Everything You Need to Know About Snowboarding Padded Short

Aug 05, 2021

As a snowboarder, you may neglect the idea of wearing padded shorts for snowboarding, but after falling on your backside a few times, you would come to know about the importance of wearing them for sure. Padded shorts are one of the main snowboarding accessories which protect against injury when a snowboarder falls on their back. People also opt for an impact jacket for snowboarding to ensure added protection to the back, chest, shoulders, and stomach. These are not only crucial snowboarding gears for beginners but also for the professionals who are trying to ride new terrain and attempt various snowboard stunts at the park.

If you are planning to go on a snowboarding trip, you should never overlook the importance of padded shorts. Make sure you are wearing your padded shorts correctly so that you would not face any problem at all. There is a padded lining in these shorts & it should fit well over your thighs, waist, and leg. Let's know about the worth of snowboarding padded shorts now!

Snowboard Padded Shorts: Why should you buy it?

Everything You Need to Know About Snowboarding Padded Short

Snowboard padded shorts play a vital role in protecting your tailbone, so whenever you are going to catch a heel-side edge and fall backward, you would get the high protection between your tailbone and the ice or snow.

With the help of properly designed snowboard padded shorts, you would have foam padding over your hip pointer to save your hip whenever you are falling on any obstacle in the mountains, or the park.

Butt padding, which is useful whenever you are sitting on the mountain while watching your family members or friends playing, or taking a quick nap. It would save your butt from getting hurt while you are busy exploring the mountains with your family members.

A layer of padded snowboard shorts would help you in keeping you warm. It is made from a breathable fabric that would keep you warm without any overheating issues. It also helps in maintaining your body temperature & avoiding the cold wind to enter in and minimize muscle fatigue.

Snowboarding padded shorts provide great protection to your hips, tailbone, quad, and buttocks. While buying these padded shorts from Amazon, you need to understand that each model and brand will be different from each other.

Like the padding present in a snowboarding pullover jacket, shorts also come with protective pads. Some have thick and large pads while some shorts have smaller and thinner pads. For the protection of your tailbone, some padded shorts have a soft pad, and others one would have a hard shell shield, which can be removable also. Before you go ahead, it is crucial to know the things you should consider when buying padded shorts for snowboarding.

Things to Consider When Buying Snowboarding Padded Short

Pads thickness

These pads are made of stretchy fabrics and give a feel of cool dry. And the thickness of the pads of snowboarding padded shorts ranges from 1 quarter to half-inch thick. Though thicker pads offer more protection as compared to thinner ones, they will make the shorts heavier and bulky. Before you go ahead, it is wise to choose the right pads with the right thickness.

Pads thickness

Coverage of pads

These padded shorts are personalized for various preferences and users, so it would be easy for you to have pads in various locations. Padding is vital for protecting upper thighs, tailbone, hip bone, knees, and hips. To get the quality shorts at an affordable price, you should visit only the Amazon shopping site. They offer a different kind of padded snowboard shorts in various styles and sizes.

Material of pad

Padded shorts are specially designed to protect you from bruising and injuries over the slopes. All the short pads are either a combination of hard plastic and soft foam or only soft foam. Soft foam disperses the impact force on the wider area, whereas hard plastic foam not only disperses the impact of force but also offers protection from things like rails. Hence, before you go ahead, it is wise to decide whether you want padded shorts for snowboarding with hard plastics pads or soft pads.

Extra protection for your tailbone

All padded snowboard shorts provide high tailbone protection to snowboarders. There are different models of these shorts which provide extra high protection with hard plastic shields. Make sure you are not washing these snowboard shorts in your washing machine and always go for hand wash only. If you are going snowboarding for the first time, then these shorts offer a great layer of protection. It is beneficial for both the beginner and advanced snowboarders.

Extra protection for your tailbone

If you do not want to wear padded snowboard shorts for your appearance reasons, it would be better to wear under your pants. Of late, you can get a wide range of designs, styles, and colors of these padded shorts online easily. From attractive fluorescents to classic blacks, there is a perfect design to meet your needs and wants.


Finally, you are aware of the importance of padded snowboard shorts and how it can be beneficial for protecting your knees, sits bones, upper thighs, and tailbone. Wearing a pair of pants for snowboarding or padded shorts in a proper manner would give you great comfort and also help in protecting your butt from any fatal injuries in case of any collision or fall. Besides, cover your face with a face mask for snowboarding and put on a helmet over it to protect your head from severe injuries.

Make sure your padded short is of great quality so that it would protect you in any situation. You should never compromise on the quality of your padded shorts and always buy it from Amazon. Amazon offers many quality padded shorts for snowboarding at a reasonable price to the snowboarders.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy new snowboarding padded shorts for yourself right now itself!

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