Best Skiing Harness That Will Keep Your Kids Safe

Jul 09, 2021

Skiing down the slopes and climbing up a snow-covered mountain attracts a lot of tourists from all around the world. People visit the top skiing destinations to enjoy the thrill and adventure of this awesome snow sport throughout the year. Skiing is undoubtedly the most popular winter sports.

Though skiing is not the easiest sport you can participate in, it is also not impossible to master it. People of all age learn skiing and enjoy it with great joy. Nowadays even children are participating in this sport. How cool is that? Isn't it? Tourists from different parts bring their kids to learn and enjoy this sport for fun. However, not only it allows you to have fun in the snow, but it is also beneficial for your overall well-being.

But when we are talking about children, we must also ensure their full safety. Skiing resorts have specially safeguarded areas for children to practice skiing. But is that all? No. There is a wide range of equipment which needs to be used by beginners as well as experts to stay safe and away from any injuries. And, a skiing harness is one of them. This excellent gear allows you to control the speed, direction, and other aspects of skiing when your child is with you. With the help of this item, you will be able to teach your child skiing in the most efficient manner possible. So today we will discuss with you some important reasons why you should use a skiing harness and what are the top products available.

Reasons to buy a skiing harness

As we already mentioned that when you want your child to learn and enjoy skiing, it is important that you take all the necessary precautions. Using a skiing harness is one of them. But why is it so? The use of a skiing harness allows you to control the child's speed and also aid in the teaching of the child to learn how to turn. Even though many skiing experts who do not recognize this item as so crucial, a skiing harness indeed proves to be effective in many situations. When you glide down a slope with your kid, the harness will allow you to control the speed and the direction of your skis. Many of the harnesses nowadays come with a safety handle that usually sits in between the child's shoulder blade that allows you to pick up the child if they fall down in the snow.

A skiing harness also allows your child to learn how to balance themselves in the snow. Instead of holding them or leaving them completely, you can attach a harness and instruct your child on how they can balance their weight.

Things to consider while buying a harness

For sure harnesses allow you to ensure that your child is safe. But at the same time, you will need to purchase a harness that does not hurt your child in any way. With so many different kinds of products available in the market, it can be quite confusing to choose the right product. Therefore we have mentioned some important factors which you must consider while buying a skiing harness.

Front or back clip harness

When you are purchasing a harness, the very first thing you need to check is whether you want to purchase a front or back clip harness. Usually, in the front clip versions, the harness clip is attached at the center of the child's chest. But in back clip versions, it is attached at the back or on the shoulders of the child. Consult with a skiing expert regarding which clip will be suitable for your child and make sure your child is comfortable with it as well.

Is the harness constricting

In addition to the two above mentioned harnesses, there are also harness that are usually constricting. They are attached to the child's hand or waist. It is not very often that experts recommend you to use these kinds of harnesses because they do not allow your child to move freely while skiing. So make sure to ask an expert before you purchase one these harness.

Kind of material used

The next thing which needs to be considered is the kind of material used to make a harness. Different manufacturers use a wide variety of material to make the harnesses like leather, nylon, plastic, etc. So, if you want a harness that is robust and does not tear away easily, you must check the material first.

Is extra visibility important

Even though most people do not need this feature, it is an important feature you should consider when buying ski harness. Many harnesses available in the market are made with reflective material, or tiny LED lights are fixed with them. It helps you to keep track of the direction of the harness and where your child is headed. These harnesses are helpful, especially when the weather is not good or if you plan night skiing.

So here are the top things you will need to consider while purchasing a skiing harness for your child. Now we will be reviewing the top 5 harnesses that we think are capable of delivering you the efficiency and security you need while teaching your child how to ski in the snow.

Top 5 skiing harness that you can purchase

Now that you have read about why a skiing harness is important and the important things you should consider when buying skiing harness, we will now show you the top 5 skiing harness you can buy.

1. LaunchPad Ski Training Harness

LaunchPad Ski Training Harness

The LaunchPad Ski and Snowboard Training Harness is one of the best and most affordable skiing harnesses. It is made of top-notch mesh material that provides the parents with a solid harness without they worry of any wear and tear. The materials used to make this harness offer longevity and solid performance. One of the best features of this harness is that it comes with shock-absorbing laces that help feel the child low recoil or shock while skiing.

The straps that have been attached to the harness will help you lift your child quickly and easily to make them sit on the lift or pick them up if they fall on the snow. The leashes have been attached with special elasticized material that gives more flexibility and support. The harness is lightweight, which allows your child to carry it easily effortlessly. Each of the leashes is 7 feet in length. Therefore you can maintain a safe distance between you and your child, thus allowing him/her to learn various types of skiing with ease. So if you are concerned about the safety of your child while skiing, then you can purchase the LaunchPad Ski Training Harness from Amazon.


