Top 10 Snowboarding Parks in the World

Aug 08, 2021

Snowboarding is one of the most popular outdoor sports in the world. It is a fun sport but also a dangerous one if you are not prepared. Comfort and safety are the two vital factors at the time of snowboarding up in the mountains. If you are looking for a memorable winter experience, then you should go for a trip to the great snowboarding destination like the USA, UK, and Austria.

You can visit several snowboarding parks all around the world where you can enjoy spending your whole day shredding down the mountain. These snowboarding parks are famous for their beauty and provide a great snowboarding experience to all the snowboarders from all around the world. Are you looking for the best snowboarding parks for yourself? If yes, then here are the top 10 snowboarding parks in the world for you.

Top 10 Snowboarding Parks in the World

1. Bear Mountain, California, USA

 Top 10 Snowboarding Parks in the World - Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain is a top class snowboarding park in California, USA. It has also established the first terrain park for the snowboarders in the year 1990. The current version is still considered as one of the world's premier parks. You can easily handle over 100 hits & it offers more than 200 acres of shreddable terrain.

You can experience jumps and jibs thrown in the mountain with progressive and unique setups which are changing on a regular basis. The rail setups myriad and the best innovative approach to snowboarding means that it is still one of the perfect places to shred on earth without any doubt.

2. Nordpark, Innsbruck, Austria

 Nordpark Innsbruck

The Nitro Pro Skylinepark on the Nordkette in Innsbruck is popular for the fact that it is the only snowboarding park which can be considered as an "in-city snowpark". Here numerous freestyle snowboarders meet every day. It is widely used as a training ground for the preparation of various competitions.

If you haven't decided the suitable snowboarding park for yourself and looking for the best ski place near the city, then you should try visiting the Nitro Pro Skyline Park in Austria. Its breathtaking views, atmosphere, and location make it extremely attractive. It is widely appreciated by the freestylers.

3. Whistler/Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada

 Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb is a ski resort located in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It is the largest ski resort in North America and offers terrain for skiers and riders of ages. If you are a beginner, then Terrain Garden on Blackcomb would be a perfect place for you. For those who are looking for adrenalin filed ride for themselves, they should go to the Habitat on Whistler mountain or over the Nintendo on Blackcomb. It would be better for you to understand that the Nintendo is a Whistler/Blackcomb's signature park and it is really easy to notice large and medium features along the 3,480-foot run. By adding the resort's epic snowfall and laid back vibe, you would come to know about the reason behind the popularity of this snowboarding park for sure.

4. Breckenridge, Colorado, USA


This park provides jibs, jumps, bonks, and pipes for all the snowboarders of various abilities. If you are a beginner, then you need to try the Trygve's and Bonanza terrain parks which are really nice and superb. It also offers the right entry point into the life of the park. The surrounding area is breathtaking and would make for the right spot for everyone in your friend's circle. The area is filled with trees and focused more on providing you a great experience with grades and enhancing your overall skill.

5. Mayrhofen, Austria

 Mayrhofen Austria

The Zillertal Valley is one of the hottest snowboarding spots in Austria. Mayrhofen is a beautiful snowboarding park which is framed by beautiful mountains to enjoy your whole day. If you want to explore the beauty of the mountains, then Mayrhofen is a perfect place for you without any doubt. With some nice ambiance and slopes, it is an enjoyable place which would not be crowded. The congestion would be very less, which means that you can easily focus more on enhancing your skills rather than avoiding the major hurdles.

6. Davos, Switzerland

Davos Switzerland

Davos is a major snowboarding park and also a big town which offers you a great time. You would experience many beautiful things which include lots of trees, night riding and good pipes and fun parks. It is the best resort in Switzerland offering something for every snowboarder worldwide. There is an excellent freeriding spread across mountains and large piston area.

7. Park City, USA

Park City

Park by nature and park by name, Park city is one of the oldest, biggest & best snowboarding in the US. It has mainly three big terrain parks which are ideal for all the riders of different levels. The perfect location and top facilities make it an ideal place for the snowboarding.

8. North Star, California, USA

North Star

The main streets are fully loaded with rails, jumps, ledges and boxes and terrain parks situated on Lumberjack. There are various endless trick possibilities and also the brand new Go-Pro feature with more than 50 boxes, jumps and hurdles, North Star is the perfect snowboarding parks in the World.

9. Avoriaz, France

 Avoriaz France

It is a great snowboarding park with excellent carving and freeriding areas. The only drawback is that you would face huge crowds and long lift queues. It is a great location for advanced and intermediate snowboarders who are planning for a memorable snowboarding trip.

10. Snozone Castleford, United Kingdom

Snozone Castleford

If you are in your snowboarding learning stage, then you need to visit Snozone Castleford Park in the United Kingdom. The Snozone snowboarding park is ideal for those people who are planning to learn snowboarding. There is a good option for learning, but it is a little bit expensive. You should note that the main slope is 35m wide and 150mg long, which is really enough for jibbers and beginners. They have tons of great restaurants and shops to visit. You are also going to enjoy the history of the area with its historic sites and great building.


Finally, you are aware of the Top 10 Snowboarding parks in the world. You can choose any of the above mentioned famous snowboarding destinations and start enjoying with your family or friends. Before going for any park, make sure you are carrying all the snowboarding gear and top accessories with you. If you do not have it, then you can purchase snowboarding gear from Amazon online shopping site. You would get the products of all designs and styles at an affordable rate.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and enjoy snowboarding worldwide.

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