What Is Super G Skiing? It Has a Lot to Do With Speed

Apr 16, 2021

Most of you must be wondering, what is Super G Skiing? Well, skiing has been a ubiquitous term for adventure enthusiasts. Super G Skiing is nothing much different than the regular skiing, but it puts the skiers into more challenging situations. The vertical drops are high enough & the speed of the skiers is super-fast, which makes the sport adventurous and super exciting as well.

What Is Super G Skiing? It Has a Lot to Do With Speed

The only way to ski down perfectly is the combination of the right amount of expertise and wearing the correct gear. The selection of ski equipment plays a significant role in deciding the winner of the event. It is highly recommended to handpick the equipment that fits you the best and also provides optimum comfort. There is no second chance in the game of skiing. You have one lucky chance to outsmart your competitors with your skills and presence of mind.

It is a matter of fact to get confused with many skiing gear available. The key to success here is getting the right equipment from a reliable source. So, after you know what is Super G Skiing, you can get a wide range of ski gear from Amazon at affordable prices. Before you invest your money, you need to know all the corners of What is Super G Skiing. In this guide, we are going to tell the same.

Super G Skiing – A Travel from its Inception

Super G Skiing – A Travel from its Inception

Super G is also known as Super Giant Slalom skiing. The super G skiing is one of the faster downhill skiing events. It is regarded as a speed event. Super G Skiing event is also a part of the world cup event, which made its debut in 1983 and was officially added to the world championships in 1987. It was also added to the Winter Olympics at Calgary in 1988. The event was included in the World Championship and Olympics after the International Ski Federation gave a go green signal.

In 1983, the contest for women was also conducted at Verbier, Switzerland. The very first world champions of the game were Maria Walliser and Pirmin Zurbriggen from Switzerland. In the initial days, the new-fangled game took time to be accepted all over the world. Let's explore more about what is Super G Skiing.

Super G Skiing Events

The super G skiing event is much like downhill skiing. It consists of gates that are set quite far from each other, and the skier has to pass through them. The course of the game is set in such a manner that the racer travels more downhill at higher speeds. The one who clocks the least time among all the contenders is determined as the winner. To make the competition a bit more robust, only a single chance is given to all the contenders to perform at their personal best and clock the least possible time.

Super G Events are prevalent in the Olympics. The events are most of the times set on the same slopes as the downhills. However, the initial starting point of the hills is set at a lower position. Some of the world's renowned places for skiing in the world are Snowbird in Utah, Cervinia in Italy, Telluride in Colorado, Verbier in Switzerland, Chamonix in France, Mammoth Mountain, Sqaw Valley and Alpine Mountains in California.

Super G Skiing Events

The encounter field

The course of the game is set in the range of 250-450m for children. The drop is set at a range of 350-650m for men; for women skiers, it is set in the range of 350-600m. The course is often set much higher in the winter Olympics with the lower course being raised to almost 400 meters both for men and women. The width of the course is always kept 30 meters. However, if the conditions before and after permit it, the course can also be lessened and vice versa can also happen if the condition is worse.

The width of the open gates is kept in between 6m and 8m; in case of vertical gates, the width is in between 8m to 12m. Turning poles are held in certain intervals of 25m from successive gates. The skiers also need to follow specific direction change guidelines. As per the standard convention, the number of direction changes should be 7% of the vertical drop of the course, whereas, in the winter Olympics, it is reduced to at least 6%.

The perfect gears

Skiing is undoubtedly one such game that requires top-notch equipment and skills at par. In this game, the safety of the skier is very important as a skier at all times remains vulnerable to injuries. In order to increase the safety parameters of the sport, FIS has imposed strict guidelines. The very first safety norms were introduced in 2004 when the ski lengths were altered - for men, it is 205cm & for women, it is 200cm. It is often found that many skiers remain confused about what is Super G Skiing and what equipment list should be followed.

The perfect gears

The essential equipment list for the Super G Skiing is as follows

1) Skis: The ski that you use during the event should be suitable for your height, weight and the range you wish to ski. It is an essential part of the ski gear to be considered.

2) Ski Boots: The ski boots should perfectly fit you. When you are going for Super G Skiing, the shoes play an essential role in supporting you and boosting your performance. So it is always recommended to get the best-suited product.

3) Ski Poles: Ski poles are yet another gear that you may need in the course of Super G Skiing. Beginners don't use the ski poles. However, it is significant for proper turning.

4) Goggles: Skiing events are only possible in the period of snowfall. So it is highly essential to keep your goggles on. They not only help to see through the snow but also protect your eyes.

5) Helmets: It is highly recommended to make use of master helmets that are tested and approved as per the FIS standards. The helmets need to have a FIS specification and CE certification badging too. The skiers can be eliminated from the race if the jury finds that the skier's gear doesn't conform to the norms set by the authorities.

6) Clothing: Ski clothing has a lot to do in the Super G skiing events. It is highly recommended to carry proper base layer clothing, ski sweaters, ski socks, ski jackets, ski pant and neck gaiters.

If you are among all those who get an adrenaline rush for adventure activities, then you should not miss an opportunity for skiing. Get all the required gears and get started with the sport. As soon as you complete the basics, you can jump to the next level.


So, now that you have understood what is Super G Skiing, you must have realized that it is a game for the adventure seekers. No other gaming event can give you the thrill and excitement as that of skiing. It not only excites you but also provides you with a sense of freedom when you ski down the vertical drops and face the chilling gusts of the cool breeze. But for all that to happen right, you should be skiing-ready. It is highly essential to carry the right gear for the events. The above discussion is sure to help you know more about what is super G skiing and the critical things associated with it.

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