  • Brilliant elasticized leashes
  • The straps are made of weather-resistant material
  • Lightweight and can be worn easily


  • The color tends to fade away with time

2. JAPI Kids Ski Shoulder Harness

JAPI Kids Ski Shoulder Harness

Recommended for children of ages between 4-12 years, the JAPI Kids Ski Shoulder Harness provides your child with a brilliant support and stability while skiing. You can easily hold on to the harness with the help of the shoulder strap that has been provided. The harness is easily adjustable along with the waist strap, thus allowing you to fit it perfectly around your child's shoulder without discomfort. You will be glad to know that this skiing harness is designed and made with durable nylon webbing. Therefore it helps you to provide a more durable and long-lasting harness at a value for money price. The specially designed material is resistant to water and snow and does not get wet when your child falls on the snow. The safety handle ensures that you can guide your kids easily through the snow and easily pick them up if they fall. The harness is not constricting & your child can move freely in all directions while skiing with you, thus allowing them to learn skiing with ease. You can buy this skiing harness from Amazon at reasonable prices.


  • Made of durable nylon webbing
  • Matte black finish
  • Can resist snow and water
  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit


  • The leashes are not elasticized

3. YYST Kids Ski Shoulder Harness Ski Leash

YYST Kids Ski Shoulder Harness

The YYST Kids Ski Shoulder Harness is another excellent product that you can purchase if you want the full safety of your children during skiing. The skiing harness is easy to attach. You will need to fix it to the shoulder strap and also snap the buckle to the leash as well. It will ensure that your children can move freely, but at the same time are safely secured without any further risks.

The harness is robust that allows you to control the speed of your child as he/she comes down the hill, thus preventing them from over speeding. The absorbing leash attached to the harness ensures that the children do not face the serious impact of jumping and skiing on the snow. The two layers of elastic are enough to absorb the pressure.

The skiing harness is made of heavy-duty cotton webbing that will help to keep the harness intact for a long time to come. For extra safety, there are quick-release buckles which allow enhanced safety. If you want a reliable harness, then buy the YYST Kids Ski Shoulder Harness Ski Leash from Amazon now.


  • Excellent elasticized harness sheath
  • Made of heavy-duty cotton webbing
  • Quick-release safety buckles
  • Affordable and reasonably priced


  • Buckles are made of plastic

4. MDXONE Kids Snowboard Ski Harness

MDXONE Kids Snowboard Ski Harness

If you do not want to compromise with the safety of your child, then the MDXONE Kids Snowboard Ski Harness is a premium and high-quality skiing harness you can purchase for skiing. The 9 feet static rope has been integrated with a 12 inches bungee cord that provides more elasticity and flexibility while maneuvering the harness. They also absorb most of the shock and impact brilliantly and ensure that you can control your child effortlessly. The use of the bungees also eliminates the requirement for two ropes at the same time. Just pull right or left to control your child.

The harness comes in two different modes - Y-GO and Y-TOW; Y-GO needs to be used while going downhill, whereas Y-TWO is used for flat surfaces. The training harness is designed keeping in mind the functionality and comfort level of any child that wears this harness. With the help of a retractable leash, you can now adjust the length of the leash easily with just a single push button. This skiing harness is equipped with a backpack which has two storage units and also a safety handle with which you can pick up your kid quickly and with full stability. Click here to buy this skiing harness from Amazon.


  • Retractable leash with one push
  • Backpack with storage units
  • Bungee cord integration
  • Available in two different modes


  • Much more expensive than other harnesses

5. CoPilot Ski Trainer Learn-to-Ski Harness

CoPilot Ski Trainer Learn-to-Ski Harness

The CoPilot Ski Trainer Learn-to-Ski Harness is another interesting skiing harness that helps you to teach your kid efficient skiing lessons. The harness comes with elasticized sheaths which gives you full control over your child's movement down the slope or while going flat. The harness is made out of hydrophobic polyester, which is bright in color and attractive, making it easily visible and also ensures longevity.

The elastic straps are adjustable, allowing your child to adjust it as per their comfort. The snaps and buckles are made of metal that provides even more stability and dynamic movement on the snow. They do not break off even under significant pressure. The harness also comes with a water-resistant pouch where your child can store anything important if they want.

You will be delighted to know that the harness is made of weather-resistant materials, which gives it a solid structure and helps to prevent wear and tear even if worn regularly. This skiing harness is available at Amazon at reasonable prices.


  • Water-resistant materials
  • Hydrophobic polyester
  • Metal buckles and snaps


  • No shoulder strap


So here are the best skiing harnesses that you can choose to buy for your child. All these harnesses have been tried and tested only after which we have placed them on this list. There are several products available in the market, but we think these harnesses are the one which provides the most efficient and promising results in terms of control, maneuvering, safety and longevity. Therefore you will get value for money performance from these products unhesitatingly. Make sure to read our reviews and then buy the one which seems to be the most convenient.

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