Top Snowboarding Races Events of 2022

May 11, 2021

The combination of ice and thrilling terrains makes snowboarding the best sport that is not only good for your health but for mind and soul as well. Although the origin story of snowboarding is a bit sketchy, it is believed that this popular sport originated in the US.

Snowboarding events are a place to interact and observe the best talents from different corners of the world as you enjoy the intricate beauty of nature. Many events now facilitate twisted edge extreme snowboarding. So, people having an uncontrollable craze for this form of snowboarding keenly participate in such championships. For everyone who is even mildly interested in snowboarding, the event season is something you will always look forward to. The glamour, glee, and the experience of learning something new will surely bring out that sportsman inside you. Whether you are looking for an exclusive snowboarding race event, or something that is a well-balanced mix of snowboarding, food culture, and music, below you can find everything in the list of the best snowboarding races and events of the year 2021.

Top Snowboarding Races Events of 2022

European Gay Ski Week (EGSW)

As suggested by the name, this event is a rather fabulous space for homosexuals who are interested in snowboarding. This racing event is one of its kind with a lively, serious, and inclusive environment. The EGSW has been a part of the Alps as a snowboarding tour event for quite some time now. This particular year, the snowboarding festival descended at the Arc 2000 and Arc 1950 in France. The presence of ski lessons, along with the accommodation packages, suggests that everyone can enjoy this event regardless of whether they are a part of any big group or solo snowboarder. This popular name among the snowboarding races mostly takes place during March.


Ranked as one of Europe's Best and Biggest snowsports festivals, this event is the perfect mash-up of top-class DJs as well as bands that dominate the area. The April event of 2021 was the 20th anniversary with the spectacular week that consisted of Igloo raves, 100+ acts, enchanted forest parties, as well as the largest street party with a fancy dress in Austria. It is perfect for someone who loves the combination of beautiful music in the area with a unique experience of snowboarding races.

World Ski and Snowboard Festival

World Ski and Snowboard Festival

Once termed by the Ski Magazine as the ideal version of the snowsport industry's Burning Man, WSSF is among the biggest snowboard and ski celebrations held in the winter months in North America. The event is organized on Whistler every winter with ample festivity. In the year 2018, the charge for maintaining the festival was taken over by Vail Resorts. The event includes major competitions for ski & snowboarding with more than 50 free gigs. Additionally, the event also includes film and photo competitions. So, if you are looking for a great gig for snowboarding races in Canada, this is where you should be.

Rock the Pistes

Rock the Pistes

The toughest part of this particular snowboarding race is deciding whether you would love to party in Switzerland or France. Rock the Pistes is a top-ranked itinerary among the races that are organized at different venues throughout France and Switzerland. Here, you can experience some of the unique pop acts as well as skiing races. Entry to these acts is free if one can get access to the lift pass at Portes du Soleil. The best feature of this snowboarding event is the treasure hunt that lasts 2-days across the entirety of Portes du Soleil's ski area as you experience the concerts being organized en-route.

Rise Festival

Ever wanted a ticket to the perfect winter festival that comes with a thrilling house music mix & adrenaline-pumping snow sports? This France based Rise Festival is one of the ultimate spots for snowboarding you need to be at. This popular name among the races for snowboarding is organized every year in December. A festival that lasts 7-days, here you can have an exhilarating snowboarding and skiing experience as you explore the immaculate slopes. This music-cum-snowboarding festival features a wide range of dance, electronic, disco, deep house, etc. music variants, all as you breathe in the alpine experience.

Steamboat Winter Carnival

Steamboat Winter Carnival

Here is where the epic Wild West conjuncts with the White Snow. The Steamboat Winter Carnival is held each year in the Colorado area of the USA, where the town essentially turns into a Mecca for winter sports. Starting from kids on the skis that are being pulled by horses towards Main Street, all the way to an obstacle race that expands throughout the country, this carnival has it all. If you are looking for more in this unique event among the snowboarding races, you can easily be a part of the Children vs Parents competitions on a ski. The best view is of the ski jumpers that perform amazing stunts as they jump through fiery hoops. As you explore the terrain, you can surely enjoy the stalls packed with street food as well as the après parties where you can enjoy the gleeful aura of the place packed with snowboarding and ski enthusiasts. So, if you are anywhere near Colorado during the winter months, make sure you are a part of this pompous ski celebration.

Hole Shot Cross Tour

Hole Shot Cross Tour is organized every year in the Ski Cooper of Colorado and Holiday Valley of New York. This competition was designed to bridge all gaps amid the grassroots & World Cup snowboarding & ski experience. This series is a spectacular and glorious effort to bring all the athletes together from various corners of the country to identify newbies that have the talent to perform exceptionally well in the future as a snowboarder or skier.

Hole Shot Cross Tour

SnowGlobe Festival

If you are looking for the best music and skiing races festival in California, make the SnowGlobe Festival the top name on your list. An annual festival organized at the South Lake Tahoe; this outdoor event comprises fresh snow of the chilling winter vibe that comes with top music performers that make this 3-day party a massive success. In lake Tahoe snowboarding resorts, you get to celebrate everything that ranges from music, all the way to the mountains. With people enjoying snowboarding, skiing, and live music, you are in for a unique and crazy party for your winter expedition.

Rave on Snow

Are you looking for a party avalanche? The Rave on Snow is the most pleasurable and adrenaline-packed experience that lasts for 3-days & nights at full-throttle speed. Join in with your friends or enjoy the bliss of solo snowboarding experience as you spend time at the beautiful hotels, resorts, and lodges dominating the area. Based in Saalbach, Austria, this is one among the most looked-forward-to races where one can do much more than just snowboard or ski. Additional sports activities that you get at this event are biking along the trails, hiking, and glimpsing the beautiful terrain and wildlife in the area.

Bottom Line

So, this winter, pack all your snowboarding equipment, plan a snowboarding trip, and start gliding through the snow as you promise yourself much more excitement and fun this winter. Enjoy the freestyle snowboarding and learn from the professionals. Also, participate in different snowboarding races to explore challenges and thrills.

Enjoy the adventure of the icy snow freckles hitting your face as you overlook the terrain and watch people enjoy their winter to the fullest. Don't forget to get your protective training gears especially fleece jackets and snow boots for snowboarding, if you are a novice snowboarder atop those mountain ranges.

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