Everything You Need to Know About Nordic Skiing

Apr 25, 2021

Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports that are full of fun and adrenaline, which attract innumerable adventure seeking individuals throughout the world. From Alpine skiing, Freestyle skiing to Nordic skiing, it has a lot more diversity that you can probably imagine. Though all the types of skiing are different from each other in some way, Nordic skiing is a different genre of skiing, followed by several skiers around the world. Today, we will be talking about what Nordic skiing actually is and also discuss many more details about it.

What is Nordic Skiing?

Nordic skiing is known around the world by different names. Some like to call it Nordic skiing, whereas others refer to it as cross-country skiing. Whatever name you give it, Nordic skiing is a completely different technique of skiing which saw its evolution in the snowy and hilly terrains of Norway and the adjacent Scandinavian countries. The name "Nordic" is referred to this style of skiing around the world.

The modern-day Nordic events include cross-country races along with relay race. The very basic difference between Nordic skiing and other forms is how you attach your boots to your skies. Basically, in Nordic skiing, the toe of the ski boots is attached to the binding in such a way that the rider can move or raise his heel of the ski. It is very much different from Alpine skiing, where you will find that the boot is attached to the ski from the toe to the ski boots. Now that you have understood what is Nordic skiing, we will move to some important historical events which made it popular.

Background of Nordic Skiing

Until the 1970s, there was only one style of skiing was popular, which is now known as classic skiing. It is the style in which the skiers usually follow the parallel tracks. But during the early 1970s, American skier Bill Koch popularized a new form of skiing, which we now know as Cross-Country skiing. So what did he actually do?

Koch used a skating stride and pushed his skis outside the parallel tracks, which became a brand new innovation. This unique technique of skiing became quickly popular and now used in freestyle events. People began to use long poles and shorter skins rather than following the classic style. Also, people began to use higher length boots, which would provide better ankle support when skiing. So, that is how Nordic skiing came into existence and became a popular style.

Everything You Need to Know About Nordic Skiing

In 1924, Classic individual Nordic events were added in the Winter Olympics. The style became so popular that a Nordic World Cup for cross-country programs is awarded since 1979. Let us have a look at the different forms of Nordic skiing that have evolved over the years around the world.

Different forms of Nordic Skiing

Over the years, different forms of Nordic skiing have come up. People have modified the style with their own kind of techniques and movements. Each type will require different skis to fulfill different purposes. Some of the most popular forms of Nordic skiing are mentioned below.


The most popular and renowned form of cross-country or Nordic skiing is the classic style. This form of skiing usually takes place in well-maintained tracks for the safety of the skiers. The tracks have been developed in such a way that they help you to glide easily along the path without any need to provide your movements with extra energy. The tracks for classic Nordic skiing are stiff, narrow and at the same time lightweight. It allows the skiers to glide and ride through the snow quickly.


Skate Nordic skis are almost identical to Classic Nordic skis except that they are generally shorter and much more torsion-resistant. The major difference lies in the technique. The required push-off is quite reminiscent of something that will propel your body forward when you will be wearing ice skates & that is why this name.

Light Touring

This form of Nordic skiing is for those who want to push the adrenaline in their body to a higher level. Light touring ski can be carried out on both off-trail and on-trail tracks. It involves more fun, as at one time, you will be gliding in smooth and groomed tracks & in the other second, there will be a mild uneven terrain. So you will need to make sure to take extra care of your balance. The Light Touring skis are a bit wider and also provide much better sturdiness for better stability and control.

Light Touring

Backcountry Touring

It is the most difficult and challenging form of Nordic skiing that is recommended only for experts and experienced skiers. This form of skiing requires you to glide through the toughest terrain. The skis used are much wider and heavier than the light touring skis. These are also integrated with metal edges which add stability to the skier in terms of control and friction.

You can see that there are several forms of Nordic skiing which you can enjoy throughout the year. But if you are a beginner, you must start with the ones which are easy - classic and skate styles. Light touring and backcountry touring are for the more experienced skiers. Why you should try out the Nordic skiing?

Nordic skiing is becoming more popular than ever. If you want to visit a hill station and indulge in this winter sport, then you can surely try Nordic skiing. Why? Have a look at the various reasons why you should do it.

Good workout

Nordic skiing is popular in different parts of the world & we agree that it contributes to a healthy body. Nordic skiing allows your entire body to engage in the movements. It is almost a full body workout, which helps in maintaining discipline and strength.

Allow you to ride in style

Many people do not wear a helmet as they think it won't go with their attire. But it is a crucial part of the skiing gear & everyone should wear it before going for the journey. However, Nordic skiing doesn't require a helmet as it is much easier than another form of skiing. Therefore, you can glide in the snow without the need for a helmet at times.

Allow you to explore your limits

If you are an expert in skiing, then the Backcountry touring is the best option you have. It is a challenging yet very adventurous sport that allows you to be limitless. So many professionals prefer backcountry touring Nordic skiing.

Allow you to explore your limits

You can see that are certainly several reasons why you should try out Nordic skiing. This form of skiing is very popular in different parts of the world. You should try it at least once in your lifetime. Moreover, you will have no problem in getting hold of the right set of skiing gear and equipment on Amazon.

Is Nordic skiing worth your time?

If you are adventure seeker or a newbie in skiing, Nordic skiing is definitely worth your time. The different forms of cross-country skiing satisfy the adrenaline of all levels of skiers. Nordic skiing is undoubtedly one of the best types of skiing, which you can indulge in this year. There are several agencies and groups that offer Nordic skiing packages and training to prepare you for the activities involved with it. We hope that this article has helped you know a lot about Nordic skiing and have a safe trip down the snow-covered tracks always.

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