Snowboarding Boot Brands – A Long List of Manufacturers to Choose From

Aug 02, 2021

Spending a little more time and money in purchasing a pair of snowboarding boots is worth it. They can either make or break your day while in the mountains. Be it the best men's or women's snowboard boots; these shoes will keep your feet dry, warm & comfortable throughout the day while allowing you to focus on your riding. The material of the boots is such that it does not cause itching on your feet and also prevents rashes.

Snowboarding Boot Brands

One important factor is, your boots need to work together perfectly with your board to ensure ultimate performance. Only good snowboarding boot brands will provide you with the right fit, comfort, and support. Hence, for any snowboarder, choosing a pair of snowboard boots from a reputed brand is essential. Also, a snowboard binding may add on to your stability on the board along with your boots.

Some of the distinct features you need to consider while buying good snowboarding boots are the fit, the types, the liners, the boot flex, the lacing system, footbeds, size, and the type of socks you choose for snowboarding.

The different types of snowboarding boots

Every snowboard boot is built with a different purpose in mind. Each one of us indeed has some personal preference, but you also need to pick the footwear considering the ability level and your snowboarding style. In this article, we will discuss the different types of snowboards boots

Beginner boots: These types of boots are comfortable as they have a soft or soft-medium flex. For beginners, stiff boots are a little difficult to ride. Heel hold is an important factor in this case that ensures that your boots respond to your need.

Beginner boots

Freestyle boots: If jibbing all day is something that you are aiming at, then a medium-soft (3-4/10) proves to be a good option. Whereas, if you like to take bigger jumps or ride the pipe, then go for something that is stiff. If you are planning to ride everything in the pipe and park, then definitely the medium (5/10) is the right pick. Another important aspect of boots is they should absorb shock.

All-mountain boots: Usually, a medium (5-6/10) or medium-stiff flex (7-8/10) is considered as the best all-mountain boots. All-mountain boots generally have a right balance between shock absorption and traction on the soles.

Freeride Boots: In case of freeriding, always opt for boots with a stiffer flex. However, medium-stiff (7-8/10) or stiff (9-10/) are also good options. Traction is another important factor for freeride boots.

Few popular brands of snowboarding boots

DC Shoes

snowboarding DC Shoes

It is an American company that specializes in action sports footwear. It is one of the popular snowboarding boot brands that offer you a great combination of a high-performing memory foam liner along with killer looks at an outstanding price. Their boots are a perfect balance of comfort, fit, and control so that you can get to enjoy the most when you are out on the mountain without compromising on the usability.

  1. DC Men's Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots: These snowboard boots help you rock and roll through an entire day in the mountains. The fact that they are made up of water-resistant synthetic leather, making them lightweight. The PU-coated mesh panels block the moisture from entering your boots. Stay healthy with its Aegis technology that keeps bacteria and fungus away. The 3-D Molded J-bars prevent heel lift and provide the required support that keeps your foot in a neutral position. The snowboarding boots are available at reasonable prices on Amazon.

  2. DC Men's Torstein Horgmo '18: This is a new addition in the range of products available under the category of ‘men snowboarding gear' on Amazon. It has been designed for the lone purpose of pushing progression that takes your skills to the next level. The boot focuses on the closure system with the H3 coiler reel. Its relief toe box will provide you with the perfect snug support, and at the same time, promote better blood circulation in your toes. If you are looking for ultimate comfort, then it's padding in the cuff with a reinforced backstay will serve it right. The Impact-S insole offers all-day support. The number of astonishing features the boot offers makes it worth the price of $404.96 in Amazon.


When we talk of the snowboarding boot brands, Burton is one of the most renowned names you will come across. Founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977, it specializes in a wide range of snowboarding equipment. It is supposed to be a world-class sports company that has received the most recognition throughout, for creating groundbreaking products. Right from innovative graphics to cutting-edge technology, the company delivers a wide range of advanced snowboards and accessories.

  1. Burton Ruler Leather Snowboard Boots: With a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, this piece of snowboard boots from the house of Burton is an ideal companion for all your snowboarding activities. It assures to provide you with ultimate comfort while on the mountains with its Level 1 molded EVA footbed cushioning, Dynagrip outsole, and sleeping bag reflective foil. Even on the chilly days, the 3M Thinsulate Insulation in the liner keeps you warm. You can buy this snowboarding boot from Amazon at affordable prices.

Snowboarding Burton

  1. Burton Mini-Grom Snowboard Boots Kids: When you are all set for the winter sports, why should kids miss out on the fun? So, get your cherub this colorful pair of boots from one of the most reliable snowboarding boot brands today. This cute pair of boots is super soft with superior cushioning, making it an ideal pick for the delicate feet. Being 20% lighter in weight as compared to the other snowboard boots, your little one can carry it with ease. The 3M Thinsulate solution, combined with high-loft microfibers, keeps their feet warm and adds less bulk. The combinations of all these features have helped earn this breathable, water-resistant, and durable pair of boots a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in Amazon. Buy these snowboarding boots for kids at Amazon.

Ride Hera

It is another well-known name in the list of the snowboarding boot brands that was founded in Redmond, W.A. in the year 1992. It has hit the market with only 4-board models. Eventually, it began manufacturing bindings and snowboard boots too. Today, Ride snowboard boots are one of the products that people talk about for the technology and performance it offers. Their ranges of snowboarding boots are available not only for men but women and kids too in a variety of styles and array of features.

Ride Hera 2019 Snowboard Boot for Women: This pair of boots focuses on the BOA Closure System that gives your ankle the required support. Also, its High-density Intuition Support Foam Liner ensures long-term support and comfort. The brand believes that fit is everything for snowboarding boots. Hence, they are designed to give you the best fit possible. Buy these awesome pair of boots from Amazon now.


Irrespective of whether you are hitting the riding rails, halfpipe, or just planning to glide down the slopes, your snowboarding boots are one of the most important items you should invest in while purchasing your snowboarding gear. But with so many options around you, it can be difficult to understand which snowboarding boot brands would be worth spending your hard-earned money on. Having a clear concept of your riding ability and style will also help you make the right decision. You can check out the different snowboarding boot brands available in Amazon and pick the one that will keep you safe and comfortable. Apart from the boots, it is advisable to buy the warmest socks for snowboarding, which will keep your feet breathable and cozy and make you experience a comfortable ride through the snowy terrains.

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