000 acres of terrain to snowboard. It also features a total of 6 different freestyle terrain parks which include Forest Park, Park Place, The Zoo, Rose City Slopestyle, and Shipyard. If you are a beginner, then you would be able to find an area for yourself that suits your boarding interests and ability level.

Schweitzer, Idaho

Schweitzer Idaho

It is one of the largest snowboarding places in Idaho, covering a large expanse of 2,500 acres. The professional and advanced snowboarders can have access to the natural bowls and slides of the place. There is Stomping Grounds Terrain Park which covers a land of 50 acres and provides a variety of terrain, tabletops and rails for snowboarders of all ages. The mountain is not elevated and gets snow from the Selkirks. The snow is neither too wet nor too dry.

Breckenridge, Colorado, USA

Breckenridge Colorado

This snowboarding place provides jibs, jumps, bonks, and pipes for all the beginner snowboarders of various abilities. If you are a beginner, then you need to try the Trygve's and Bonanza terrain parks which are really nice and superb. The surrounding area is breathtaking and would make for the right spot for everyone in your friend's circle. The area is filled with trees and focused more on providing you a great experience with grades and enhancing your overall skill. It also features excellent infrastructure and fresh snow for skiers and snowboarders. There is a big opportunity for sightseeing and trekking as well.

Park City, Mountain

Park City

The Park City Mountain is located in Utah & it is a perfect choice if you are a beginner or want to go to a snowboarding destination with your family members, including your kids. It receives 350 inches of snow every year; so you do not have to bother about a lack of snow. For the beginners, there are four different parks where you can practice and enjoys snowboarding. If you are a beginner, then you would find lots of space to roam around with ease for sure. Make sure your kids have proper snowboarding baby gear to protect them from injury and cold.

Telluride, Colorado

Telluride Colorado

Telluride provides varied terrain that is ideal for beginners and advanced snowboarders. All the experienced riders can hike to the terrain of the 13,000-foot Palmyra peak whereas beginners can start practicing their skills on the slopes of Prospect bowl. The best thing about this snowboarding place is that there would be no huge crowd and beginners can do the practice without any issues. You should note that the slopes are very quiet; it means it allows you to enjoy more.

Squaw-valley, USA

Squaw valley

Squaw Valley is one of the perfect places for beginner snowboarders. It was also the host site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. You can visit beautiful mountains to explore an unlimited playground. There are beautiful parks, nice novice slopes and fantastic off-piste. You can also get good local services easily. You would experience the superb beginner areas, great trees & some highly extreme off-piste. That makes this a perfect location for advanced and beginner snowboarders who are planning for a memorable snowboarding trip. This area is also highly picturesque with more than 30 mountain peaks.

Jackson Hole, USA

Jackson Hole

It is also a great snowboarding place in the United States for beginners with several challenging terrains providing the best backcountry free riding. As a beginner, you are going to get good and very friendly local services for sure. It is a high peaked mountain resort which is located in a big valley; it is 50 miles long and 40 miles wide. If you love to experience some hard challenges, then Jackson Hole is a perfect snowboarding place for you.

This place is also offering steep section with long chutes and trees. You can go for the backcountry riding as there would be some big amount of terrain available for you to check out.


In the United States, you can learn snowboarding in many places as a beginner. All you need to do is visit the above mentioned top snowboarding places and start practicing on a regular basis. Make sure you are keeping yourself strong and equipped with snowboarding gear and top accessories and achieve great results.

The best snowboarding accessories are available on Amazon at a reasonable price. The snowboarding accessories are available in different designs and sizes. Always ensure that the product you are purchasing should be of great quality and material. For all the beginners, safety should be their first priority as snowboarding can lead to some serious injuries.
So, start your snowboard practice right now by visiting the best snowboarding place in the United States.

All the best for your beginning!

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