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Aug 05, 2021

Do you have summer vacations? Do you want to go somewhere where you can get rid of this hot summer and boredom that may occur due to staying at home? If yes, then a snowboarding trip can turn out to be the best option. Not only snowboarding is full of adventure, but it also allows you to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones.

However, before you travel to the world's best skiing places, you need to understand that a snowboarding bag is an essential piece of gear. It is designed to give your board the required protection during traveling and transportation to your desired winter destinations. Snowboard bags come in a variety of types, including a backpack snowboard bag, wheeled snowboard bag, shoulder snowboard bag, padded snowboard bag, unpadded snowboard bag. These bags come in different shapes and styles. Some of the bags are even designed to carry more than one snowboard. They also have space to store other gears that would come handy on your trip.

Before you go ahead and buy the best snowboard bag, it is wise to know which bag type will suit you the best. So without wasting much time, let's discuss the types of bags available in the market and which one will be the right option for you.

Which snowboard bag is the best for you?

If you are looking for a bag that can be carried on the back, then a backpack snowboard bag is suitable for you. This bag can only carry one snowboard. So if you want to carry multiple snowboards, then this bag is not for you. You should invest in a wheeled snowboard bag.

Which snowboard bag is the best for you

If you don't want to invest more money or you don't pack your snowboard regularly, then you can also choose a shoulder snowboard bag. It comes with a padded handle and shoulder strap. You can carry your snowboard by hand or sung over the shoulder. This bag can be heavy and gets difficult to carry. So, if you are carrying several snowboards or want to pack other accessories as well in the bag, then this bag is not for you. You should invest in a padded snowboard bag.

A padded snowboard bag comes with pads to protect the snowboard while traveling via car, bus, plane, or train. It reduces the risks of superficial marks on the board like dents, scratches, etc. Padded snowboard bags are more preferred than unpadded ones as they are comfortable to carry.

If you are traveling in your own car and don't want to invest more in a snowboard bag, then you can also choose a non-padded snowboard bag. It is a bag that comes with outer cinch straps. You can keep the board and other gears in the bag and then tighten the straps at the end of the bag. These don't have added protection. This bag is suitable for those who travel by car, where the board can sit safely on the back seat or trunk.

Whichever type of snowboarding bag you choose, make sure it is durable, water-resistant, capable of withstanding all the elements of weather. Though there are countless numbers of brands of snowboard bags available in the market, it is recommended to buy branded snowboard bags. They are built to last & their straps are designed to bear the weight of your snowboard with ease.

  • Reasons why you should go for branded snowboard bags
  • Branded products give you the required peace of mind.
  • They help you save time while making a decision.
  • Brands help distinguish a product from a generic one.
  • Branded products are safe, predictable, and usually won't disappoint you.
  • Brands add value to your purchase.
  • Brands help you create a self-image.
  • Some of the popular snowboard bag brands you can trust on

There are different brands of snowboard bags you get to choose from. Not all brands offer the best quality snowboard bags. It makes it difficult to choose the right brand. So to help you out in making the right decision, here we are going to discuss some of the top brands that you can consider to buy a snowboard bag:


Founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977, Burton Snowboards expertise in making some of the best snowboards and gear, including the best gloves for snowboarding, bags, boots, bindings, etc. Their snowboard bags are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. The size can range from 129 to 181 centimeters. The company is known for manufacturing lightweight, durable bags that are great for traveling. Their wheeled bags and heavily padded bags give extra protection to the board. Two of their popular products that you will find in Amazon are:

  1. Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag: With a rating of 4.8 stars, this proves to be one of the most preferred snowboard-storing bags. This snowboarding bag provides full padded protection to your snowboard. It also features wheels that aid you to roll it through the terrain while traveling instead of carrying it on your back and getting hurt. Check out this outstanding bag from Burton on Amazon at affordable prices.

  2. Burton Gig Snowboard Bag: This is one of the fully padded snowboard bags designed to accommodate multiple boards with a zippered accessory pocket. You will find this awesome bag at Amazon for $95.85.



It is an American outdoor apparel brand that specializes in sportswear and alternative sports equipment. Since founded in Hawaii in the year 1979, the name has been derived from the Hawaiian Pidgin word da kine, which means the kind. It manufactures bags, packs, accessories, and clothing for people who love to participate in such alternative sports. When we speak of a snowboarding bag, Dakine is a well-respected brand offering simple and practical designs. Below mentioned are two of their standard products:

  1. Dakine Freestyle Snowboard Bag: The specialty of this bag is that it has a padded and tarp lined base that keeps your gear protected. The full-length zipper facilitates easy access to the items in the bag. The exterior front accessory pocket is like a cherry on the cake. Buy this Dakin bag on Amazon.

  2. Dakine Unisex Low Roller Snowboard Bag: With a rating of 4.5 in Amazon, this bag from Dakin proves to be one of the perfect snowboard bag options for a nearby mountain weekend trip. With its 360-degree padding, it will keep your board fully protected.

High Sierra

High Sierra

Ever since 1978, the brand is committed to creating durable and affordable lifestyle gears for almost every adventure. When it comes to extreme conditions, their series of snowboarding bags prove to be the right choice for every adventure. Their range of bags is tough and ideal for all weather conditions. You can take a look at the below products offered by the brand:

  1. High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve Bag: If you're in search of a not so expensive snowboarding bag, then a High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve bag is just the ideal pick. It also features two large zippered compartments to accommodate your gears. The zippered front accessory pocket can be used to store your gloves, hats and tools conveniently. The ergonomic handles on both ends are padded for comfort and easy grabbing. Check out this bag on Amazon at affordable prices.

  2. High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve and Boot Bag Combo: If you're in search of an ideal gift for the sports enthusiast, then go with this exclusive combo pack is quite useful and available at a surprising price of only $40.69 on Amazon. The pack includes a snowboard bag and a boot bag made of water-resistant material and comes with durable webbing-grab handles for carrying comfortably.


Athalon was established in Denver, Colorado, in 1973. Each bag, designed by Athlon, is tested by sports enthusiasts and travelers. They offer some of the greatest selection of snowboard bags and quality snowsport travel products. These products are made up of very high quality and designed discretely for the snow sports enthusiast. Every bag is lightweight and waterproof. The handle, seam, and shoulder straps are the points where the stress laid is maximum while carrying the bag. Hence, Athalon pays more attention to these points and launches their product after rigorously tested by their team. With time, Athalon has gained a reputation for its quality products available at affordable prices. Below mentioned is one of their most sought after snowboarding bag that you will find on Amazon:

Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag: It can accommodate your big professional boards. So, if you are in search of a one-stop-shop solution for snowboards, nothing can beat this bag. Check out this snowboard bag by Athalon on Amazon at a reasonable cost of $49.99.


When planning to travel with your snowboard, having a good quality branded storage bag is a must in your snowboarding equipment list. A big and spacious one is favorable for the easy carrying of the equipment. To accommodate your snowboard, you should always go for a bag that is equal to or a little longer than the board. Some snowboard bags are adjustable in length that proves to be quite convenient. Also, avoid using hard case bags as they don't provide much space for packing other essentials and would be heavy to carry. But whatever you choose, make sure you go for a brand to ensure that it is durable and dependable. Even if the branded snowboard bags cost you a little extra, in the long run, you would realize that it is worth it. So, order a good quality branded snowboarding bag at the most reasonable price from Amazon and get it delivered conveniently at your place.

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