Snowboarding Lessons and What to Ask from an Instructor?

Aug 01, 2021

Snowboarding is one of the fastest-growing outdoor sports all around the world. The famous countries like New Zealand, the USA, Iceland, and Canada are the main destinations for snowboarding. If you are planning to experience the fun of snowboarding, indulging yourself in snowboarding lessons is an important part of learning snowboarding. Not only it will hone your skills but also help you to learn new and unique snowboarding tricks.

You can go for group lessons in an institute or download video and audio tutorial lessons online. It is not an easy task to learn how to snowboard; you have to consider many vital factors before going further. Above all, before hitting the slopes, make sure you are carrying the best snowboarding gear along with you. With a positive attitude and a little preparation and safety measures, you can learn snowboarding easily. Here are some of the below-mentioned lessons which you need to learn right now to snowboard seamlessly.

Common Snowboarding Lessons for the Beginners

Join a snowboarding class

Join a snowboarding class

Many beginners think that they can teach themselves. Though a few of them can manage to do it, some end up while getting frustrated and losing their interest in snowboarding as they don't know how to balance on a snowboard. Hence, if you are planning to learn snowboarding, you should find an instructor who can guide you on how to stand on a snowboard, how to manage a fall with minimal injury, basics of stopping, and turning.

Choose the right snowboarding equipment

Before you get in the lessons, your safety should be at the top of your priority list. We would suggest you buy some quality equipment that will keep you protected during a fall. Since you are just a newbie in this sport, make sure to buy the best beginner snowboards. These boards come with added stability and are quite easy to control. Besides, you must have good quality snowboarding boots, bindings, helmet, goggles, etc. for extra protection. Choose the clothing that can keep you warm and safe. You can buy all the quality snowboarding gear from the Amazon online shopping site at an affordable price.

Focus more on your Straight Glide

It would be better for you to understand that the straight glide is all about maintaining your overall balance at the time of sliding down the mountain. Make sure you are keeping your balance in the right way. If you are moving or turning your arms, then it would not be a good one. You would be fine if you are maintaining a good posture while you are tying the straight glide. Always bend your knees and keep your body with the slope.

Focus more on your Straight Glide

Learn how to manage a fall

In the beginning, you may fall a lot, but you need not be scared of falling; all you need to learn when you fall, how you can avoid severe injuries. Instead of keeping your hands out during a fall, keep them crossed over your chest. Otherwise, you may end up with a broken wrist. Ask the instructor for more tips to avoid injury while snowboarding.

Be fully prepared

Before you indulge yourself in snowboarding lessons, you need to understand that you would be spending many days on exercising for sure. Hence, you should prepare yourself a bit before going for snowboarding. Start working out to maintain your legs and cores. You can do sit-ups, cycling, and Squats, etc. Going for stretching or yoga is also a good option for enhancing your balance and flexibility.

You can ask your instructor about the type of exercises you need to do for snowboarding. The proper guidance from the instructor would help you to get fully prepared easily without any injuries.

Never go beyond your limit

It is one of the vital lessons which everyone should follow to be safe and secure. You should never go beyond your limit and stop pushing yourself too much. Doing so would give you some serious injuries or body pain later on.

Moreover, if you are feeling sleepy, tired, or having a high hangover, then don't go for snowboarding at any cost. If you do so, it can make your first ride as the last ride, but you will also lose your interest in learning snowboarding. Always warm-up and make your muscle ready before proceeding further.

Keep patience

Keep patience

Patience is the key to success. Snowboarding being the most difficult sport in the world, you need to take some perseverance to carry on. Don't get upset if you fall in the first few days. Remember that practice makes a man perfect. You need to practice regularly to master snowboarding.

Ask questions from your instructor

Though your instructor will guide you with the vital steps to remember and clear all your doubts during your snowboarding lessons class, if you have any question in your mind, never hesitate to ask him. The instructor plays a vital role in making you fully ready for snowboarding by going through all the ups and downs. From selecting clothes to the type of exercise, you can ask your instructor everything. He would always be there so that you do not have to worry about anything at all.

Questions to ask your instructor

1. Will snowboarding hurt?

Yes, it can. Most of the beginners face injuries like bruised tailbones, sprained or broken wrists, but extreme snowboarding involves serious injuries. You can avoid them by using proper snowboarding protective gear like helmet, gloves, knee pads, butt pads, etc.

2. Will snowboarding be difficult if I am overweight or unfit?

We won't lie. The more overweight, weak you are, the harder it will be for you to snowboard. You need to balance your snowboard, which is a tiring task. And the overweight worsens the situation. However, don't feel sad. Your instructor can help you to realize your dream. Make sure you never expect too much in the beginning.

3. What is the hardest thing to learn in snowboarding?

Standing up on a slope with your feet strapped on a snowboard is the most difficult thing in snowboarding for beginners. The board will slip until you don't know the right technique. However, with regular practice, you can do it easily. In addition to this, you may find it difficult to land or stop your snowboard.


Always remember that the vital thing is to have real fun! It would be painful and frustrating for you sometimes, but it is also worth it. Make sure you are keeping your positive attitude and never expect anything at first. Your instructor would help you in educating about the history of snowboarding, fundamentals of this sport, and various other advanced techniques that you must adopt before running on the slopes. By following all the snowboarding lessons, you would be more confident and happier. Also, do not neglect the importance of safety equipment. Choose them only after doing proper research.

All the best for your first trip!

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