Women’s Skinny Snowboarding Pants, Going Beyond Aesthetics

May 05, 2021

A snowboarding pants is an essential snowboarding sports gear designed for women bodies. When it comes to picking the ideal apparel, the first question that pops up in your mind is whether it is fashionable or not! While looking good can be the first priority on an average day, things start changing when it comes to a snowboarding trip. Though comfort should be at the top of your priority list when picking the best pants for snowboarding, whoever says style and comfort cannot be paired together, doesn't know the real meaning of fashion.

Skinny snowboarding pants have been trending for quite some time among the female snowboarders. So, if you are someone who has been looking for some trendy women's skinny snowboarding pants, you can hunt down your favorite pair at Amazon.

Ski Pants or Ski Trousers, call them whatever you want, they are designed to keep you warm throughout your snowboarding ride. The best news is that your favorite pair of skinny snowboarding pants come in various flattering fabrics, colors, as well as sizes. They are usually designed depending upon the overall warmth required in harsh cold weather. Here are some of the popular variants for women's skinny pants for snowboarding.

Types of Skinny Snowboarding Pants

Three-in-one skinny snowboarding pants

Many snowboarders prefer these women's skinny snowboarding pants as they get the benefit of all the crucial layers, including the base, mid, and outer coverage. The outer periphery of pants has been designed to act as a waterproof and weatherproof shield. They are designed to fit your body shape so that you look all sleek and gorgeous as you snowboard through the terrain. Now, the skinny pants designed for snowboarding are similar to the everyday skinny pants in terms of look. However, it has been designed to ensure warmth and proper insulation for snowboarders who want to keep everything top-notch in terms of fashion.

Insulated Skinny Snowboarding Pants

Insulated Skinny Snowboarding Pants

As suggested by the name, the insulated women's skinny snowboarding pants come with an inner layer to add a hint of warmth. Apart from catering ample warmth, these stylish skinny pairs protect you from the outer elements & hence keep your safe and dry.

Skinny Shell Snowboarding Pants

These special pants for women are designed to cater to you the right amount of protection from all the unwanted outer elements of the environment and weather. They aid you to protect from the water and wind. The fabric used for the shell variant of these women's skinny skiing pants is lightweight. It allows you to make easy body movements while looking trendy and stylish.

Soft Shell Skinny Snowboarding Pants

Now, if you are planning to venture into mountains with very low temperatures, you might want to avoid these softshell skinny snowboarding pants. However, if the weather atop the mountain is slightly pleasant with moderately cold temperature, these pants fit right through. The fabric of these women's skinny pants is stretchable, making it perfect for the dry, cold weather pattern.

How to pick the best women's skinny snowboarding pants?

Before you go ahead and pick yourself a beautiful piece from the collection of women's skinny snowboarding pants, here are some things that you need to understand and adhere to.

Waterproof Rating

Waterproof Rating

Waterproofing is a crucial feature for any snowboarding pants. With women's skiing pants, you need to ensure that they provide you with just as much waterproofing facility as they look stylish. After all, you will never want the water trickle down from your pants into your boots while snowboarding. The waterproof rating of a skinny snowboarding pant determines if it is waterproof enough to survive the trip. When shopping for women snowboarding pants on Amazon, you can look for skinny snowboarding pants with materials such as Hyvent, DryRide, and Gore-Tex that provide a better waterproof rating.

Breathability Rating

Breathability rating is somewhat similar to the waterproof ratings. However, it works in a way that is completely the opposite. Proper breathability in the fabric allows the sweat molecules a chance to escape. As the sweat escapes, it ensures that your body stays dry and warm. The more the moisture escapes, the warmer you will feel. With waterproofing, you do not allow the water to enter into the pants. With breathability, you allow the moisture inside to escape.

Fabric Durability

Apart from waterproof and breathability factor, another thing you need to keep in mind when getting a woman's skinny snowboarding pants is to ensure proper fabric durability. True, you can get stylish skinny pants at nominal prices, but do they assure quality? It is not always right to say that all cheap priced clothes do not last. Several brands are there to provide you with high-quality products at affordable price tags. So, the right thing to do here is to research and go through the reviews. So, if you are hunting for some amazingly stylish pair of skinny snowboarding pants, Amazon can be a great place to shop till you drop. Look for women's skinny skiing pants that are created with polyester or nylon's tightly woven fabric. You can also purchase a trendy snowboarding pants belt for a better grip on your waist.

Fabric Durability


Another factor you need to consider in your venture to buy the best lady's skinny snowboarding pants is the seams. You can pick from either the critically taped seams or fully taped seams. The critically taped ones are particularly protected against the entry of any moisture. It is an ideal fit if you do not plan to spend a lot of time in the snow. If you plan to spend a longer time snowboarding, you can expect the snow water to penetrate the fabric.

On the other hand, the fully taped seams have everything taped in for an added amount of waterproofing. These skinny pants have waterproof taping on both interior and exterior. So, if you are planning a trip that can go longer than you decided, then you might want to bag the women's skinny snowboarding pants with fully taped seams.

Additional Skinny Snowboarding Pants Features

Pass Pockets

Many skinny snowboarding pants for women tend to offer this amazing feature. The pass pockets cater you a space in your stylish pants to store the event pass you have so that it doesn't get lost anywhere. While this feature isn't as crucial as other important ones listed above, it could sure make your snowboarding pants more worthy of their price tag.

Waist-Adjustment Feature

Waist-Adjustment Feature

Another feature that you should look for in the skinny snowboarding pants for women is the presence of waist adjustment features. As simple as it sounds, this feature allows you to adjust your pants according to your size with the Velcro present in its waistband. At times, it is hard to hunt down the proper size for your snowboarding trip, and having a pair with this feature surely adds up to the benefits of owning a good pair of women's skinny pants for snowboarding.

Bottom Line

When it comes to shopping, your favorite pair of women's skinny snowboarding pants, there is no single answer; your choices can vary according to the requirements. However, one thing that stands true for sure is that the fabric of the apparel must be of very fine quality. So, go ahead, grab yourself a reliable and trendy pair before they go out of stock on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and experience a comfortable snowboarding trip. You may also search for women snowboarding socks, which will be compatible with your skinny pants and protect your feet from freezing.

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