Toddler Snowboarding Jacket - Which to Choose & Why Layering is Important?

Aug 03, 2021

Kids love to play no matter where they are. It means that even when faced with the chilling snow, your child will try to make the best of it. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child remains cozy and warm throughout the snowboarding experience. Here is where the right clothing comes into play. So, besides buying the best snowboards for kids, provide your children with a warm snowboarding jacket before gliding through the snow.

When picking the right snowboarding clothing, there is one rule to remember – your child should feel warm and comfortable at the same time. It means you should overdo the layering part or trim down the same. The key is to pick the minimum possible requirements for layering that cater to a good amount of warmth. You wouldn't want your child to suffocate with too much layering or freeze from cold with minimal layering.

Apart from the crucial layering requirement, you can invest in a reliable toddler snowboarding jacket. From snowboarding pullovers to waterproof and windproof jackets, there is a wide range of snowboarding jackets for kids. Not only the right jacket protects against the cold and snow, but it also allows them to enjoy the most while offering them enough warmth and comfort.

Before you go ahead, you need to know which snowboarding jacket will suit the best for your kid. In this guide, we are going to tell different types of snowboarding jackets and discuss why layering is vital for your kids.

Different types of toddler snowboarding jacket

It goes without saying that your toddler snowboarding jacket requirements can vary, depending on the climatic conditions of the area. Hence, toddler jackets are categorized based on their construction. Let's discuss each one by one.

Shells Snowboarding Jacket

Shells Snowboarding Jacket

The Shell Snowboarding Jacket is a basic jacket, or you can say the "Bread & Butter" of the snowboarding world. It is one of the commonly used jackets for folks who love to climb great heights. The best thing about shell jackets is the fact that they are very versatile by nature, making them a perfect toddler snowboarding jacket.

These jackets flaunt a waterproof layering with taped seams that restrict the melted snow water to enter the body or inner clothing layers. The shells mostly feature vents meant for allowing the child to breathe properly. However, it doesn't have any insulation layer. So, you need to add some extra layering to provide enough warmth to your kid. Make sure you pick the correct size for your toddler. Otherwise, it will be difficult to add proper insulation underneath the jacket. If you are looking for an all-in-one jacket, the shells can be a great option. But if you are going to a very cold region like Vermont in the US, then you should choose some other jacket.

Insulated Jackets

If you get cold easily & you're planning for snowboarding in the colder regions of the US, then insulated jackets are the best option. They tend to feature an outer shell for waterproofing and an insulating layer beneath it. The layer will either be synthetic insulation or down insulation. The insulation layer provides enough warmth to keep your kid protected from the cold & the outer layer will avoid snow or water entering the jacket.

Insulated Jackets

The synthetic insulation uses materials like Primaloft, whereas down insulation jackets tend to use either duck or goose plumage that helps in fighting with the coldest weather conditions. The down insulation jackets have been valued time and again for their incredibly reliable warmth-to-weight ratio. So, if you need something warm yet lightweight, it is ideal that you get the toddler snowboarding jacket with down filling on Amazon.

However, the downside to opting for this jacket is that its insulation goes down when wet. So, if you are looking for insulation in an area where the snow tends to melt quite easily, you should opt for jackets with synthetic fills on Amazon. No matter which insulation you choose for your kid's snowboarding jacket, don't compromise on the comfort level at any cost.

Technical Shells

If you are planning to spend a long duration on the mountains with your kid while enjoying snowboarding, it is ideal that you pick the technical shells. Why? You ask! Technical shells for toddler snowboarding jackets are ideal given the fact that they are highly breathable and lightweight to help you with long climbs as well as changing temperatures. Not just that, the technical shells are highly waterproof. The manufacturers of technical shells often use high-end fabrics like events and Gore-Tex. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly snowboarding jacket for your kid, then you might want to skip this one. However, we assure you that the high price is worth its features that cater to better performance, insulation, and quality constructs.

Technical Shells

Soft Shells

The soft-shell toddler jackets come with a stretchy and soft fabric that still has waterproof property but is comparatively less as opposed to other jackets. Essentially, they are hoodies that do not get soaked in water as they come in contact with the snow. Soft-shell jackets are comparatively inexpensive, but they might not be as effective when it comes to a snowboarding trip, especially at greater heights.

The 3-in-1 Jacket

Dubbed as a highly versatile option among the toddler snowboarding jackets, the 3-in-1 jacket flaunts a strong outer shell with technical fleece that is usually zipped into the jacket's shell. It gives your toddler the option to wear just its shell when the temperature isn't too low. As the temperatures drop, you can wear both as layers. These jackets serve as an ideal option for places with varying temperatures when snowboarding with toddlers.

These are the different types of snowboarding jackets for kids available in the market. Also, if you are running out of money, you can rent snowboard kits from any snowboard equipment rental stores. Nevertheless, apart from picking the right kind of snowboarding jacket, your kid must have properly layered clothing underneath. In the next section, we are going to tell the importance of layering.

Why is layering crucial?

Temperature Regulation

Activities such as snowboarding can introduce dramatic changes in the temperature of the body. Having a proper base layer helps create the perfect microclimate right next to the toddler's skin. Layers help trap in the perfect amount of warmth in the body while creating a consistent and comfortable temperature. Hence, it is crucial to layer your kid before going snowboarding.

Moisture Management

The most crucial job of the layers is to extract moisture from the skin in the quickest possible manner. When the clothing stays wet for a long duration, the body starts losing a lot of heat with conduction and evaporation happening through the damp fabric. Layers will wick the moisture from sweating as you snowboard.

Given the fact that children are very active during snowboarding activities, it is obvious that they will sweat regardless of the temperature outside. That is why you must help your toddlers with properly added layers.

Firm Fit

Firm Fit

Layers help provide a proper definition of the shape of the body and further help in the firm fitting of the snowboarding jacket. Unless the layers are firmly fitted, the jackets won't do their job of insulating the body perfectly. Also, it will make it difficult to handle the snowboard. As a result, it can lead to severe injuries.


All-in-all, if Hypothermia (rapidly decreasing of body temperature) is something you want your child to avoid when out snowboarding, you must pick the right snowboarding jacket for your kid along with proper outer, middle, and base layers to add enough insulation. After buying the necessary protective gear, browse on the internet 'best snowboarding places near me' and take your child there to provide the best skiing enjoyment. Let your child enjoy an active & fun activity while keeping oneself warm at the same time. So, make sure you do not cut short your child's happiness by settling for cheap products that do not last long or fail to provide proper insulation in the mountain terrains.

If you're in shortage of time and can't go shopping for your toddler, then you can save time by buying kids snowboarding jackets at online e-commerce websites such as Amazon. These websites cater you a vast collection of quality toddler snowboarding jackets that spell safety and perfection at its best.

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