Tips to Buy Snowboard Helmet Speakers

Aug 06, 2021

Snowboarding is one of the most loved adventurous sports played all over the world. As the snowboarders move at higher speeds from noteworthy vertical drops, this increases the momentum as well as the risk factor associated. In order to deal with these vulnerabilities, you need to stay connected with the instructor throughout the game. Apart from that, while you are riding on the snow, you require some entertainment or motivation that can help you keep yourself going. A good motivational song or inspiring speech buzzing in your ears can help you to stay focused and give your best performance. Here is where the snowboard helmet speakers come to the picture.

A well-designed and quality speaker fitted in your helmet can help you to access your favorite audio files while you are riding on the snow. It will not only keep you entertained and make your game more exciting, but it can also keep you safe at all times by keeping you connected with your associates and opening your ears to regular information. As a result, you can be assured of better performance. Most snowboarders still have a lot of doubt regarding where to buy the product from. Well, the snowboard helmet speakers can be bought easily from Amazon at the most reasonable and least pocket-hurting prices.

Undoubtedly, getting a reliable and long-lasting snowboarding helmet with Audio speakers can give you better performance and positive results. However, when you choose to buy snowboarding gear, make sure that you do proper research and choose the gear that would be the best suit for your needs. If you get something blindly that doesn't fit your requirements and goals, it would lead to many problems and be a reason for discomfort in the course of the event. In this guide, we are going to tell a few tips for buying the best snowboarding helmet speakers.

Tips for purchasing snowboard helmet speakers

1) Finest Fitting Speakers: The first and foremost thing that you need to consider when buying a snowboard helmet with speakers is whether they fit well inside your helmet. Since properly fitted speakers inside your helmet have a negligible chance of falling off during the game, you can have your full concentration on the game rather than worrying about the speaker of your helmet.

Finest Fitting Speakers

2) Rechargeable Batteries: It is highly recommended to go for helmet speakers that are rechargeable. It makes the speakers last long & you can use the same for a more extended period with a single charge. The charging of the speakers should also be very flexible. It means the speakers should get recharged from the power bank you are carrying with you.

3) Good Playback Duration: When you are spending time in selecting the best snowboarding, it is obvious to go for the one that has a decent playback duration. When you have a gadget that has the right amount of playing time with a single charge, you can plug it in before the event & it would keep entertaining you till the end. Some of the best snowboard helmet speakers have a playback time close to almost 10 hours and standby time of more than 250 hours on an average.

4) Built-in Microphone: The helmet must have an integrated microphone set up so that you can easily make calls in an emergency. With the compact design, everything fits well in its place and makes it handy for you to operate as well as make the most out of it.

 Built in Microphone

5) Wireless Connectivity: Wireless connectivity is the most sought-after feature in any helmet speaker. All the snowboarders would wish to get his or her smartphones connected with the speaker using Bluetooth. No one would want to have wires hanging all around. It would not only make a move clumsy but also make the snowboarder lose attention. The speakers should also have an excellent wireless range. As per the minimum standard, it should be 2-feet.

6) The Sound Output: The output of sound from the helmet speakers must be clear & it should be able to deliver decent bass output. You should always look for the best snowboarding helmet speakers that have been well-tuned and the one that comes with 40mm drivers. All this put together would help you get precise and improved sound output.

7) Robust Design and Architecture: You should always lay your money on helmet speakers that are water and sweat resistant. The speakers should also be meticulously tested to operate fine in the temperature range of -20 degrees Celsius. The design of the speaker must be slim and compact so that it can easily fit into the helmet.

8) Carry all bells and whistles: It is at all the times recommended to go for helmet speakers that come with all the things that it might require to keep it working for a more extended period. It includes charging cables, 3.5 to micro USB converters, 3.5 mm audio control cables, and carry pouch. When you have a speaker that has all these things, you don't have to waste time looking after all the peripherals again.

 Carry all bells and whistles


Getting something that is useful and convenient at the same time is always appealing. In the same way, having a snowboard helmet that has a speaker attached to it is something that would make the ride on the snow more interesting.

No matter whether you are going snowboarding in New Hampshire or anywhere in the US, snowboard helmet speakers are an indispensable tool to keep yourself connected with the essential things. They not only help you to be focused on the game but also add to the agility. If you still don't have your pair of speakers, then it is high time to get yourself one. A simple adaptation to the new-fangled innovation will add to the comfort. Besides, you will love the way these fantastic speakers deliver sound.

We hope that the above knowledge would help you in choosing the best helmet speakers for your snowboarding sessions. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Amazon and explore a wide range of snowboarding helmet speakers to choose the one that suits you the best and make your snowboarding trip more entertaining.

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