Snowboard Protective Gear – Why You Need It and How to Use It?

May 05, 2021

One of the most common scenes of winter, adventure sporting, is a result of attraction towards winter sports capable of creating an adrenaline rush. Snowboarding has been gaining popularity over the years as a recreational sport. And there are more than 100 ski runs in the world.

While professionals know the importance of using protective gear for snowboarding when experiencing the fun and excitement of snowboarding, others tend to ignore the safety measures and overlook the risk involved in it. As a result, it leads to serious injuries.

Why You Need It and How to Use It

It is true that snowboarding is not a restricting sport and offers you the kind of freedom that most other sports do not. Firstly, it is because of the fact that the environment snowboarding is practiced in allows a lot of freedom. In addition to that, the thrill factor involved in it arouses the adventurer in you. It pushes all the limits and makes you realize your true potential.

While you reach a higher level of fun this way, it also increases the possibility of accidents and injuries. Here is where protective gear for snowboarding comes into play. This article will put light on why you should use snowboard safety gear and how to use them properly.

Why do you need to use snowboard protective gear?

Why do you need to use snowboard protective gear

Wearing safety equipment will not only save you from many injuries, but it also increases your confidence level, enabling you to enjoy the sport to the full extent. There are many kinds of safety gears available in the market. While some of them are essential, others are optional, depending on how dangerous the environment is and your skills.

  • Helmet: Using a helmet is essential & this holds true for most sporting activities. It helps in protecting your head from bumping into the snow, ice, rocks, trees, etc. while ensuring that you don't face serious head injuries. Snowboarding without a helmet can be considered even suicidal & it can't be stressed how important it is and how fatal it can be if you ignore this. If you are looking forward to buying the snowboarding full-face helmet, then click here to explore a wide range of helmets.

  • Pads: Like we already mentioned, falls are very common while snowboarding, especially if you are a beginner. It can result in various injuries to various body parts, including knees, elbows, hips, etc. Here is where pads come into play. They help in preventing bruises and injuries to your body parts. They can be a savior when you actually experience a fall. Hence, it is essential to wear knee pads and elbow pads while snowboarding.

  • Back protectors: Though these aren't considered as a part of the compulsory snowboarding protective gear as back injuries are not that common among snowboarders, if your misfortune results in one, it can be severe. So if you are only venturing into the field of adventure winter sports, it is actually advisable to get a back protector. Most of them also have shoulder padding, but it can make you uncomfortable by restricting upper body movement.

  • Wrist guards: If you are a beginner and are going to learn how to snowboard for the first time, it is very easy to fall while practicing the sport. And what we all do during a fall is we try to prevent ourselves from getting hurt by trying to stop the motion by using our hands and basically the wrists. Unfortunately, even a minor injury to the wrist can take weeks to heal. That is why it is wise to invest in wrist guards, especially if you are a beginner.

Wrist guards

  • Goggles: Almost every snowboarder wears goggles. It is a great way to ensure that you have a safe time and better visibility by keeping snow or rain or other particles like leaves and twigs out of your eyes. It also protects your eyes when you experience a fall. In addition to that, the glare of the sun can be strong, especially in snowy areas, which will not bother you if you wear snowboarding goggles. Explore a wide range of goggles here.

  • Snowboard Leash: Using a snowboard leash is a personal choice as it isn't an essential part of protective gear for snowboarding. It is basically a strap that will attach you to the snowboard via the boots and bindings. It will be helpful if you wipe out and keep your snowboard under your control.

  • Appropriate clothing: It is the most basic part of snowboarding & something everyone should take care of before plunging into the snow. Waterproof clothing is recommended as it keeps you warm and dry during falls while allowing you to focus more on your skills. Also, the weather is unpredictable, especially in the mountains & it goes without mentioning that wet clothes can make you extremely sick. Hence, adding a snowboarding waterproof hoodie, hand warmers, neck warmers, and a warm hat is essential to wear under your helmet.

You can easily access a wide range of all these safety gear from Amazon as per your requirements and taste. Not only will it offer you an array of prices that is compatible with your pocket but also help you to enjoy snowboarding uniquely.

How to use a snowboarding protective gear?

The instructions given on each safety gear must be followed before you hit the slopes. Most of them will contain an instruction manual & it should be read carefully and followed precisely before using them. Most brands also post videos and step-by-step instructions online, which you can go through if you have any doubts. If it is still not clear, write your query to them via mail or make use of the other contact details given in the manual.

One must ensure that there is no faulty or broken equipment before using it. Always choose the right size. If you wear something that does not fit you properly, it can make you feel uncomfortable. Also, it can even create minor accidents and cause injuries which contradict the use of safety gear.

It also holds true in the case of broken straps and fastenings. All this should be checked before doing the sport; in case you feel something is weird while practicing snowboarding, you should stop and check what exactly is bothering you. A key point to note here is that some safety gear does restrict your movement (mainly upper body), and this should not be understood as a misfit or problem caused by a faulty gear.

Here, it is important to cherish your snowboarding experience as one of the best activities you have performed in your life. Without proper safety measures, even if you have had the wildest day ever, an injury can lead you to hate the sport itself. Especially if you are a beginner, you wouldn't know how to handle a fall & we assure you that you will thank yourself for using protective gear as well as for using it effectively.

How to use a snowboarding protective gear


Snowboarding is a thrilling and fun-filled extreme sport that has the potential to give you the much-needed adventurous time your soul has been craving for, but with a very high-risk factor. That is why one must invest in protective gear for snowboarding and use it as per the given instructions to make your snowboarding experience happy, memorable. It is important to invest time to learn what snowboarding gear equipment is required and suits you the best before purchasing because the aim is to have a safe, exhilarating time.

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