Snowboarding Tips and Tricks – Which to Consider First?

May 06, 2021

Snowboarding is one of the most adventurous winter sports. People of all ages are showing their interest in learning snowboarding that proves it true that it's never too late to learn new skills. However, it can also be the most frustrating one if you don't know how to ride a snowboard or how to take your skills to the next level. During even the easiest of Snowboarding tricks, either you set yourself up to ride in or ride out to switch your position. Hence you need to be a master in controlling your snowboard.

Snowboarding Tips and Tricks introduction

If you are looking for ways to get better at snowboarding that help you perform some difficult rides, then you should start learning it at the beginning of winter, especially when snowfall begins. It serves as the best time because the surface is soft & while attempting several landings, you won't hurt yourself much. However, you may not get all the favorable situations all the time; you must be well prepared to take a few hard trips while beginning with your Snowboarding tips and tricks lessons.

While you are practicing snowboarding, you might face situations in which there are chances of being injured. Although it is very important to push your limits to learn something new, make sure not to set unrealistic goals for yourself and be very harsh to expand the extent of your skillset. If you do so, you may potentially suffer from the loss of interest in snowboarding. Take it slow and steady and take one step at a time every day to achieve your goal. A snowboard is the most important equipment in the sport. Thus, before commencing your journey, prioritize the Snowboarding size guide before opting for one.

It is essential to push your limit every time you work on your skill. All you need to do is keep trying new things every day to show the world your potential and be satisfied with your own capabilities. But pushing your limits doesn't mean that it should be done improperly, just because you want to try something new. Following up proper techniques while making new moves are crucial for your learning. Of course, you're going to get hurt at first, as there is no gain if there's no pain. But following the crucial tricks and instructions to perform your move lowers the risk of getting injured severely. Learning and practicing it in the right way not only makes you master the skill but also makes you able to have a smooth, neat, and nice performance.

One of the best ways to master snowboarding is to learn one trick first and then master it before moving on to the next. So, without wasting any further time, let us get started with all the tricks of snowboarding that you must be able to perform on your next ski trip with your friends.

Different types of snowboarding tricks

1. Ollies

Once you gain perfection in performing the Ollies, you will become a pro from a novice in doing all the aerial Snowboarding tips and tricks. In the beginning, you will use it for simple riding on the ground, but later, it will help you to get extra air off jumps, jumping small obstacles, etc. One of the most amazing things about perfecting an Ollie trick is the sound that it produces. Anyway, ignoring the background facts, let us get started with the steps of performing an Ollie.

Snowboarding Tips and Tricks Ollies

Step 1: Gradually, while you are gliding through the snow, pick up the speed a little bit and then try to crouch down by bending the knees and shifting your body weight onto your back leg. It will offer you enough energy to push your body in the air. Practice enough and try to look straight instead of looking at the board.

Step 2: While maintaining your balance on your back leg, lift up the nose of the skateboard and try to take a spring up off the tail-end.

Step 3: Now, try to balance your weight to the center of the skateboard. To do so, you need to gradually raise your knees toward your chest; this will keep your board in a balanced position and give you a few extra minutes in the air to showcase your moves.

Step 4: When it comes to landing, you need to straighten your knees. However, they should be slightly bent. Once you land your feet, try to land the snowboard's nose first and then set back in.

Check out the video to get a visual representation of how to Ollie. Practice these steps, again and again, to gain perfection in your Snowboarding tips and tricks. Get some of the best deals on Amazon while purchasing your brand-new skateboard. Alongside this, make sure to check the snowboarding boots reviews before buying your footwear.

2. Manuals

The manual tips and tricks are known as presses or wheelies, which can be performed with both the nose end and tail end of your snowboard. It is an on-snow trick that further helps you in learning butter on a snowboard. Let us begin with the steps to perform the manual snowboarding trick.


Step 1: The very step is to find a gentle slope to learn the trick. Now crouch down lightly on your snowboard to make sure that your body weight is shifted on the back foot.

Step 2: Now try to lift the nose-end of the skateboard up. Make sure that your front leg has straightened up and back leg continues to be in the bending position.

Step 3: Remain in this position for as long as you can and hold your balance. Now gently bring the nose of your snowboard back nose down. Continue to practice these steps again and again to gain full confidence. Once you have done so, you can move on to learning the new Snowboarding tips and tricks like nose manuals.

