Snowshoeing Snoqualmie Pass – Rated Routes

May 25, 2022

Snoqualmie pass is just an hour away from Seattle that has more accessible access to an amazing wild winter wonderland. The place has excellent possibilities for performing fun activities, starting from the snow-filled snowshoeing and different levels of adventure games. Whether you are experiencing snow trail activities for the first time or have enormous experience of trailing now, Snoqualmie surprises all. People hike here for different reasons. It is not just about adventure and experience. The Snoqualmie pass rated routes are famous for a perfect escape from city life.

There are fantastic snowshoe destinations in Snoqualmie pass. For an introduction to this area, you can check the four-mile round trip hike in Lower Gold Creek Basin. They are small, easy to climb and make it fun for beginners. You will love the enchanting experience of the trail towards the forested valley just along the side of alpine lakes. The area is fully covered by the peaks and open meadows that help you feel fresh and energetic vibes of this place. If you are a group of people looking for more adventure, even Kendall Peak Lakes is also the best place to start with. It is a 9-mile round trip hike that takes you to isolated waters. The trail may end at an impressive mountain base that is 5675 feet high.

What makes the Snoqualmie pass interesting is the weather. Throughout the year, they are ideal for people who are into snowshoeing. The cross-country skiers and sledders visit here just before they go hiking for bigger mountains and trails. It is one way of practicing and improving stamina. Also, even many trainers take their troop on a camp here. It is one of the friendliest terrains found near Seattle and has excellent options for snowshoers. Many families and friends hike as an outing or vacation fun. Here is the list of Snoqualmie Pass top-rated routes that you must know.

Snow Lake

If you believe good things happen only to those who pick the adventure, then here is the best example. Snow Lake is one of the fascinating destinations in winter. You may look terrified about the steep terrain as a first time visitor, but it does not stop you from hiking further. The wilderness is beautiful, and you will want to escalate. The trail departs from the north, where you can find the Alpental Ski area. The chair peak is the name of the mountain that stands tall on the far side of the valley. The hiking is a bit risky as there are lots of slopes, and after 300 feet, you will gradually ascend to the forest area.

After 400 feet further, the elevation takes you to the inlet of the lake. The short side trail leads to the shore, and Snow Lake is in the front yard. You also get a beautiful view of Roosevelt Peak ahead of the lake.

Franklin Falls Trail

Snowshoeing Snoqualmie Pass – Rated Routes

Are you hiking with the kids? New to the adventure activity? Check out for the Franklin Falls trail. It is one of the Snoqualmie Pass top-rated routes because of the spectacular endpoint. The path is 400 feet high at just a 2-mile round trip. The elevation is a perfect destination that is easy and beautiful. The falls are located between the two tall viaducts. At the 0.7 miles, you can see that the trail branch out parallel to the National Forest Road 58 in a short time. There are three tiers of this fall, which roundup to the drop of 135 feet. However, the most significant drop is what you usually cover. At the 70th feet of the largest tire, you can see the Franklin falls being present. From April to July, this place is crowded than usual, but you may still find it calm and soothing. After reaching the falls, there is a viewpoint for the hikers towards the narrow gouge on the sides of the rock. When you take your children, be careful, or restrict them not to be part of this narrowed area. Also, make sure they have worn all the necessary snowshoeing accessories.

Kendall Trail

Kendall Trail

It is the short but worthy trail that runs along the Youghiogheny River. The trail runs upstream from Friendsville. This place has namesake from the community called Kendall, who lived back in the 1890s in the small town. Even today, while snowshoeing, you can still find the little remains of this town. The trail reaches you out to a different river called Corridor that has edges to relax and swim. In spring, this trail is very popular because of the lush green path and wildflowers throughout the area. You can easily trek with your friends and family and have a fantastic experience. There is an option to kayak in this stream when the water is released during the late summer. Many visitors from other countries choose this trail as it gives solitude and peace for the mind.

Gold Creek Pond Trails

Gold Creek Pond Trails

This Gold Creek Pond Trail is a paved loop hike among the Snoqualmie Pass top-rated routes. It is one of the most beautiful mountains to travel as a beginner. If you have only minimal time to spend or do not want to feel tired after the trek, this is an inviting place to go. Many college students even think hiking here is a short break from the routine. The south end of the pond has a flat beach, which will fall in the first clockwise loop. You will encounter the willow and wildflowers throughout hiking on the boardwalk. Plan a picnic to this place that is filled with only small rock and water to reap the benefits of snowshoeing. The trail is just muddy and damp all year. The kids especially will enjoy and wanted to come back again. After the picnic point, you can take the short way to complete the trip. During the mid-summer and early winter, the ponds are crystal clear and give you an excellent short time vacation.


Snowshoeing has become a popular pursuit during the first snow because, during the vacation, they can hike whenever they want. Even many summer hikers pack their bags and boots to the first snowfall to extend their pastime and have fun. But choosing a place may be tiring, and it gets harder when you are hiking with a group. Therefore place Snoqualmie Pass rated routes is suitable for everyone, and you have a dozen options available already.

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