Oakley Snowboarding: Categories to Have a Look At!

Aug 06, 2021

Nowadays, e-commerce sites have come up with a wide plethora of snowboarding equipment like pants, jackets, gloves, helmets, and even best kids' snowboards for children. But when you visit a shop or scroll through the online e-commerce websites, you will be looking for whether there is an in-depth guide or proper brand you can choose for your shopping or not.

So, before we jump into this in-depth guide of snowboarding gear, you need to know that online shopping today has ramped up in terms of quality and variety. That is why brands such as Oakley can easily be trusted to cater to quality products for snowboarding. Although Oakley is a brand popular for its top-notch sunglasses, trust us, the Oakley snowboarding collection is equally stellar. Here is a list of categories you can hunt down over Oakley when planning your upcoming snowboarding trips.

Oakley Categories to Have a Look At

List of Oakley Snowboarding Items

Snowboarding Pants

Snowboarding pants are as important as jackets when it comes to safety and warmth while exploring the snow-clad terrains. The collection of snowboarding pants includes Sunking Biozone Shell Pants, Bib Snowboard Pants, Tucker Snowboard Pants, Insulated Pants, Ski-Shell Pants, etc. The size range of this collection ranges from Small to XXX-Large, depending upon your requirement. One thing you need to remember when purchasing your favorite snowboarding pants is the fact that the size listed on the website can vary from your actual size. That is why you need to follow the measurements written for each size and purchase accordingly.

Snowboarding Gloves

Oakley Snowboarding Gloves

Snowboarding gloves protect your hands from the harsh cold outside. Direct exposure of your skin to snow can lead to restricted blood flow, hypothermia, frostbite, etc. If you are looking for a trustworthy brand for a reliable set of snowboarding gloves, you can look through the collection of Oakley snowboarding gloves. It consists of Diamondback Fleece Gloves, Roundhouse Short Gloves, Factory 2.0 Gloves, Factory Park Gloves, Winter Gore-Tex Gloves, etc. Measure your palms before purchasing the size you require for a proper fit. You would need a glove that fits perfectly. Otherwise, the snow might enter inside, causing the moisture to settle inside. Proper fit with chains or Velcro is essential. You can find several such variants for proper fit as per your requirements.

Snowboard Jackets

With a wide collection of snowboarding winter jackets designed for men and women, you can shop for your favorite one without visiting their store. Buy from a variety of sizes, including small to XXL. With varieties of collections of men's and women's snowboarding jackets, you can purchase everything from snow shell to insulated snowboarding jackets. People also purchase Oakley's best waterproof hoodie for snowboarding. Additionally, the collection includes Biozone Insulated Jacket, Staple Snowboard Jacket, Softshell Snowboard Jacket, Hybrid Hoodie Jacket, Biozone Shell Jacket, Highline Jacket, etc. So, pick the ideal choice for your on-snow comfort with variants that cater to features, such as waterproofing, warmth, portability, etc.

Oakley Snowboard Jackets

Snowboard Goggles

One of the most popular gears housed by Oakley's snowboarding is its Goggles. Regardless of whether you require a style or proper visibility, Oakley's goggle collection always has your back. You can select from a range of men's and women's snowboarding goggles. From the extensive women's collection, you can hunt products, such as Lineminer XM Goggles, O Frame 2.0 XM Goggles, Flight Deck XM Goggles, etc. The best thing about Oakley's collection is the fact that it is available in a varying range of colors and styles with the best fit for everyone. In case you are planning a snowboarding trip with your kid, you can also get him/her their favorite snowboarding goggles, which include Line Miner Goggles, O2 Xs Goggles, etc.

Snowboard Helmets

Snowboard helmets are as important as any other snowboarding gear. It protects your head from any injury when snowboarding in the mountains. The slopes and turns can be very dangerous for beginners as well as expert snowboarders. The best way to protect your head from both cold, as well as bad falls, is to opt for a well-constructed helmet. From Oakley snowboarding collection for helmets, you can pick variants like Mod 5 Snow Helmet, Mod 3 Snow Helmet, etc.

/Oakley Snowboard Helmets

Snowboard Backpacks/Bags

A backpack is also among the crucial requirements for any snowboarding trip. You need to carry various small or big accessories for the trip that can be a handful. Having a reliable backpack allows you to ensure that your accessories and important documents like snowboarding pass are safe. You can pick a backpack that suits your requirement according to size and built under the Oakley snowboarding backpack collection. The wide variety of the collection with Oakley includes variants such as Street Backpack, Sunglass Storage Glass Case, Holbrook Cinch Backpack, Sink Backpack, Street Satchel Bag, etc.

Hats and Beanies

While you are just trying to practice on the plain terrains, you might not require a helmet to protect your head. Instead, you can try and opt for hats or beanies to keep the cold away. Also, having a hat with a light deflector at the front can help avoid direct sun glares. You can explore from the vast collection of snowboarding gears with quality and affordability all at a single place. The collection to buy from at Oakley includes a striped beanie, plain logo beanie, multi-pack headbands, latch 5-panel hat, silicon bark trucker, chips wool hat, pigeon camo hat, etc.

Snowboard Socks

If you are scrolling through important accessories that are required for a great snowboarding trip, having a nice pair of socks is a must. Properly insulated socks are important to keep you warm through the entire experience. If you have plans for an upcoming snowboarding session up in the mountains, you must hunt from the top-notch collection flaunted by Oakley. From varying sizes to beautiful bright colors, these socks will keep you warm and fluffy as you explore the real meaning of snowboarding. The collection includes college socks, Ellipse Macro socks, thermonuclear part socks, TNP socks, gradient socks, B1B socks, etc.

Snowboarding Boots

Now that you have a nice pair of socks, you must pair the same with a strong and durable set of boots that gel well with the entire surface of the snowboard. Make sure that the boot you pick fits well to the shape of your feet so that it is neither too loose nor too tight. A boot that is too tight will restrict movement while the one that is too loose will slip midway when snowboarding. Oakley snowboarding gear collection houses excellent quality boots that are light in weight and give you the best comfort and warmth during your snowboarding trip. The collection includes stride sneakers, suede lighthouse, light assault boot, leather boots, etc.

Bottom Line

When shopping for your gear at Oakley, you get a promise of quality and comfort that lasts long. Plus, the affordability you get with the Oakley snowboarding collection makes your snowboarding trip all the more memorable and insightful. So, protect and keep yourself warm and fuzzy this winter as you watch the beautiful snow glisten in the sunlight while speed takes over you en-route! However, among all, you must undoubtedly try out the best snowboarding glasses offered by Oakley. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Amazon for the best snowboarding items at affordable prices.

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