3. Butters

When you perform a 180-degree spin while balancing yourself on the snowboard is referred to as butter in the Snowboarding tricks lingo. If you are looking for ways to improve your balance on a snowboard, then it can turn out to be the best option. Before you proceed with the butter, make sure to gain perfection in the manual trick. Let's get started with the steps.

Snowboarding Tips and Tricks Butters

Step 1: On a flat snowy surface, try to raise the nose end of your skateboard from the ground just in the same way as you would perform a standstill manual and try to rotate your arms to spin around your torso. The best way to master the butter is to start spinning in your comfortable direction.

Step 2: Once you have gained confidence with the nose end, try performing the same trick with the tail end of the snowboard too.

Step 3: Once you have mastered the butter Snowboarding tips and tricks, you can find a slope that is as gentle as possible and try and practice the trick as much as possible, until and unless you have gained the accuracy and perfection.

4. Pop

While working on your snowboarding skill, you need to learn the snowboarding tips and tricks about popping for performing a smooth jump. Making small jumps on snowboards is crucial for mastering other tricks, and making a pop off on your board adds some smoothness to your jumping art. Popping off every time you hit a jump plays an essential role in making you master your balancing trick and having control over your board whenever you decide to make a jump. Let's proceed to know how to pop.

Snowboarding Tips and Tricks Pop

Step 1: While opting for popping as you hit a jump every time, choose a flat surface to practice. Try it with the help of your knees, sinking down to push off the ground with both the feet.

Step 2: Make even pushes with both of your legs by using either heels or toes to do a clean pop.

Step 3: Make a stable take off in the air by doing a smooth pop. Try to perform the trick with both heels and both toes to be prepared for switching pop while landing.

5. Frontside 180s

Before opting for Frontside 180s, you need to have an expert hand in Ollies. As this snowboarding trick requires your comfort in smooth landing, your expertise on Ollies plays an important role here. Performing this snowboarding style is tougher than the others, but once you decide that the sky's the limit, then there's no way of looking back. Knowing all the snowboarding tips and tricks about Ground 180s or Frontside 180s will let you decide how to perform it in your style. Let's have a look at the steps to master the trick

Frontside 180s

Step 1: First, find yourself a spot where you can try this out. It is always a better idea to find a place which is not crowded, while you're trying to learn something new. A nice powdery snowfield is a good spot to learn Frontside 180s, as it will provide a soft landing, in case you fall. Start the step by taking a small kicker jump on a not-so-steep hill with a shovel. Make sure you're wearing helmets to avoid unwanted injuries.

Step 2: While opting for the trick, try to line yourself to make a hit by going over the jump. Practicing a pop while doing this trick is always a better idea. Back to back performing of this trick makes you skilled and comfortable with the kicker. Find a place with fresh snow and practice the skill by switching your foot while going off. In other words, do your trick in a backward way as this particular snowboarding trick makes you spin around half away.

Step 3: Make planning of how to stand after jumping off. A normal landing by switching feet is always recommended to master the skill. Be conscious of having control over yourself when you feel you're losing balance.

Step 4: At this point, you need your hands to control the balance by thrusting them clockwise or anticlockwise. Make a spin by using your front foot moving towards the hill. Avoid being in front of the board while doing your first 90-degree rotation. Try to stay directly above or little behind on the board for a safe landing.

Step 5: While landing after spinning, try to put your feet down firmly, and keep the knees bent to avoid crashing. Put a little weight on your heels to make your board spin a little while landing. Be careful enough while doing this step.

Step 6: Once you start regaining control, try to stop. After being comfortable with Frontside 180s, opt for a backside spin that may seem a little bit harder, but nothing is impossible if you are ready to push your limits.

Once you have mastered all these Snowboarding tips and tricks, you can further move onto the next level of skiing. There are several other tricks to learn how to snowboard in the snow with your friends and family members. If you are looking forward to practicing your snowboarding skills, then you can go to various snowboard parks like Beaver Creek Mountain resort in Avon, Steamboat Resort in Steamboat Springs, Grand Targhee Resort of Alta, etc.


It is always recommended to practice these methods and techniques in the manner they have been mentioned. Once you have mastered all three of them, you can move on to the more complex ones. But, before even beginning with practicing the different tricks of snowboarding, it is important that you at least have your basic knowledge brushed up. Also, having the perfect snowboard and safety gear is the key to smartness and safety. If you want to master the art of snowboarding, you can always take help from a certified professional trainer. So, grab your board, pack your items in a classy snowboard bag with wheels, find a suitable place, and make your moves towards your dream of becoming a pro in snowboarding.

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