Skiing Vs. Snowboarding – Which is Easier to Learn?

May 07, 2021

Do you want to enjoy the fun of snow sports? Are you confused about whether to choose skiing or snowboarding? Can't make your mind up for choosing one of these best snow adventurous rides? If yes, then you are at the right place. Which one is easier to learn is a difficult question to answer.

Skiing Vs. Snowboarding – Which is Easier to Learn?

Skiing V/S Snowboarding is a classic debate with usually predictable answers. Arguably, Skiing is more comfortable for anyone to learn, but if you want to master in skiing, it takes years. On the other hand, learning Snowboarding is not an easy process; once you have learned it, you are the master of it. However, the answer on how to choose between the two sports is quite quirky.

This debate is getting 'as older as of the mountains' themselves. To begin with, Skiing was invented during the Neolithic age while Snowboarding was invented in the early years of the 1960s. Snowboarding is like a new kid on the old block of the icy run. It is not an easy sport to learn. It has entirely new styles and techniques when compared to skiing. Hence, many of the snow riders were not able to accept it. However, in the late 60's and 70's, the fans for snowboarding increased as the riders can cover a larger distance in a fun way, especially when they ride as a group.

So even many of the experienced riders considered that choosing between Skiing and Snowboarding depends on various factors, it is all up to you which one you will like. However, no matter what you choose, make sure you have all the necessary ski and snowboarding gear that can protect you in adverse conditions. You can buy all the necessary gear for snow sports from Amazon at affordable prices. In this guide, we have listed a few factors, based on what you got to choose how your persona fits in well for any of these sports. Without wasting much time, let's get started.

Factors to consider when choosing between skiing and snowboarding

1) Learning the process

If you are thinking about the learning process of Skiing vs. Snowboarding, then the answer is right here. In the first week on snow, you must probably know the fundamental difference between Skiing and Snowboarding.

  • Learning to Ski

In Skiing, your legs are separated, especially in the low speeds. If you begin to fall, you can move the one leg and regain the balance. Initially, as a beginner, you will learn how to take turns in the slopes on the medium-level slopes, not the steeper ones. More importantly, you will have the total peripheral vision in Skiing, allowing you to know where you are going.

  • Learning to Snowboard

It is a fact that you will fall a lot during the first few weeks of Snowboarding. Even to start the ride, it would take at least two days. Here both the legs are attached to the snowboard, which restricts your leg movements. Here the stance is also on the side that means peripheral vision is limited; you can only see 40-50% of what is down there. Most of the experts recommend the usage of knee pads, protective shorts and accessories to protect against a fall. Hence, if you have one week on hand in your vacation, then Skiing is the way to go! Even during the mid-week of learning, you will be able to cover the shorter distance with Skiing. Therefore you can start exploring and enjoying the holiday.

2) Becoming a Real Master in the Sport

 Becoming a Real Master in the Sport

After the first couple of days, there comes the real test. If you want to master any of these sports in a short time, then you need to master the skills.

  • How to master in Skiing?

Even though there are only necessary skills that you need to build for Skiing, it gets harder because of the transition in the steeper slopes. Skiing is a technical sport that requires both mind and body. Skiing becomes challenging as you go for the advanced level. Hence, you have to keep patience & try to focus on improving your skills.

  • How to master in Snowboarding?

The easy master credits go to Snowboarding because you can act naturally once you have learned the snowboarding tricks. Though the first week of Snowboarding is harder, the second week, you can see significant progress. If you are learning during the vacation, then Snowboarding is so much fun to master & its highly rewarding.

3) Fitness is the key factor

Skiing vs. Snowboarding may be a hard decision to make. However, you need to be fit for both of them. It is the critical factor for preparing yourself for any of these sports. Even though both of them demands different types of strength, developing overall fitness is highly beneficial.

 Fitness is the key factor

  • Fitness Requirement for Skiing

Skiing demands developing strength in the legs before you start. There is specific general leg exercise the trainers teach you, but you can also practice cycling. However, some trainers believe that cycling has a low impact than running or jogging. But in a snowy region, it is highly challenging to jog. During the initial days, your legs may get stiff, and there can be aching at times. But while skiing, they do not pain at all.

  • Fitness requirement for Snowboarding

The snowboarding trainers give practice on improving the core strength of the body. The progress depends on simple crunches, abdominal exercises and balancing technique. It is one of the reasons why the Snowboarding gets tougher. You need to work on the core regularly; as a complete beginner, you are going to find snowboarding difficult.

4) What if you think you are unfit?

As you start practicing, you will realize that both activities require a similar fitness level. However, snowboarding requires high core strength and energy because it burns more calories. Also, snowboarding is difficult to perform in flat regions in the mountains. Even if you go an airplane mountain of 2,000m or above, you will find some flat bits.

If you are skiing in these regions, you can gently push yourself along with the plank. With Snowboarding tray, you can only take them and walk. Similarly, even in Chairlifts of these mountains, you can always perform Skiing by sitting. With a snowboard, you may have to use the clipping technique by taking on foot off from the tray.

5) On Piste/ Off Piste

For both Skiing and Snowboarding, On-piste and Off-piste are two essential elements to know. Piste originally means compacted snow where you can perform Skiing or Snowboarding.

On-piste skiing or snowboarding means that the person is going on the main ski piste. The main ski piste is compressed, flat, and firm snow-covered region. Imagine if there is a plain road, entirely covered by the snow, that's how the ski piste will look like. The snow will be flattered due to the vehicles that have squished them while they are driven up over these regions.

On Piste/ Off Piste

However, Off-piste is the region that has untouched snow. It is a new slope or the uncovered mountain area. Off-piste must require official trainers to guide you through.

6) Why On/Off piste is a deciding factor for Skiing vs. Snowboarding?

For people who are entirely looking for adventurous rides, they might want to take On/Off-piste activities. Usually, on-piste is easy for both Skiing and Snowboarding as you venture to the powdered snow land, but their techniques are quite different.

Snowboarding has unique techniques that will feel like a different sport in On-Piste. With proper training and guidance, Off-piste will feel normal. Skiing becomes difficult in both On and Off piste. There are different sets of training for regular Skiing and piste skiing. If you wanted to become a professional, then you need to cross the enjoyable state with the piste skiing activities. But Snowboarding let you explore through the wild snow areas as well.


The article clearly describes both advantages and disadvantages of these sports in different scenarios. For example, on a lazy day during your vacation, you must probably choose skiing. On the other hand, if you wanted to explore wide areas, then snowboarding works. If you want to carve down the slopes alone, then Skiing is a perfect choice, but if you're going to go with a group of people and enjoy, then snowboarding is the best option.

Skiing vs. Snowboarding sounds very dodging. But it is always a debate that ends with 'Either'. It depends on personal choices, fun and fitness. Take the next ride better! Try them all.

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